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Introduction to post-production


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Presentation given for Second Light Tech Lab in Liverpool, 19th June 2012.

Covers what post-production is, and how to get the most out of it.

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Introduction to post-production

  1. 1. THE STAGES of Post-Production
  2. 2. ACQUISITION• Digital camera footage• Film scanning (?)• Videotape (?)• Digital audio• Photographs? Documents? Screenshots?
  3. 3. LOGGING• Essential for efficient production• Where’s my stuff ?• Discover “happy accidents”• Boring! :(
  4. 4. EDITING• “Offline” editing• Make or break a production• Highly creative process• Highly technical process…?
  5. 5. CONFORMING• “Online” editing• Difficult jigsaw puzzle• Numerical process (EDLs, reel numbers, frame numbers)• Single frames make all the difference• Transitions
  6. 6. VISUAL EFFECTS• Expensive? (No!)• But… time-consuming*!• Time = money = can you afford either?• *Some skill/experience required (probably)
  9. 9. MASTERING• Digital cinema?• Blu-ray?• DVD?• YouTube?• Mobile phone?• Film…?
  10. 10. IT’S NOT THAT DIFFICULT• You can use any of these techniques right now• Regardless of budget• Do you have a laptop? (iPads don’t count)
  11. 11. POST-PRODUCTION for Production
  12. 12. DIGITAL CINEMA CAMERAS• “Super” high definition• Glorified phone cameras• Lenses more important than body• Flash memory cards (please buy them!)• Watch the footage! (But later…)
  13. 13. DIGITAL IMAGE TECHNICIAN• Responsible for footage coming off the camera• Stores the footage securely• Complicated procedures?• Checks the quality?• Logging?
  14. 14. LOGGING (ON-SET)• Script supervisor?• Anyone at all taking notes?• Streamline with software?•
  15. 15. COLOUR CORRECTION (ON-SET)• Makes the DoP happy• Necessary?• Look-up tables (LUTs)
  16. 16. VISUAL EFFECTS CONSIDERATIONS• Chroma key (aka Blue/Green screen)• Tracking markers• Lighting!• Logging!• 3D
  17. 17. “FIX IT IN POST”• No.• Really no.• (If you have to).