Neurology (burr hole surgery )


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A burr hole technique is used in the following cases where brain surgery is needed:
• To relieve the pressure in the brain
• For the removal of a tumor or blood clot in the brain
• To treat convulsions in the brain
• To remove a foreign object inside the brain
• To place a medical device. For example may be chemotherapy wafers or a shunt
So just upload your medical reports to for treatment plan.

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Neurology (burr hole surgery )

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  2. 2. What is burr hole surgeryA burr hole is not a surgery itself but an incision, basically a hole in the skull orcranium to facilitate brain surgeries for the treatment of injuries.The burr hole is used for a variety of reasons such as to make a larger craniotomywhich is a surgical procedure in which the bone flap is removed from the skull toaccess the brain, or to pass drainage catheters for the evacuation of chronic blood andcerebrospinal fluid drainage. Traditional method of incision in the skull with thehelp of a scalpel is not possible since it is very hard. A saw can be used in its placebut it requires special techniques and skills to avoid any damage to the brain. So aburr hole is recommended to make controlled cuts and not risking the delicate tissuesof the brain. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  3. 3. Pricing & Duration :-Burr Hole Surgery: $ 6500Hospital Stay :- 2 to 4 Days. Surgerica s priority is to deliver you world class treatmentat an affordable price so that you and your family can focus on your return towellness without any stress. During your stay we will cater to all your medicalneeds, your individual preferences, your linguistic and cultural details so that we canstand tall on your expectations and make your experience worth cherishing.Surgerica provides the best treatment at its affiliated best JCI accredited hospitals. Wehave a panel of doctors who are well renowned and experts in this field. Ourassociate board certified surgeons are having professional experience of over 15 years. Neurology|| (Burr Hole Surgery) Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
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  6. 6. The Package includes :-In Hospital ArrangementsPharmacy / medicines for the hospital stay. Procedure / surgery cost as mentioned above. Laundry services (for patient and one attendant). Standard diet / meals (for patient and one attendant). Consumables for the period of hospital stay mentioned above. Investigations for the period of hospital stay mentioned above. Physiotherapy for the period of hospital stay mentioned above. Pharmacy / medicines for one month after discharge (if required). Hospital stay (private deluxe room) for the period mentioned above (for patient and one attendant). Professional fees (surgeon, assistant surgeon, anesthetist, intensivist, etc.). Doctor visits and consultations for the period of hospital stay mentioned above. Neurology|| (Burr Hole Surgery) Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  7. 7. Process:- Patient asks about the treatment. E-mail all the medical records to Patient receives Follow Up care Surgerica Medical records are forwarded to trusted Patient returns to Hospitals of our Home-Country. network. Patient confirms surgerica Compiles the treatment & multiple quotations & Receives the forwards the treatment best final Quotation Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd
  8. 8. Connect with us :- unit of Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd surgerica Let us take care of yours Don’t forget to say Hi at info@surgerica.comDisclaimer: Prices are valid for limited period and are subjected to change based on currency fluctuations and other external costfactors. The package does not include treatment of any unrelated illness or procedures other than the one for which this estimatehas been prepared. Also expenses for any additional hospital stay beyond the stipulated days as per the estimate shall be payableextra. The cost range is based upon our best understanding of the patient’s condition at the time of contact and more informedestimates can be provided once the patient is thoroughly examined by the concerned physician/doctor at the treating institution.The diagnosis / recommendation is based on the medical reports provided by the patients / representatives / hospitals. Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd Copyright @ Forever Medic Online Pvt. Ltd