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Save cowsv2


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Published in: Spiritual
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Save cowsv2

  1. 1. Humble Pranams to Sai Gopala
  2. 2. Save CowsA visual documentary by• Jamuna R• Ramya D K• Bavani E• Yugeshwari VITES – Batch VIIISri Sathya Sai Skills School Submitted onPerambur, Chennai - 11 20 – Jan - 2013
  3. 3. Introduction Cow is worshipped as Kamadhenu.It symbolizes prosperity and wealth.
  4. 4. THE MADRAS PINJRAPOLE• To prevent this cruelty occurred to cows, Goshalas comes to their rescue.• The Madras Pinjarapole is the only one of its kind in South India, giving shelter, care and protection to sick and neglected Cows.
  5. 5. Located in 12 acres site, about 2,100 cows are currently under its fold, maintained and fed in 28 sheds with 100 workers in charge
  6. 6. Rescued cows at the Pinjrapole
  7. 7. The Madras Pinjrapole• The Madras Pinjrapole at Otteri shelters cows.• Cows at Pinjrapole are brought in by good hearted people who cannot see harm being done to these mute animals.• But sympathy alone is not enough. Cows that are sick or neglected due to some reason, also have a right to live in dignity.• Such heart rendering concern is shown by our beloved and Pujya Dada Ratanchandji, founder of the Sufi Dar Trust. With his guidance, blessings and physical Pujya Dada Ratanchandji is the founder of Sufi Dartoo involvement to this noble cause, some devotees Trust. With his involvement this purpose. cause, some devotees have been active for to this noble too have been active for this purpose.
  8. 8. Visit of Sri Sathya Sai Skills School Students to Pinjrapole Goshalas on 1st January 2013
  9. 9. • The Madras Pinjarapole is the only oneof its kind in the South, giving shelter,care and protection to sick and neglectedCows.• There are nearly 1,500 cows, of whichthe devotees of the SufiDar Trust haveadopted many.• The cows are taken care of on a dailybasis. Sheds have been provided to housethe cows in and all their day to day needslike water, food and medical care areprovided to all of them.• Cows that were brought in sick havebeen treated and are hale and heartynow.• Those cows that were saved from theslaughterhouses and those that were notyielding milk are now in good health andquite a few of them even yield milkregularly.
  10. 10. Sri Sathya Sai Skills School girls feeding cows
  11. 11. Essential food items for cows• Green grass• Coriander leaves• Vegetables• Bananas• Water melons• Wheat bran• Bengal gram husk• Moong dal husk• Orid dust• Water
  12. 12. Cows and their shelters are maintained every day.
  13. 13. Everyday the cows are fed green grass, bananas and extract of gingelly oil which is very nutritious.
  14. 14. Veterinary hospital at GoshalaThe veterinarian at Pinjrapole attends to sick cows immediatelyand administers the medication.
  15. 15. 800 Litres of Milk are produced,packed and distributed each day.
  16. 16. Cow dungs are used as manures and Gobar gas fuels.
  17. 17. Solely run with liberal donations by Philanthropists and Samaritansfrom all sections of society, at an average monthly expenditure of Rs.12 Lakhs and a recurring deficit of Rs. 3 Lakhs per month, it continuesto strive and work for its dedicated objective and functionseffectively, despite many hurdles.
  18. 18. GOPALAKYOJANA • Under the “GOPALAKYOJANA”For further details, Scheme introduced from January 2000, Philanthropists and piousContact :- people donate Rs. 5,400 /- to THE MADRAS PINJRAPOLE and takeThe Madras Pinjrapole, care of feeding and protecting a# 383, Konnur high road, cow for a year against this donation.( Near Otteri bridge ) • Donations to this Scheme areChennai – 600 012. pouring in from all quarters. Besides we provide one bag jawarPhone : 044-26620960 every day to feed pigeons protected in shells. • The Maintenance cost per day is nearly Rs. 45,000/-
  19. 19. Samastha lokah Sukhino Bhavanthu !
  20. 20. Thanks!Jai Sai Ram Save cows