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How mobile apps can grow your real estate business

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How mobile apps can grow your real estate business

  1. 1. New York Times~
  2. 2. Mobile Marketing (Defined)“Marketing on or with any mobile device, such as a cellphone. Mobile marketing can also be defined as “theuse of the mobile medium as a means of marketingcommunication”,“Using interactive wireless media to provide customerswith time and location sensitive, personalizedinformation that promotes goods, services and ideas,thereby generating value for all stakeholders".
  3. 3. Mobile Stats at a Glance: 5 Billion Mobile Phone Users in the World; 1 Billion of them are SmartPhone Users. Between 2010 and 2011, mobile application usage nearly doubled; During this same time, the number of retail apps increased 350%. In 2012, average smartphone user had 41 apps By end of 2013, it is estimated there will be more smartphones then people in the world.
  4. 4. What are Mobile Apps? Mobile Applications are software applications that are designed to operate on tablets and smartphones, as well as other mobile devices eg. iPhones, iPads, Android, etc.
  5. 5. The Growth of the Mobile Industryis Incredible! iPhone sales in millionsIn just over 3 years, over 20billion apps have beendownloaded between iPhoneand Android devices.
  6. 6. Eric Dunham~
  7. 7. Mobile apps generated approximately $8.5 billion in revenue in 2011~
  8. 8. What Can a Mobile App do forRealtors ? Find listings and take virtual tours instantly from the mobile app Direct contact with client to Agent via SMS (text) Turn-by-turn GPS directions to your office or listings Instant Notifications to announce new listings, open houses, seminars, price reductions, and more… Clients get instant access to all your listings and website resources
  9. 9. What Can a Mobile App do forRealtors ? (continued…) Provide useful real estate tips and advice thru YouTube Video or script such as a pdf file. Event Calendar – Instant access to all open house listings, seminars , community events. QR Code and QR Scanner –users can gain instantaneous access to your mobile application & listings We can integrate your Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photos, Yelp, etc Generate Word-of-Mouth referrals
  10. 10. Here are Some More Ways Your Real Estate BusinessCan Benefit From a Mobile App: Give customers lightning fast communication channels, one-touch calling and GPS maps and directions to your location. Give customers the option to request appointments via the mobile application. Mortgage calculator Give customers the ability to share your location and info through social media, text and email.
  11. 11. Here are Some More Ways Your Real Estate BusinessCan Benefit From a Mobile App: (Continued..) Integrated mailing list Articles, videos, podcasts and more to allow you to share information with your clients Photo/image submission capability Fan wall with questions and comments
  12. 12. Mobile Apps vs. Mobile WebsitesMobile App Mobile Website Push Notification (SMS)  Friendly mobile web Mobile Desktop Icon experience Published to Apple, Android  Right-sizes content from web Loyalty Rewards Programs Right-sizes web content  Disadvantages: Easy to Share  No Push Notifications  Not Published  No mobile desktop icon
  13. 13. Get Started Today! Contact Us Anytime By: Eric Dunham Email: Call: (941) 302-4690 Website: Request A Free Demo Today!
  14. 14. References “The Mobile Wave” by Michael Sayer, Vanguard Press, 2012 “How Mobile Apps Can Help Your Real Estate Business” by Gregg Kell, CEO Mobile App Pro 2012 (unpublished) “1 Billion Mobile Devices Seen by 2013” by Antone Gonsalves, Information Week, Dec. 2009 “Global Mobile Statistics 2011: MobiThinking, July & Oct. 2011

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