How to Design a Gamified Survey


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Betty Adamou, President and Founder of Research Through Gaming teams up with Survey Analytics to show you why and how to incorporate gamification into your surveys and research efforts.

Betty presents "How to Design a Gamified Survey: 7 Things You Need to Do" and her portion of the presentation can be found on Prezi at:

Following Betty's presentation, Survey Analytics Chief Growth Officer of Survey Analytics shows us some small tweaks we can make in our surveys to make them more engaging and interactive if we aren't ready to go all the way with gamification just yet.

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How to Design a Gamified Survey

  1. 1. How  to  Design  a  Gamified  Survey
 April  30,  2014
  2. 2. Now  Presenting Gina  Yeagley   Director  of  Marketing   Survey  Analytics
  3. 3. Agenda • Introduction     • Game  Components  in  Research   • Surveys  and  Research  Games   • Best  Practices  and  Examples   • Ideas  to  Get  Started   • Q&A  Session    
  4. 4. Introduction Betty  Adamou   President  and  Founder   Research  Through  Gaming Gina  Yeagley   Director  of  Marketing   Survey  Analytics John  Johnson   Chief  Growth  Officer   Survey  Analytics Game  based  research   methodologist,  keynote  speaker,   concept  design  and  artist 4  years  in  leading  software   marketing  programs  and  demand   generation Customer  Success  Team  at  Survey   Analytics,  12  years  in  qualitative   and  quantitative  market  research
  5. 5. About  Survey  Analytics We  help  companies  listen  and  learn   through  multiple  platforms  and   channels.     ! As  Seen  in:
  6. 6. About  Research  Through  Gaming Research  Through  Gaming  specializes  in   making  games  for  research.  These   ResearchGames™  are  strategically   designed  to  produce  more  accurate  data   through  a  more  engaging  environment.   As  Heard  at: Awards  Received:
  7. 7. Now  Presenting Betty  Adamou   President  and  Founder   Research  Through  Gaming Follow  along  with  Betty’s  presentation:­‐eiascrq5h/how-­‐to-­‐design-­‐a-­‐gamified-­‐survey-­‐7-­‐things-­‐you-­‐need-­‐to-­‐do/  
  8. 8. Now  Presenting John  Johnson   Chief  Growth  Officer   Survey  Analytics
  9. 9. New  to  This?  Start  Simple! If  you  are  doing  surveys  yourself,   you  don’t  have  to  jump  and  make  a   game  just  yet.  That’s  what  the   experts  (just  like  Betty)  are  here  for.   ! Taking  small  steps  is  the  key  to  your   success  when  incorporating   gamification  to  your  surveys.
  10. 10. Try  Rewording  Your  Questions Before   ! What  is  your  favorite  video  or   computer  game?   ! After   ! If  you  could  only  play  one  video   game  for  the  rest  of  your  life,   what  would  it  be?   ! 

  11. 11. Make  Your  Surveys  More  Interactive Little  tweaks  in  the  theme  and   question  types  you  use  can   improve  the  user  experience   and  flow  of  your  survey.   ! ✓ Interactive  Sliders   ✓ Star  Ratings   ✓ Smileys,  Thumbs  up/down   ✓ Drag  and  Drop  Ranking   ✓ Images,  Videos,  Sounds
  12. 12. Try  Turning  a  Survey  Into  a  Quiz Use  what  you  know  to  your   advantage!  Set  up  a  quiz.  You   get  the  information  you  need   and  the  respondents  get  a   tangible  answer  in  return  as  an   incentive.   ! Survey  Example  Link:  http://    
  13. 13. Encourage  Social  Media  Sharing
  14. 14. The  Conflict  Between  Surveys  and  Games There  is  an  essential  conflict  between  a  survey  and  a  true   game.  In  a  true  game  there  is  usually  an  expectation  that   player  will  play  more  than  once.  There  is  usually  an   expectation  that  players  will  change  their  responses  in   order  to  go  through  the  next  level. Ray  Poynter   Director  of  Vision  Critical  University
  15. 15. Think  Long  Term  and  Win Instead  of  just  a  survey,  Sierra   Nevada  built  their  own  gamified   community  to  continuously  have   an  easier  way  test  new  flavors   entering  the  market…  
  16. 16. Panel  and  Community  Building  101 1. Define  and  build  profile  info  based   on  a  typical  craft  beer  consumer   ! 2. Tap  existing  database  for  Sierra   Nevada  Beer  Camp:  Brewing  with   other  craft  breweries  in  the  US   ! 3. Deployment  plan:  sending  beer   surveys,  profiling  surveys,  hold   online/in  person  discussions  on   new  flavor  ideas,  etc
  17. 17. Panel  and  Community  Building  101  (con’t) 4. Recruit  via  social  media,  bottles,       coasters,  target  geographic             locations,  etc.   ! 5. Points  and  Rewards:  Sierra  Nevada   iPhone  bottle  openers  to  all  who  sign   up  for  the  community.   ! 6.   Decide  what  kind  of  reports  should         be  generated  for  brewers  vs.  consumers  
  18. 18. Points  and  Rewards Screenshot:  Mindsight   Strategies  White  Labeled   Mobile  Survey  App   (Opinion  It) Certain  actions  give  points  and   points  lead  to  rewards.   ! Over  60%  of  businesses  use  gift   cards  for  incentivizing.     ! ✓ Easy  to  Administrate   ✓ Broad  Coverage  and  Appeal   ✓ Cost  Effective  
  19. 19. Badges  and  Achievements Badges  are  powerful  for  behavior   change  and  act  as  a  guide  to   achieving  end  goals.   ! First  you  must  learn  and  focus  on  the   needs  of  users  and  what  drives  their   interactions  to  make  badges  stick.   ! It’s  important  to  consider  badges  part   of  a  gamification  system  and  not  the   whole  experience.  
  20. 20. Other  Gamified  Community  Features ✓ Personalized  Member  Portals   ✓ Cross-­‐Platform  Compatibility   ✓ Push  Notification  Delivery   ✓ Embedded  RSS  News  Feeds   ✓ User  Discussion  Boards   ✓ Social  Sharing  and  Referrals
  21. 21. Now  Presenting Gina  Yeagley   Director  of  Marketing   Survey  Analytics
  22. 22. Conclusions Gamification  1.0     (What  We  See  Today)   
 Example:  Rewards  Catalog   Is  the  novelty  rubbing  off?   ! ✓ Very  Little  Personalization   ✓ Points-­‐Based  Economy   ✓ Mixed  and  Questionable  Success Gamification  2.0   (Future  Projections)   ! How  can  we  increase  effectiveness?   ! ✓ Panel  and  Community  Building   ✓ User  Personas  or  “Player  Types”   ✓ Game  Elements  and  Game  Play   ✓ Social  Collaboration
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