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Foodlov oap


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Foodlov oap

  1. 1. FoodLov OAPFinally a social networkdedicated for FOOD
  2. 2. The Problem● Eating and cooking is a day to day problem● It is easy to fall into a Food routine● How to stay creative in the kitchen
  3. 3. The Fact● Lot of people are connected to social network ○ To post messages related to their life ○ To browse what is happening in their friends life● More and more people use mobile devices ○ people can connect to their social network from everywhere
  4. 4. The IdeaCreate a Social Network dedicated for food● Browse / create / share recipe in a minute from your Kitchen● Create your cookbooks● Follow your Friend Chefs● Post pictures of dish which make you proud
  5. 5. The prototype (1/5)
  6. 6. The prototype (2/5)
  7. 7. The prototype (3/5)
  8. 8. The prototype (4/5)
  9. 9. The prototype (5/5)
  10. 10. Market Size (1/2)● Within 24 months of activity ○ around 10 millions of users ○ similar to Pinterest● Average visit per user ○ once a week● Average time spent per month per user ○ 60 minutes
  11. 11. Market Size (2/2)● Male / Female ratio will be 30% / 70 %● User worth median price of $40● estimated market size of $400M
  12. 12. Survey Results (1/2)● Half of the potential customers were female with an average age of 33● 83% like cooking and trying new recipes● 60% like sharing recipes with their friends● 10% use their cookbooks● 63% have already watched a recipe on YouTube● 70% have already posted a picture of their own dish on a social network
  13. 13. Survey Results (2/2)● People use Internet rather than cookbooks● People do not often publish their recipe online ○ it takes too long to write● Among 40 customers, 15 said they buy groceries to local producers● 80% would like to be informed of the seasonal products
  14. 14. Face to face interview (1/3)Positive Points● People do often the same recipes and are keen on trying new recipes● People do not have their own cookbook● People want to be informed on seasonal products and fresh food
  15. 15. Face to face interview (2/3)Negative points● Some people do not like sharing their recipe ○ We already thought about the privacy of the recipe. By default the recipes will be private● Hard and time consuming to write recipe ○ We need to find a solution to make the process of creating/editing recipe very simple and easy.
  16. 16. Face to face interview (3/3)● Users need to browse and consult existing recipe ○ It is a requirement for FoodLov’ to have a large database of sharable recipes. A solution could be to create partnership with cooking websites via the system of “apps”.● Some peole do not like to use their computer or tablet when they are cooking ○ Customers could order a cookbook online that includes the recipes they chose and they will receive it by mail.
  17. 17. What we learnt (1/4)● Confirmation of a space for a social network dedicated for the food ○ In addition to this, we want to add that the success of LinkedIn which is a social network with a purpose (versus generic) is to our view the way to move forward into the future of social networks.
  18. 18. What we learnt (2/4)● Potential Customer Feedback has helped us to identify some issues that we are able to address by adding some functionalities ○ system to create or import recipes quickly (mandatory for the viability of the network) ○ we understand the need for this social network to have the one focus on Food and Cooking and not expand to derived activities (restaurants, dieticians...).
  19. 19. What we learnt (3/4) ○ We understand the need for this network to be extremely user friendly. ○ option for printing the cookbooks that can also generate additional revenue (for example selling folders and the individual accounts could print series of recipes cards to insert in the folders) ○ a private section and shared section (with your network) and a public section (more for companies)
  20. 20. What we learnt (4/4)● Confirmation that the customer segments will be a target for Local Producers, Seasonal Product interest which will help us to sell advertising space and partner with them