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QuestionPro Owen CX - Proven CX Framework You Need to Engage Organization


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Did you know? CX professionals list organizational engagement as a top challenge in realizing business results from their programs. Shifting your company to becoming customer-centric involves more than measuring the Net Promoter Score – it starts with implementing a CX program that engages your entire organization, and that isn’t always easy.
Join Richard Owen, Co-Creator of NPS and Founder of Owen CX, as he shares over 10 years of experience in building, maintaining, and improving CX programs at companies such as Symantec and LinkedIn. Richard will share his demonstrated CX practices to help engage organizations of every size to kickstart a sustainable CX initiative.
Join us in this webinar to learn:
1. Best demonstrated practices that have produced results in CX leaders
2. How to recognize pitfalls that can set your programs up for failure
3. Why closing the loop with your customers is equally as important within your organization

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QuestionPro Owen CX - Proven CX Framework You Need to Engage Organization

  1. 1. Beyond NPS: The Proven CX Framework You Need to Engage Your Organization
  2. 2. Speakers Vivek Bhaskaran, CEO Richard Owen, CEO Co-creator of NPS
  3. 3. Customer Experience intelligence software to build better customer relationships with to facilitate two-way conversations to deepen loyalty and improve operational efficiencies. About QuestionPro CX Create Distribute Collect and Analyze Take Action Survey design leader • Survey-type agnostic (NPS, CSAT, CES) • 40+ Question Types: 10+ logic; video; images; stars; HTML • Fully customizable Get real-time insights immediately • Role-Based Dashboards • Text Analytics • Driver Analysis / CX Priority Matrix Omnichannel experience • SMS, Intercepts, Email, FTP/API, Offline/Kiosk, In-app • Automated deployment: Event- based triggers (such as closed lost, support case closed), scheduled date/time Prioritize and engage your entire organization • Closed-Loop: Follow up with your customers immediately • Take action with Smart-Loop for operational adjustments • Social Amplification
  4. 4. The Owen CX Group is a new company built on 15 years of NPS leadership with it’s sole focus on helping firms achieve winning business outcomes through successful NPS programs. Best-practice driven, the best programs stand on the shoulders of years of experience, trial and error. That experience has been codified into our approach with experience, models, data and networks. A Combination of [art + science]
  5. 5. Chat with us!
  6. 6. WE ARE LIVING IN A NEW PARADIGM Products → Products + Services → Customer Centric → Relationship Centric 1970’s 1990’s 2000’s Today
  7. 7. IN THE LAST 6 YEARS, CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE LAGGARDS HAVE EXPERIENCED A NEGATIVE CUMULATIVE RETURN* + 45.1% Customer Experience Leaders - 38.7% Customer Experience Laggards vs.
  8. 8. Customer experience is a combination of a company’s rational performance and the emotions evoked in all of the interactions between a company and customer. What is Customer Experience? CX = Emotion x Value
  9. 9. Top 3 CX Challenges 1. Data Quality 2. Organizational Engagement 3. Inertia
  10. 10. Organizational Engagement
  11. 11. Incentives drive behavior Don’t just think “money” Alignment means different things for different levels Trigger actions in multiple ways To drive results over time 01 02 03 Key CX Lessons
  12. 12. Collaborative approach to design decisions including best practice sharing INCENTIVES non-financial and financial designed for culture ALIGNMENT specific approaches for each organizational level ACTIONS design and implement processes that trigger engagement GOALS establish clear business and cultural objectives and timelines ENGAGE THE ORGANIZATION DISRUPTION the actual or perceived burning platform FRICTION the natural counter- incentives for CX transformation The Proven Framework
  13. 13. TIME TO VALUE RELATIVENPSIMPACT FRONTLINE ✓ Recover Detractors ✓ Mobilize Promoters ✓ Smart Resource Allocation FUNCTIONAL ✓ “local” optimization ✓ Optimize functional/touchpoint ✓ performance ✓ Single functional STRATEGIC ✓ “Global” optimization ✓ Resource prioritization ✓ Cross functional DISRUPTIVE ✓ Resource disruption ✓ Innovation The Action Framework
  14. 14. Recognize desired behavior and reward it Trigger actions based on changes in data Invest effort in aligning multiple levels Model goals out over multiple years Link compensation to weak data and causal targets Leave follow through execution to chance Forget economic linkage as a basis for executive alignment Think in terms of “absolute NPS” improvement Do’s and Don’ts Do Don’t
  15. 15. Smart Loop
  16. 16. Closed Loop Root Cause Smart Alerts Real-Time Alerts Customer Feedback Smart Loop Closed Loop Location/Regional Manager Alerted Manager Takes Action Corporate / Region: Analysis, Reports & Alerts Root Cause & Patterns Identified Company makes changes to fix root cause Smart Loop Root Cause Program Efficacy Employee Engagement Introducing Smart Loop
  17. 17. Smart Loop
  18. 18. Analytics
  19. 19. Driver Analysis CX Priority CX Priority Matrix and Driver Analysis
  20. 20. Thank you! Q&A Vivek Bhaskaran Richard Owen