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Webinar - How Mobile Innovation Is Changing the Face of Data Intelligence


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Mobile has transformed the relationship between brands and customers and this is transforming how market and social research need to be conducted and delivered. In this webinar, our experts will deep-dive into mobile as the marketing measurement and data collection platform, while also providing a holistic view of current and future opportunities for marketers as mobile and cross platform research methods continue to evolve.

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Webinar - How Mobile Innovation Is Changing the Face of Data Intelligence

  1. 1. How Mobile Innovation Is Changing the Face of Data Intelligence
  2. 2. Christina Trampota Mark Salsberry President, QuestionPro CX Mobile Marketing Professor, SFSU
  3. 3. #mobileintelligence
  4. 4. Agenda 1. Going Mobile 2. Mobile Messaging 3. Mobile Surveys 4. Mobile Content 5. Mobile Web 6. Mobile Apps
  5. 5. Smartphone Adoption DynaTA C
  6. 6. Smartphone Maturity Metrics - 2016
  7. 7. Mobile – What is Required for the new channel Are you ready to bring mobile into your business? Is it a new product or service? Is it simply a new method of communication? Marketing Developme nt Managemen t Maintenanc e Design
  8. 8. Mobile Messaging and SMS OpenMarket 2015 E2P Global SMS Growth
  9. 9. SMS for Survey Initiation SMS invitations API integration to be closer to Moment of Truth Higher response rate SMS Auto-responder ● Text ‘survey’ to 99999 ● Consumer-initiated
  10. 10. Mobile Content – Where to Begin Mobile Web Mobile browser traffic 2x bigger than app traffic and growing faster
  11. 11. Mobile Web Mobile Search Google prioritizes websites with mobile friendly content Directory Listings Mobile+ Location Details = Success
  12. 12. Mobile Optimized Surveys
  13. 13. Global iOS vs Android Market Share3 Android users for every iOS user as of Q4 2015 Survey conducted by Global Web Index : Question: What operating system runs on your mobile? User base: Ages 16-64
  14. 14. Mobile Apps App Downloads & Ratings + Ease in Uninstalls = Increased Importance in Mobile UX How do you stay relevant and stay on the device?
  15. 15. QP Native App Feedback # Times OpenedAbout or Support Page In-App Purchase # of Days/Weeks Any Trigger Geo- location
  16. 16. SurveyPocket Offline data collection Push notifications Kiosk mode 45+ languages
  17. 17. Sharing and Wearing – Mobile Data
  18. 18. LifeMetrix Accelerometer GPS App Usage App Census Battery Memory WiFi Network Compass Decibel Level Disk Space Gyroscope IP Address Operating System Retina Display SSID
  19. 19. 1. Mobile Messaging 2. Mobile Surveys 3. Mobile Content 4. Mobile Web 5. Mobile Apps 6. Mobile Data 6 Point Checklist for Going Mobile
  20. 20. Mark Salsberry m Christina Trampota @questionpro