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Not Just for the Lulz


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The anonymous culture of sites such as 4chan is best known for its seemingly senseless obscenity. However, I argue that 4chan and its ilk act as centers of subversion in which political activism can originate.

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See my ( for links and further information.

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Not Just for the Lulz

  1. 1. not just “for the lulz” Griefing and Trollingas Activist Discourse
  2. 2. In any game where “players are encouraged to build/construct, destroying their so-called art is a great way to demoralize and enrage.”
  3. 3. Griefing Habbo Hotel1. Create Habbo Hotel avatar 3. ?????2. Block other users from where they want to go 4. Profit!
  4. 4. Play MattersHuizinga:In play there issomething ‘at play’which transcends theimmediate needs oflife and impartsmeaning to theaction.
  5. 5. The MagicCircle
  6. 6. Pedobears, LOLcats, and memes … … oh my!
  7. 7. Trolling for anoble purpose
  8. 8. CAPTCHA:Annoying the Web since 2000
  9. 9. Google Books now believes the second word is “what.”
  10. 10. Alone?A troll.
  11. 11. Together? A movement.