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IT Tools for the Job Search


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We gave this presentation at a Free Seminar to help job seekers with their job search by optimizing their use of tools.

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IT Tools for the Job Search

  1. 1. IT Tools in the Job Search Using Technology to Land Your Ideal Opportunity
  2. 2. IT Tools in the Job Search o Visual CV o Ning o JibberJobber o Blogger o Simply Hired o WordPress o Indeed o Twitter * o Linkedin * * “Job Searching = Full Time Job”
  3. 3. Visual CV o Multi Media Resume • Documents • Images • Video • Audio • Hyperlinks
  4. 4. Profile o About Me • Bio Summary o Work History • Company Name • Location • Timeline • Title • Description
  5. 5. Profile (Continued) o Education • Institution • Location • Major • Description o Techie Goodies • Website Thumbnails o Skills • Name • Years • Last Used • Description
  6. 6. o Personalized Social Networks • 1.3 Million Social Networks • 30 Million registered members • Profession/Industry/ Location • Resources
  7. 7. Examples of Social Networks o Social Network for Latina Artists • Showcase and Sell art • Participate in Forums • Dialogue and Comment o Job Search • Connect with other Resume Writers • Resume Writing Tips • Current Trends with in Resume Writing and Job Search Industry
  8. 8. Blogs o Searchable by • Recruiters & Employers o Discuss Your • Industry/Credibility o Showcase your Knowledge • Thought Process • Guest Blogger & Comment o Blogs Directories Spanish • PuertoBlogs • Blogalaxia • P.R. 598 registered
  9. 9. Blog Directory in PR o Blog Directory in Puerto Rico • 1276 Blogs • Categories • Tutorials • Events
  10. 10. Career Management o Career Management Tool o Categorize and Tag contacts. o Online. Simple. Free • (Pay for Premium Services) www.
  11. 11. Document Manager o Track Your Information o Log activities with your • Resumes contacts • Network connections • Schedules for Interviews • Thank You Notes o Keep Track of your Career o Follow Up Communications Search
  12. 12. Career Magazine o Online Magazine o Find and Subscribe to relevant blogs. o Free and sign up for Account. www.
  13. 13. Job Search Engines/Aggregators o Search engines that aggregate Jobs. • Company Websites • Job Boards • Niche Sites o Use for research to target • Companies and Opportunities o Other Features o Trends, Graphs, Salaries o Free Sign up o Logs Searches o Set up searches
  14. 14. Salary Search o Salary Search by: • Location • Title o Similar Job Title Comparison • Average Salaries of similar job titles • Graphs for easy explanation
  15. 15. Contact Us! CIMA Services CIMA Résumés Raúl Colón Lucilla Feliciano *CIMA Services is a proud member of the National Résumé Writers’ Association