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Vitaljacket Presentation English


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The new heat rate monitor, clinical quality...!
Look and if you have doubts, or interest on buying or re-selling contact me!

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Vitaljacket Presentation English

  1. 1. Introduction PASSION FOR TECHNOLOGY -Developed during several years of R&D in IEETA Institute of Electronics Engineering and Telematics of the University of Aveiro (UA), Portugal -Developed with doctors toward the final user -Main commercial product Biodevices, SA
  2. 2. Main Goals -Continuous monitoring of ECG with a non-invasive device -Monitoring and store movement (speed, acceleration), absolute position and route -Use of a comfortable garment adapted to different environments -Use in motion: from everyday life to sports -Enhanced autonomy for more than 24 hours
  3. 3. Solution -Extremely comfortable T-Shirt -Component miniaturization -Advanced reading systems with on-line visualization a PDA/Smartphone -Full data record for posterior analysis
  5. 5. Technology -Patented technoloy Nosew -3 disposable electrodes T-SHIRT -Comfortable -Designed for the practice of physical exercise -Easily washable
  6. 6. Technology -Small, light and compact, -SD-Card memory, ACQUISITION BOARD -Advanced Bluetooth connectivity, -Autonomy of 72 h minimum, -ECG acquisition board for Heart Rate (Pulse) and complete Heart Wave On the market
  7. 7. Technology -Gyroscope/accelerometer for movement monitoring ACQUISITION -GPS for absolute position and route mapping BOARD -Alarm button with gsm/gprs or other wireless technology Future developments
  8. 8. Technology -Software for PDA/Smartphone -On-line monitoring SOFTWARE VJMOBILE -Events annotation -Basic report for each exam -GYM version allows to connect several T-Shirts
  9. 9. Technology -Read exams from aquisition board and/or PDA -Advanced ECG analysis (including Heart rate SOFTWARE variability, etc...) VJDESKTOP - Synchronization of Vital Signs with routing and movement -Report generation
  10. 10. Vital Jacket - Products -HWM Gym Already in market -HWM - Personal Planned Oct. 2008 -HWM GPS Under development
  11. 11. VitalJacket vs Heart Rate Monitors Heart Rate Vital Jacket Monitors Heart Rate Monitor Heart Wave Monitor Clinical Quality Event Report Allow cardiac event detection (arrhythmia, etc…)
  12. 12. Vital Jacket - Examples arrhythmia Soccer Coach during a game in Brazil
  13. 13. Vital Jacket - Examples Soccer Player during a training game
  14. 14. Vital Jacket - Examples arrhythmia Professional Runner
  15. 15. Press releases shirt+para+o+coracao.htm
  16. 16. Contacts Biodevices SA Incubadora de Empresas Edf 1. Universidade de Aveiro 3810 Aveiro Rua 5 de Outubro, 309 Porto - Portugal Tel: + 351 220 902 540 Fax: +351 220 165 492 Email: