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Total thyroidectomy for non malignant goiter


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Role of total thyroidectomy in benign thyroid swellings. A talk given i

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Total thyroidectomy for non malignant goiter

  1. 1. Total Thyroidectomy for Non-Malignant goiter Javed Iqbal, FCPS,FRCS Professor of surgery Quaid-e-Azam Medical College, Bahawalpur
  2. 2. Total thyroidectomy is the procedure of choice for thyroid malignancy
  3. 3. Commonly performed procedures for non-malignant thyroid: Lobectomy Lobectomy with isthamectomy Sub-total thyroidectomy Total Thyroiectomy
  4. 4. Sub-total thyroidectomy is commonly performed because: It is thought that it is associated with low incidence of RNL damage It is thought that the chances of parathyroid damage is less Of the fear that total thyroidectomy will need permanent replacement therapy It is easier to perform then total thyroidectomy
  5. 5. Problems with lesser resection Significant chances of recurrence (up to 23% in MNG) Small but Significant number of MNG have been found to have tiny foci of Malignancy Thyrotoxicosis can also reoccur and specially the ophthalmopathy may stay or even progress after lesser resection
  6. 6. The mid-term freedom rate from thyroid nodulerecurrence or parenchymalirregularity after lobectomy for solitary nodule of the thyroid is unsatisfactory.
  7. 7. Theodore Kocher performed thefirst total thyroidectomy for MNG with very good results andthought it to be the procedure of choice in 1909 mortality less than 0.18% minimal risk to RNL and Parathyroids
  8. 8. He, however abandonedthis procedure due to post- operative hypothyroidism As the thyroid extract was made much later Thyroxine was available in 1913
  9. 9. Capsular dissection technique 1992….Professor Reeve and Professor Delbridge
  10. 10.  Total thyroidectomy is now the preferred option for the surgical management of Graves disease," ANZ Journal of Surgery, Volume 72 Issue 5 Page 321 - 2002 Total thyroidectomy will remove the target organ for the immune response in patients with hyperthyroidism and the risk of toxic ophthalmopathy is minimised. Lastly, the risk of recurrent disease is eliminated. Six per cent had minor and probably transient local complaints at control three months after the operation .00000[Benign diseases of the thyroid: indications for surgical treatment and the current role of total thyroidectomy ]Chir Ital 2003 Mar-Apr;55(2):179-87     
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  18. 18. Acceptable results RLN peresis 2.4% RNL damage 0.8% Transient hypocalcaemia 4.2% Long standing Hypocalcaemia 1.4% These results are not different from patients who underwent lesser resection studies
  19. 19. 1995-2003n-more than 300
  20. 20. TOUCH WOOD NO RLN damage 3.7% transient Hypocalcaemia 2 patient with long standing Hypocalcaemia
  21. 21. Conclusions No chances of recurrence Lesser resection has no influence on post- operative thyroxine therapy Chances of missing a focus of malignancy is eliminated. The total resection has better effect of progression of Ophthalmopathy in Toxic goiter
  22. 22. Conclusions With capsular dissection technique the incidence of damage to RLN and Parathyroids is comparable with that of sub-total resection