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Brand tracking survey analytics


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Brand tracking survey analytics

  1. 1. Brand Tracking Tools From SurveyAnalytics
  2. 2. Agenda 1. Why use SurveyAnalytics for Branding Research? 2. What tools can you use in your branding research strategy: 2a. Real-Time Summary & export options to Stat software 2b. Data segmentation & Online Comparison Report 2c. Trend Report 2d. Open-ended Text Analysis 3. Question & Answer 4. Conclusion
  3. 3. Why Use SurveyAnalytics? 1. Started in 2002, HQ in Seattle, WA 2. #172/500 fastest growing private companies in US 3. # 12 in Puget Sound Journal’s top 50 companies to watch 4. 10,000 + clients: QuestionPro, MicroPoll, IdeaScale 1. Online Surveys: Unlimited Surveys, Unlimited Reponses 1. Dedicated account manager & Access to 24/7 global support 1. Specialize in Advance market research tools that allows you to run studies such media testing, brand tracking, customer satisfaction (SCI,ASCI,NPS) MaxDiff, and Conjoint Analysis.
  4. 4. Tools To Use In Your Branding Research Strategy
  5. 5. Track your Brand in Real-Time Real-time reporting capabilities saves $$$ -Deliver answers now. Never leave your client waiting. -Able to respond to market changes and brand perception quicker than others.
  6. 6. Track your Brand in Real-Time
  7. 7. Data Segmentation What are males saying compared to females? Find out by segmenting data for further analysis. -Responses in your survey -Custom variables uploaded through the Email list. -Custom Variables via panels -TIME (Date/Time)
  8. 8. Data Segmentation: Online Comparison Report
  9. 9. Trend Analysis: Review Reports via Date & Frequency
  10. 10. Open-Ended Text Analysis Tag Clouds - a visual depiction of user- generated tags. Tags are usually single words. Open-ended text analysis tools are extremely popular for tracking what people are saying about different brands! Find patterns &Turn words into visualizations Indentify most-used words Self-categorize & tag comments Text Analytics/Categorization – Set up your own categories & Tag comments that best fit Defined categories.
  11. 11. Categorization Tag Clouds
  12. 12. Question/Answer & Conclusion Esther LaVielle Chief Education Director SurveyAnalytics Michaela Mora 817.494.2364 Follow on Twitter @rinsights