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All process maps

  1. 1. 7 Figure Sales Process Stephen Pierce Start Set Sales Goals Map The Sales Process Set Objectives For Key Value Points Measure Key Measure Value Points Customer Actions Look At What You’re Doing Identify Critical Problem? Vulnerabilities What Is The Root Cause? Look At Value Proposition Select Focus Of Has Most Impact Effort Decide On And Actions On Any Other Improve One Area Activate Main Efforts Are Wasted Of Business Effort
  2. 2. Business From Scratch Process Stephen Pierce Start Markets You’d Like To Get Into Market Research Products Search For PLR In Books Those Markets Reports Articles Find Mailing Lists To Advertise In How Did Didn’t Pay They Get On List? Paid What Product? How Much? Review Sales Letter Complementary Product Comfortable Paying This Price Align Offer With Sales Letter Align With Price Paid Upsell/OTO With Free Opt-In Offer Bundles/Premiums Your Product 7 Figure Business Created
  3. 3. Instant Sales Process For Speakers Stephen Pierce Start What Do You Find Out Topic Usually Speak On? Free Or Free Optimal Response Paid With Paid Events Event? Paid For Events Where Assemble Great Value You Can’t Pitch On One Website Promote Domain From Your Existing Name Only Resources OTO/Bundle Offer Easy To Click Continuity-Based And Buy 6 Figure Business
  4. 4. Creating A Winning Value Proposition Process Stephen Pierce Start Addresses Market, What’s Valuable Not Your Product Create Value Map To Them Constituents Objectives/Roles Metrics Interior And Interior/Exterior Exterior Strategies Challenges No Yes Does Product Keep Mapping Impact Each How Does It? Item On List? Simple Statement For Each Item On List Create Value Make Statements For Proposition Table Each Item You Impact We Can Help Customers Improve X Through X Value Proposition Created For Product Repeat For Other Products
  5. 5. AdWords Process: How To Choose A Market Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky Start Find The Right Niche Keyword Research Find Affiliate Networks Find Affiliate Payouts Enter Keyword In Google Look For Competitors For Volume Find The Right PPC Money Directly Pertain To Keywords No Too Many Your Market Competitors? Exotic Effective Yes Use Keyword Tools Which Other Markets Do They Pertain To? Yes Long Tail Contextual Like Competing? Competitive Run In Complementary No Intelligence Markets Later Find On Google, Look For Affiliate Keywords They Are Find Average Payouts Watch Their PPC Ads Yahoo and MSN Activity Bidding On Consistent High Position? Structuring Yes Profitable Market Campaign
  6. 6. AdWords Process: Managing A Campaign Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky Start Regroup Keywords Remove Underperforming Keywords CTRs Tight Keywords Tight Are Ads Relevant? Buy New Domain Yes Google Are Landing Pages Relevant? Slapped? Run Same Start With At Least Two Ads Campaign No Test Ads and Landing Pages Test At Least Two Landing Pages Analyze Web Site Logs Find Search Keywords Add Keywords To They Use To Find You PPC Campaign Analytics
  7. 7. AdWords Process: Managing A Campaign Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky Analytics Supported By Major Finds Money Keywords Affiliate Networks Keyword-Level Tracking Run Reports PPC Spending PPC Revenue PPC Conversion Rate Google Analytics Track User Flow On Site Improvements Based On Data
  8. 8. AdWords Process: Structuring A Campaign Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky Start Ads Must Fit Keywords Create Tight Keyword Ad Groups Congruent With Create Keyword High Quality Score Ads and Keywords Targeted Landing Pages For Lower Click Price Configure Settings Show Ads Evenly For Clicks As Quickly As Separate Search and Turn Content Choose Language and Accurate Testing Possible Content Network Network On Or Off Geographic Ad Delivery Campaigns Managing A Campaign
  9. 9. Keyword Money Machine Process Amish Shah and Larry Ostrovsky Start PPC To Test Market PPC Results To SEO Discovery SEO Discovery To Theme-Based Sites SEO Proven Keywords Theme Sites New Market Discovery Silo Of PPC Campaign Impressions Find Synonyms Track 3 Kinds Of Keywords Click-Through Drill Down On These Keyword Silo Converted Theme Site Keywords People Drill Down On These Are Using To Search Repeat
  10. 10. Advanced Profit Marketing: Increasing Profits Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal Traffic Exchanges Content Sites PPC/CPA Networks Start Viral Marketing Email Solo Ads Get More Traffic Viral Videos, Audios and Reports eBay Radio/TV Spots Buy Borrow Create/Seeding Reprint Articles Press Releases Blog Reviews Joint Ventures Integration Marketing Affiliates Newspaper/Mags Public Speaking Ad/Email Swaps Free Giveaways Co-Registration Direct Mail SEO/Linking Sales Process Email And Forum Sigs Lose $ On Front End If Your Funnel Is Deep Increase Conversion Increase Profit Per Sale Free Offer Opt-In Upsell/One Time Offer Cross-sell/Integration Stick Strategy If It Requires Work Test And Improve Don’t Use It Offer And Guarantee Exclusive Bonus Headline Price Point Audio/Video/Graphics Increase Frequency Expand Marketing Better Info Packaged Funnel Differently Back End Products New Products Recurring Billing 7 Figure Business
  11. 11. F.A.S.T. Profits How Comes Up With Projects Start Eyes Open Pay Attention To Find Perfect Product Show Them Free IQ Needs Of Market To Bring To Market Improve On Existing How Did You Do That? Survey The Market New Twist On Old Idea Brain Dump Technology Thing Lead Gen With Upsell Single Biggest Problem Hot Market Twist Factor Not Backend Design Product For Benefit End User Weigh The Factors
  12. 12. F.A.S.T. Profits How Comes Up With Projects Weigh The Factors How Long To Fits With Complete? Hedgehog? Don’t Fall In Love With Your Idea Get Objective Feedback Staff Reflections Masterminds KISS: Don’t Get It Delegate Everything Right, Get It Going Make A List Of Staff Supplies Project Manager Prioritize List Everything Needed All Parts Puts It Together Fixed Deadline One Project At A Time Get To Know People Do First, Expect Nothing Spoil Them Acquire JV Partners Attend Offline Events Over-Deliver
  13. 13. Building Momentum: The Flywheel Effect Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal Start Follow A Pattern Set The Wheel In Motion Of Build-Up Make It Go Away What’s The What Steps To Build Confront The Facts Problem? Momentum? Fix It Attain Consistency Stay In Your 3 Be A Hedgehog Circles Sweet Spot Breakthrough Maintain Consistency
  14. 14. Following Your Vision Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal Start Define Your Vision Gain Clarity Specific Vivid Picture Define Your Vision Time-Based Goals Assimilate Vision Into Communicate Company Culture Vision By Example Post Vision And Align With Mission On Wall Company Mission In Your Office And Values When Making Consult Vision And When Setting Goals Big Decisions Mission Repeat When Needed
  15. 15. Integration Marketing Process Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal Start Proven, Consistent Targeted Accurate Metrics For Conversion Rate Complementary Product Potential Partners Other People’s Order Other People’s Leverage Marketing Real Pages (Upsell) Autoresponder Series Other People’s Estate Of Others Other People’s Member’s Areas Success Pages Other People’s Other People’s Thank You Pages Log Out Pages Other People’s Co-Registration Exit Pops Lead Offers Keys To Successful Other People’s Integration Web Sites Make Integration Pay JV On Back End To Offer Better Than Partner In Your Accurate Higher Than Normal Easy For Partner Make Up For Special Regular Price Target Market Metrics Affiliate Commission Find Partners With Proven Front End Offers Integrate Upsell/Back Encourage New Front End On Thank You Page End Product Creation Plug And Play Traffic
  16. 16. Order/Sales Process Start Free Offer No Exit Pop To Opt-In? Free Prospect Capture “Nos” Yes Offer/OTO No Buys? Downsell Yes No Upsell Buys? Free Prospect Yes Integrate With No Buys? Silver Customer JV Partner Yes Gold Customer New-Found Money Elite Customer No Effort
  17. 17. F.A.S.T. Profits How Evaluates Projects Start Project To Be Scratch Project Evaluated Brings Happiness From Doing It Will It Be No Fun? Runs Without Me Yes No Can It Be Automated 10X Growth OK? Yes No Scales With Is It Technology Scalable? Leverages Yes Resources No Can I Take More 1 Year Off Time Off? Yes Enjoying Every Minute Consider Profits Runs Without Me
  18. 18. Staffing Process Mike Filsaime and Tom Beal Start Find Staff They Already Know And Like You Clarity On Needs Always Looking Go Ahead And Ask Put Out Call To List Craig’s List Out For Talent Know Your Perfect Candidate Get The Right People How To Hire Staff Then Decide Where You’re Going Go Over The Top With Position Use A Forum Platform Description Filter Applicants Test Ads TopGrading For Application Process Create A Fun Place To Work Interns – University Students Positions To Staff First Virtual Or In-Office Staff HelpDesk First In-House Admin Asst Hands-On Guys VP/Right-Hand Bookkeeper Graphics A/V Copy/Content Writer Outsource/Outtask Until Staffed