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Market Research Service Offerings

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AMA Presentation - MR

  1. 1. Abacus Market Analytics<br />(division of IMRB International – Kantar Group)<br />1<br />
  2. 2. 2<br />Corporate Identity<br />WPP PLC<br />138,000 employees in over 107 countries<br />£ 38 billion in billings<br />The Kantar Group<br />Revenues of £ 2.3 billion, 26,500 staff in 80 countries<br />IMRB International<br />MSG/BS<br />BIRD<br />QUANTI<br />SRI<br />MnP<br />Abacus <br />CSMM<br />PQR<br />
  3. 3. Specialist Units by Research Method<br />Quantitative custom research units in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata , Bangalore and Chennai<br />Probe Qualitative Research<br />Partners in Managing <br />Stakeholder Relationships<br />The Marketing Sciences Group<br />MindTech Systems & Software<br />Advertising testing and Brand tracking<br />Analytics & Data Processing House<br />International Field & Tab<br />3<br />
  4. 4. …and Specialist Units by Industry Sector<br />Research-based consultancy for B2B and Technology Markets<br />Social & Rural Research Institute<br />4<br />
  5. 5. ISO 27001 Certification for Information Security<br />ISO 9001 Certification for Processes & Quality<br /> Abacus MA – a Snapshot<br />Staff strength of 300, majority of whom are Masters in Statistics, Computer Applications, Operations Research and Engineering<br />Tools/Software expertise – SPSS Dimensions, Quantum, Statistica, SPSS, Delphi, <br />Our clients are in UK, USA, South Africa, Japan, France, Australia and most of Asia<br />Moving to Six Sigma level of delivery capability: automating tasks and eliminating non-value added work<br />5<br />
  6. 6. 6<br />Abacus Market Analytics Overview<br />Abacus MA is a full service research provider catering to the global data collection, survey programming, data processing, advance analytics and reporting needs of companies in North America, Europe and Asia<br />We are part of one of the largest and most respected research agency in India with a team size of over 300 highly qualified analysts based at our operations centers in India.<br />Abacus MA Fast Facts<br />Parent formed in 1971, Abacus in 2000<br />Part of The Kantar Group/WPP<br />300+ Full- time Analysts<br />Clients across Asia Pac, Africa, UK, USA<br />Member of ESOMAR & MRA<br />ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 27001<br />Research in 65 Languages<br />
  7. 7. Created new services and standards<br />India’s first and only Household Panel (1981)<br />India’s first TV rating system (1986)<br />Icube<br />India’s first IT and Internet studies endorsed by industry associations (1996)<br />Itops<br />India’s first Radio Audience Measurement system (2007)<br />Instrumental in setting up Market Research Society of India (MRSI) in 1988 <br />Creation of Social Economic Classification (SEC) used by all MR companies in India (1989 & 2010)<br />SEC <br />System<br />7<br />
  8. 8. Abacus Market Analytics Services<br />Research & Analytics Value Chain<br />Data Processing<br />Survey Design<br />Data Analytics<br />Reporting<br />Primary Research<br /><ul><li> PowerPoint templates
  9. 9. Charting & Graphs
  10. 10. Commenting and Data insights
  11. 11. Topline, Preliminary and Final Reports with executive summary, advanced analysis, conclusions and recommendations
  12. 12. Dashboards</li></ul>Tools: E-Tabs Enterprise, based online apps<br /><ul><li> Online & CATI Survey Scripting
  13. 13. Programming & non-English language overlays
  14. 14. Online portals & Automated survey tools for survey campaign management
  15. 15. Quota management, project management and study completion support </li></ul>Tools: Dimensions, <br />SurveyCraft, In- house applications<br /><ul><li> Data Tabulation
  16. 16. Advanced Statistical Analysis
  17. 17. Modeling
  18. 18. Data Mining
  19. 19. Predictive Analytics
  20. 20. Decision Trees
  21. 21. Simulation Techniques
  22. 22. Clustering</li></ul>Tools: Quantum, Espri, SPSS, StatisticaDataminer<br /><ul><li> Vast experience in processing data collected through various methodologies like web surveys, CATI and PAPI
  23. 23. Uniform processes and standard software platforms
  24. 24. Data entry, data cleansing & coding
  25. 25. Language translations using localization specialists</li></ul>Tools: FoxPro, Quantum, Dimensions TOM, Quanvert, SPSS<br /><ul><li> Global Online & CATI Data Collection
  26. 26. Best in class F2F, CLT’s, Mall intercept & Qualitative interviews in India
  27. 27. Vast experience in both B2B & B2C segments across industry verticals
  28. 28. Language capabilities in more than 65 languages across continents</li></ul>Tools: 4 CATI centers with 150 interviewers and 15 field offices across India<br />8<br />
  29. 29. Global Online & CATI data collection <br />F2F<br /><ul><li> Field Network across 29 states in India
  30. 30. Capability in 18 Indian Languages
  31. 31. 4 Million Interviews Annually
  32. 32. Ability to reach remote villages
  33. 33. Strong focus on quality and training</li></ul>ONLINE/ PANEL<br /><ul><li> Large global panel partners providing access to millions of consumers, executives, physicians etc.
  34. 34. Quality panel providers for Latin America and APAC
  35. 35. Stringent screening criteria for partner panelists to ensure qualified respondents and quality data
  36. 36. Proof of credentials sought from each panel partner</li></ul>CATI<br /><ul><li>150+ call associates
  37. 37. 4 fully equipped CATI centers
  38. 38. All major languages/countries covered
  39. 39. Strong focus on quality and training
  40. 40. Stringent data security</li></ul>9<br />
  41. 41. India data collection - F2F, CLT’s, FGD, etc. <br />India<br />Largest team in place for India data collection<br />Ludhiana<br />Over 300 full time staff across India for fieldwork<br />Delhi<br />Over 5000 freelancers certified by MRSI<br />Lucknow<br />Patna<br />Guwahati<br />Ahmedabad<br />Our own offices in 29 States across India<br />Indore<br />Kolkatta<br />18 Major Languages & 4 Mn Interviews in 2010<br />Mumbai<br />Bhubaneswar<br /><ul><li> Pune</li></ul>Hyderabad<br />Quality Control Norms - 3 layers of supervision<br />Bangalore<br />Chennai<br />A separate ‘Quality Certification & Audit’ cell <br />Kochi<br />10<br />
  42. 42. The largest custom research field network in India<br />Senior Vice President and Head, <br />Abacus Business Operations<br />Head, Training & Support<br />Head, Quality Control<br />Head, CATI Centre<br />Head, Business operations<br />4 Regional Field Directors<br />15 Field Directors<br />266 Field management staff<br /> 650 Team Leaders and <br />3,750 Interviewing professionals<br />24 Field Manager<br />157 Field Controllers<br />11<br />
  43. 43. Field Quality Control<br />Interviewers participate in briefing, mock interviews and accompanied interviews, based on the complexity of the study<br />Back checks – At least 20% of the total sample size is back checked by the Team Leader, 10% of TL’s check will be re-checked by the Field Controller<br />Quality Control & Assurance team does additional checks and reports directly to the Head of Abacus<br />Abacus participates n adheres to ESOMAR and MRSI Interviewer Quality Assessment Program<br />All questionnaires scrutinized by the Team Leader for completeness and logic<br />Some of fieldwork done in the first two days checked by the researcher for feedback and de-briefing of interviewers<br />12<br />
  44. 44. Survey programming and design<br />Benefits of Dimensions<br /><ul><li> Common data storage format/interface
  45. 45. Translation capabilities
  46. 46. Works with (some) third party applications
  47. 47. Scriptable
  48. 48. Integrates well with SPSS, Excel. etc
  49. 49. Powerful interviewing engine
  50. 50. Open architecture
  51. 51. Web-based user interface
  52. 52. Write the survey once
  53. 53. Easy to program</li></ul>13<br />
  54. 54. Data Processing & Analytics (DP)<br />Data Processing and Charting<br />Analytics<br />Conjoint Analysis<br />Raw Data in Excel, ASCII, SPSS<br />Cluster Analysis<br />Data Coding<br />(Manual & Automated)<br />Data Validation<br />Factor Analysis<br />Data Tabulation<br />Correlation & Regression<br />Charting<br />CHAID<br />In-house Formats <br />Client Templates<br />Pricing Analysis<br />Output (PDF, PPT, DOC, HTML)<br />Brand Maps<br />Decision Trees<br />14<br />
  55. 55. Shampoo (All Correlations) Base : All Aware of brands Qtr-3 2007<br />Follow Me<br />Are suitable for the whole family<br />Lavenus<br />Always doing new things<br />Head & Shoulders<br />Sifone<br />Nice fragrance<br />Moisturises your hair<br />Are mild/gentle on your hair<br />Soft and smooth<br />Understands you<br />Actively care for your hair<br />Black and shiny<br />Atractive packaging<br />Right variant<br />Axis 1 <br />Sunsilk<br />Rejoice<br />40.8%<br />Pantene<br />Beautiful hair<br />Organics<br />Trusted brand<br />Healthy hair<br />Feel feminine<br />Modern<br />Understand moisturisation<br />Clairol Herbal Essence<br />Experts in haircare<br />Dove<br />Natural ingredients<br />Classy/refined/sophisticated<br />Honest & believable<br />Vidal Sassoon<br />Gives you the look you want<br />Products that meet all your <br />haircare needs<br />Axis 2 24.3%<br />= Correlation < 0.50<br />Charting - Sample Brand Maps<br />15<br />
  56. 56. Decision Tree- Example<br />16<br />
  57. 57. 17<br />CHAID Analysis- Example- Classification Matrix<br />The entire sample was divided into 2 datasets of 80:20 ratio.<br />The model was trained on 80% sample and tested on the 20% sample.<br />61% accuracy achieved in Training and Testing<br />
  58. 58. 18<br />Regression Based Simulator- Example<br /><ul><li> Regression based simulator helps in understanding the changes on relational outcomes by experiences of process areas
  59. 59. This simulator is based on study conducted for a cell phone maker
  60. 60. It allows users to specify the values to build ‘what if’ scenarios to see how relational outcomes will get impacted by changing the customer experiences</li></li></ul><li>KPI Dashboard ( Online )<br />19<br />
  61. 61. 20<br />E-Tabs Vs Manual Charting<br />Benefits of E-Tabs<br /><ul><li>Faster turnaround time
  62. 62. Accuracy of data
  63. 63. Can be used to automate standard decks with all standard charts and few non-standard</li></ul> charts<br /><ul><li>Very useful when we have a standard requirement to be generated month on month
  64. 64. Integration of Data from multiple sources
  65. 65. Substantial cost savings</li></ul>Turnaround time<br /><ul><li>A fully automated deck reduces the efforts by around 50% to 60% on an average</li></ul>"Compared to the manual production estimate of 300 hours, Abacus MA cut production time by 80%...One analyst with E-tabs was able to accomplish the same work as five analysts creating reports manually" - Client<br />
  66. 66. Some of the most loyal Client relationships<br /><ul><li>5 of the top 10 Clients have been with us for the last 12 years or ever since they set up business in India
  67. 67. Over 80% of our business is from repeat clients</li></ul>21<br />
  68. 68. Client Testimonials<br />“The research team does not act on the research brief as is, they think of the problem in depth and challenge the thinking, and usually come up with innovative methodologies that best achieve the objectives” <br />“Superb planning and teamwork, ensuring high quality data collection in almost clockwork fashion. I am absolutely delighted by the business relevance of the findings in helping us take an important business decision”<br />“IMRB showed a high degree of professionalism, rigor and discipline. An excellent level of Client servicing and need fulfillment, pro-activeness and analytical focus”<br />“Thank you for your quick and valuable inputs during the study. You have proved yet again that we can depend on you”<br />“As a team they produce thoughtful proposals, excellent fieldwork and presentations. They are constantly involved in the work. They feel like a version of our own office”<br />22<br />
  69. 69. So what makes us DIFFERENT??<br />Loyal Client relationships<br />Largest DP Center in India<br />Senior most researchers<br />in the industry<br />WHAT’S <br />DIFFERENT?<br />Own software and data mining experts<br />Own R&D unit – Marketing Sciences Group<br />Own software and data mining experts<br />Multi-country research capability<br />23<br />
  70. 70. Thank You<br />For business queries please contact:Surya Kiran (Manager - Business Development)Email: surya.kiran@imrbint.comOffice Line: +91 11 40797500Mobile: +91-9873336087<br />24<br />