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Like many other tech companies, we too started in a garage back in 2002. See the beliefs we were founded on and that carry us to date and moving forward.

The Survey Analytics culture code digs into our philosophy on business, technology, social and management practices within our organization. This also provides a general context of the things that motivate us, where we have been and where we are going and how we want to change the way you listen and grow your business.

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Survey Analytics Culture Code

  1. #CultureCode Survey Analytics Culture Code
  2. #CultureCode Our Philosophy Business - The world is flat, talent is not - Disruptive pricing model - Viral and consumer facing Technology - SaaS cloud based software - 360 desktop, mobile, tablet - Open source, open standards Social - 1% of profit for charity - Flexible on work location - Employees come first Management - MBA: Manage by Absence - No HiPPO* Meetings - Trusted and driven by data *HiPPO: Highest Paid Person’s Opinion.
  3. Who We Are #CultureCode We want you to think of us as your technology partner, not just a supplier. We listen, improve and grow this together. Together, we can work smarter.
  4. Listen Evaluate Action Engage Grow We help companies listen. #CultureCode What We Do
  5. #CultureCode It’s the journey – not the destination. Vivek Bhaskaran President and Founder Bootstrapped, Profitable and Growing Always outspoken, irreverent, and most of all smart,Vivek revels in challenging the status quo.
  6. #CultureCode OurTeam We make sure people we hire think the way we think. From there, we anchor on the concept of listening between teams and customers to define outcomes.
  7. We listen to everyone from a small florist gathering opinions to an enterprise running complex customer satisfaction and social science research projects. This is the garage where it started in 2002 located in Issaquah,Washington, a suburb 30 minutes west of Seattle where our HQ office resides today. #CultureCode Where We Have Been
  8. • Working smarter and leveraging more information we already have • Making products user friendly and exceptional in functionality • Centralizing all research efforts to one easily accessible location #CultureCode Where We Are Going We coin ourselves as the listening business.
  9. World Class Support We are a part of your team. Project consultation, guidance, training, custom requirements and more included with every license. Agile Development Industry Expertise InnovativeVision
  10. 1 (800) 326-5570 @SurveyAnalytics It’s always better when we’re together. #CultureCode Work With Us Contact Us