Job Search = Full Time Job


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Part of a Job Search Assistance Seminar we provided for Free to Jobseekers.

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Job Search = Full Time Job

  1. 1. Job Searching = Full Time Job Searching for a Job is a Full Time Job
  2. 2. Looking For A Job Is A Challenge o Managing Time Wisely • Resisting Temptations o Poor Time Management  Sleeping • Poor Job Search Results  Watching TV  Slacking off o Keep Your Job Search Moving • Treat It Like a Job Itself
  3. 3. Be Your Own Boss o Think Your Unemployed tasks • Think Again  Networking  You’ve got a Full-Time Job  Responding to job ads  You’ve just become your own boss  Research Companies  You’re job is to Land Your Next Paid Position o Doing so will help you o 1st Decide • avoid distractions • What Hours you’ll devote to your • stay on track. search • Commit to keeping that schedule o 2nd Tailor Your Schedule • Allot Time each day to specific
  4. 4. GET ORGANIZED o Organized Job Search Can be o Next, Create a System Crucial to Your Success • Keep a track of your leads • Ads Which You’ve o Start with Your Office Space Responded to • Designate your work area. • Companies of Interest  Computer  Phone o Info at Fingertips  Filing Space • When a recruiter calls, • Everytime You sit in Your you’ll know instantly and “office” you'll feel like precisely how to respond. you're on the job
  5. 5. SET GOALS o Ultimate Goal is to find the o Write Them Down job of your Dreams. • Keep List Visible • Cross Of Items As You o Set Small Weekly Goals Go • Send # of Resumes o Need Support • Make 5 Follow up Calls • Ask for it • Set up One Interview • Find a Friend In Similar o Set Realistic Goals Situation • More likely to keep them  Share Success
  6. 6. Use Social Media 1. Conduct a people search AdWords and Facebook instead of a job search Social Ads 2. Use attraction-based marketing to get job offers 6. Construct a video resume and upload it to YouTube 3. Be proactive on Twitter 7. Subscribe to blogs that have 4. Capitalize on LinkedIn job listings 5. Advertise your brand using
  7. 7. People Search o Identify the top 5 employees that Barriers companies that currently work • Tailor a you would like to there. Message work for. • Technorati • Get to know • Focus Approach them • • Eager to work • for the Company • o Connect with the o Use search person directly. engines to track • Broken Down
  8. 8. Attraction Based Marketing o Traditional Way o How Do You Do This? • Proactive • Become a Content • Forcing you to start a job Producer instead of a that you might not have Consumer enjoyed. • Ex. Launch a Blog that o New Approach centers around both your expertise and passions. • Building a Powerful Personal Brand • Attracting job opportunities into your doorstep.
  9. 9. Your Own Blog o Passion and Commitment o Works well in: • Lots of Writing • Areas that require • Creativity experience with Social Media • Consistency • New Business Start-ups. o Non-Intrusive o Start a Blog Today • Harmless & Generous way of getting recruiters • interested in your brand, • without you asking for a job. • Make recruiters fall in love with you.
  10. 10. Be Proactive on o Ultimate Utility to Connect o Before you Follow Anyone with: Make Sure You have a: • Recruiters • Completed Profile • Employees  Short Bio o Use Search Twitter  Locations • To learn about Companies  Like to Site for more info on Twitter ex. “Linked In Profile” • Learn About Company o Build Resources • Trust • Search Relevant Key Words • Credibility to your Job Search Goals • Relationships
  11. 11. Capitalize on o Main Place for Sourcing Candidates: • Its Free • Top Professionals are on Linked in. o Fill Out Your Entire Profile: • Just like a Resume • Include Same Avatar Using on Twitter • Ensure Summary Section is Complete.
  12. 12. Capitalize on o Get Recommendations • At least 1 recommendation from a supervisor or friend. • Will give you a #1 and Thumps Up Graphic when people search for you. o Start Building Your Network: • Import from Outlook, Gmail, Etc. • More Connections the Better • Join Interest Groups
  13. 13. Advertise Your Brand o Before Running Advertisements you need a landing page. • Website or Blog o How to Create Your Ad • Title  Most important  Ex. “Resume for IT Consulting Opportunity” • Description (25 words)  Who you are  What You Do  What Job You Want • URL 
  14. 14. Construct a Video Resume o Many Video Resumes are Good • Very few People have Created One.  Serve as a Differentiator o Good Video Resume • Short • Value You can contribute to a given position. • Talks About Your Background  Story Like format. • Take Your Time • If you are not outgoing or lively  Don’t create one.
  15. 15. Blogs That have Job Listings o Subscribe to Blogs that Integrate Job Banks into their own website. • Guy Kawasaki’s Blog • GigaOM • ProBlogger Blog o Targeting will: • Save Hours Searching • Help Escorting you to Jobs You’d Actually Want.
  16. 16. Integrate Traditional & Social Media o Most Successful Job Searches come from Those who • Built Up Strong Networks  Both Online and Off o Link Your Existence on All Social Networks • Need to Be where Recruiters are Looking. • Become a Content Producer to Attract Them. • Consistency is the Key
  17. 17. Take a Day Off o All work and no job can make o Limiting your Job Search to 4 anyone cranky days or 3 • Do things you never had o Take a Day Off or Two time to do. • You might get the chance • Exercise on a regular basis once you land your next job • Volunteer in your • See a Movie, Sleep in, Visit community and Old Friend, or just • Spend more time with relax. family. Do Whatever Makes You feel Good Positive Outlook will sustain you as you’re hard at work looking for a job.