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Maximize Millennial Engagement in the Workplace


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There’s no way to avoid it, Millennials are taking over the workforce. In the US, 33% of the current workforce is comprised of Millennials, but by 2025 this number will jump to 75%. Over the next few years, millennials will continue to reshape industries, and businesses will have to adapt to engage this generation to maintain a competitive edge.

Jamie and Maddie identify the strategies that companies must adopt to successfully engage Millennials. They reveal the ways you can determine just how compatible your company’s culture is with this new generation.

Jamie and Maddie explore:

- Four capacities that make companies more successful in this Millennial era
- The true forces that are shaping the Millennial generation and how that’s different from all the hype
- Quantitative measurement of compatibility with the Millennial approach

Published in: Business
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Maximize Millennial Engagement in the Workplace

  1. 1. Maximize Millennial Engagement in the Workplace Future of Work Webinar Series
  2. 2. @jamienotter@maddiegrant Your hosts Maddie Grant Jamie Notter
  3. 3. @jamienotter@maddiegrant millennials
  4. 4. @jamienotter@maddiegrant the social internet shaping millennials
  5. 5. @jamienotter@maddiegrant abundance shaping millennials
  6. 6. @jamienotter@maddiegrant diversity shaping millennials
  7. 7. @jamienotter@maddiegrant elevated status of children shaping millennials
  8. 8. @jamienotter@maddiegrant shaping millennials ● social internet ● abundance ● diversity ● elevated status of children
  9. 9. poll: which trend is having the biggest impact on dynamics in your workplace? ●social internet (we can do it ourselves) ●abundance (raising the bar) ●diversity (expecting innovation) ●elevated status of children (access and influence)
  10. 10. @jamienotter@maddiegrant the future of business
  11. 11. @jamienotter@maddiegrant the future of business digital fluid clear fast
  12. 12. @jamienotter@maddiegrant digital
  13. 13. @jamienotter@maddiegrant clear
  14. 14. @jamienotter@maddiegrant fluid
  15. 15. @jamienotter@maddiegrant fast
  16. 16. poll: which of the four capacities is the weakest right now in your organization? ●digital ●clear ●fluid ●fast
  17. 17. @jamienotter@maddiegrant culture
  18. 18. @jamienotter@maddiegrant
  19. 19. @jamienotter@maddiegrant
  20. 20. @jamienotter@maddiegrant culture matters to Millennials
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