Parents' concerns on children's online safety


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Parents' concerns on children's online safety

  1. 1. Parents Concerns on Childrens Online SafetyKids would rather advance to the net at home especially in summer vacation when theyare tired of doing sports or taking trips outside. At the same time, most parents do takethought for the network security. And many of them begin to use a kind of Parentalmonitoring program to prevent their children from Internet addiction. With the Internet,kids are able to learn abundant knowledge with ease without taking curriculum at school,which can rouse their motivation and interests for learning.Whereas, the Internet is such a massive domain, child can be exposed to impropercontents, such as pornography, prejudice and force, this is really the cause of parentsanxiety, and periodically kids may unintentionally attacked by malicious software,spyware, trojan, phishing websites causing computer shut-down, bank account cheating,privacy divulge and even poison to your kids mind. Thats why parents use the Parentalcontrol software to filter kids online behavior and ensure network security for their kids.A study has warned that eight out of ten children between the ages of ten and fifteenadvance to the net, posting personal profile in social networking sites like Google+,Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and StumbleUpon, gossiping online via IM application likeMSN, Yahoo Messenger, ICQ, Gtalk and so on. One day, you fortuitously find loads ofnon-acquaintance on your childrens friend lists, these unknown persons are notplaymates, friends or family members, but people from all over the country. How dothose strangers find your child? As parents, you would firmly worry a lot. Are thoseperson pedophiles? Pedophiles are hiding out somewhere and kids are already targeted,and they cannot realize the menace until parents indicate and tell them the risk of overexposure of personal profile and the significance of self-protection.Kids and teenagers also enjoy sharing files such as videos, audio, games, photos on theInternet via Peer to Peer client, safety problems also exist because the IP address can befound by the Internet hacker if you were not that lucky enough, and then their PC wouldbe remotely controlled by the hacker, the hacker can have free access to any documentsand any action of the computer once it is connected to the Internet.
  2. 2. As parents, what could you do?1. Block you kids access to the Internet2. In windows OS, create a admin Account3. Use parental control monitoring application to observe, and control kids online actionsAt present, there are lots of Parental monitoring programs that can be useful to guaranteenetwork security for kids. Most of these programs have the following features incommon:1. Take screen snapshots in real-time.2. Monitor and track sent & received Emails3. View and shield instant message4. Monitor and block website visitingEnsuring online safety for your kids is parents responsibility, every coin has two sideswhile the Internet is a double-edged sword, Internet can bring your children lots ofbenefits with affirmative and healthful contents and, as well, do damage to your kids.Therefore, Parental Control can be helpful, and taking appropriate plans to protect kidsfrom network harms become more and more concernful in our life now.