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Learn the basics of MaxDiff Scaling, a very popular research methodology, in this guide by Survey Analytics. MaxDiff Scaling is the fastest and easiest way to conclude what the most and least preferred items are from customers.

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Guide: MaxDiff

  1. 1. MaxDiff Scaling Measuring Importance Effectively
  2. 2. What is MaxDiff Scaling? MaxDiff (Maximum Difference) Scaling, also known as Best/Worst Scaling, is a research methodology that results in interval scale measurements that are based on comparative judgements. Using MaxDiff Scaling in surveys allows you to conclude what the most and least preferred items are. It is also easier for respondents to answer than a typical Conjoint question and is highly preferred over basic rating scales when you need to collect a lot of preference data. MaxDiff Scaling is a very effective method of establishing the relative priority attached by an audience to a set of items. This even works well for a large set of up to 30 items. The task presents respondents with a set of items, usually 3 to 6, and asks them to select the most preferred and least preferred in the set (or the most/least important, best/worst item, etc).
  3. 3. Why do I need MaxDiff Scaling? MaxDiff Scaling is a great way of establishing the relative priority attached by an audience to a large set of items. These items could be: Features or benefits of a service Interests and activities Products or services used Potential marketing messages for a new product Areas for potential investment of resources With our program you can create MaxDiff questions that are easy to understand and have much less respondent fatigue, resulting in better quality data. In fact, survey fatigue is so low that you can even run up to 15-20 MaxDiff questions if needed. Why? Because you are only asking for most/least or love/hate combos. Since respondents make choices rather than expressing strength of preference using some numeric scale, there is no opportunity for scale use bias.
  4. 4. How do I conduct MaxDiff Scaling? Adding a MaxDiff question to your survey is as simple as selecting the question type for "Conjoint - MaxDiff" and adding the attributes that you desire. Enable Validation to require a response or click Randomize Answer Options to change the order options appear. You can even add images to make the question more rich and engaging.
  5. 5. Survey Analytics about us We help companies listen. At Survey Analytics, surveys are just a small piece of the puzzle. We help companies listen through our suite of powerful and interconnected DIY research tools. Our platform gives you the actionable reports you need to engage with your audience. With real-time analytics and customizable dashboards, you can see the information that you need to make the right decisions. Aside from surveys, we offer high quality panel and community building software as well as a variety of tools for developers such as API calls to Salesforce and a mobile survey SDK. Our platform adheres to the highest levels of security to protect your valuable information. We support 44 languages and are currently helping clients in 15 countries and 30 different industries. 1 (800) 326-5570 • USA +1 (513) 268-6458 • International @SurveyAnalytics Seattle 93 S. Jackson St. #71641 Seattle, WA 98104 Cincinnati 823 Delta Ave Suite F Cincinnati, OH 45226 Pune 501, 4th Floor, ITI Rd Aundh, Pune, 411007