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  1. 1. TERVEZOI Creo• What is Creo ? Creo is the Creativity of new products. It can able Engineering Design, Analysis, Manufacturing. Revolution in the CAD world introducing. Parametric ,Feature based , Associative solid Modeling. It is developed by PTC based USA 1987. Latest release Creo 2.0
  2. 2. Modules TERVEZOI Sketcher Part Modelling Assembly Surface Sheet Metal Detailing
  3. 3. • Sketcher Module TERVEZOI Sketcher Entities Line Rectangle Circles Arcs Ellipse Splines etc… Dimensions attached to the Entities. Constraints can be added Equality Tangency Symmetry Collinear etc…
  4. 4. TERVEZOIExamples
  5. 5. TERVEZOI
  6. 6. TERVEZOI Part Modelling Its convert 2D to 3D based on the sketch Creates a part from a sketch through solid feature based Modeling. Features such as extrusion, revolve, sweep, blend, swept blend, etc…
  7. 7. TERVEZOI extrude REVOLVE It is based on a two dimensional  A revolve feature to revolve sketch. a sketch about an axis of revolution(0 to 360) It linearly extrudes a sketch  Its easy to create shaft, perpendicular to the sketching plane cylindrical objects to create or remove material
  8. 8. TERVEZOI HOLES A hollow place in a solid It creates standard holes and also manual holes Linear ,coaxial , radial , countersink , counter bore
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  10. 10. TERVEZOI SHELL The shell feature hollows out the inside of a solid• model, leaving a shell of a specified wall thickness.
  11. 11. TERVEZOI PATTERN A component arrangement between the row and columns at a equal distance. It can able to create axial ,direction ,dimension , curve , fill , reference pattern , also.. Direction pattern Dimension pattern
  12. 12. TERVEZOIAxis pattern fill pattern curve pattern
  13. 13. TERVEZOI Advanced features Sweep Blend Swept blend Variable section sweep Helical sweep Toroidal bend etc..•
  14. 14. TERVEZOI sweep A constant section passing through a trajectory is called sweep… It can able to create pipes , wires , etc…
  15. 15. TERVEZOI Blend A blend feature consists of a series of parallel sketches. It must contain two or more sections. It can reference previous geometry from section to section. And also contains same number of entities
  16. 16. TERVEZOI Swept blend A swept blend is a mixture of sweep and blend multiple sections passing through a trajectory It must have two sections.
  17. 17. TERVEZOI
  18. 18. TERVEZOI
  19. 19. TERVEZOI Variable section sweep A constant section uses one or more trajectories can change shape and orientation along the trajectory.
  20. 20. TERVEZOI Helical sweep Helical sweeps can be used to create springs , threads etc.
  21. 21. TERVEZOI Toroidal bend To bend a flat solid part into a Toroidal (revolved) shape using the Toroidal Bend tool .• The Toroidal Bend tool transforms solids, nonsolid surfaces, or datum curves into Toroidal (revolved) shapes. For example, you could use this functionality to create an automobile tire from flat geometry
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  23. 23. TERVEZOI
  24. 24. TERVEZOI Assembly Modeling Assembly is a combination of two or more components using parametric relationship
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  26. 26. TERVEZOI
  27. 27. TERVEZOI
  28. 28. TERVEZOIEngine head assembly
  29. 29. TERVEZOIGear pump exploded view
  30. 30. TERVEZOI• Assembly of slider crank
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  32. 32. TERVEZOI
  33. 33. TERVEZOI
  34. 34. TERVEZOI Sheet metal Lets design and creates the complex parts in sheet metal Cuts, Walls, Ribs, Punches, Corner relief are easily to makes in SHEET METAL
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  37. 37. TERVEZOI Detailing Automatically creates 2D orthographic, isometric, auxiliary, sectional and detail views of 3D model or assembly. It can able to automatically generated bill of materials and balloons Generates dimensions , notes , tolerance , etc..
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