Surewell Lifecare Pvt Ltd Company & Product Range Presentation


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Introduction to Surewell Lifecare Pvt Ltd Company & its Product Range

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Surewell Lifecare Pvt Ltd Company & Product Range Presentation

  1. 1. Finest Quality Herbal Products
  2. 2. Victorious Vintage (a brand of Surewell Lifecare Pvt. Ltd.) promoted by the leaders in Pharmaceutical Consulting performing Design, Engineering & Quality services to top Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Food
  3. 3. Victorious Vintage Brands are a mark of High Quality Nutraceuticals & Herbal products manufactured as per current Good Manufacturing Practices of WHO following ISO 9001 Quality Systems
  4. 4. The Premium Quality of our products is maintained by focusing on the following features  Effective research based formulations  Purest form of herbal extracts  Unique technologies  Pharma grade manufacturing facility & equipments MOC SS304  Safe & Hygienic manufacturing procedures as per WHO GMP & ISO - 9001 Quality Systems.
  5. 5. Diaboforte is an excellent ayurvedic formulation with a number of herbs added in “Pure Extract Forms” to increase the active content and efficacy. These herbs are documented in Ayurveda for their effectiveness in sugar control. These herbs are mixed in a base juice of Karela.
  6. 6. Diaborforte controls diabetes in two ways :  By activating/regenerating beta-cells to produce more insulin  By reducing “Insulin resistance” of human cells thereby reducing the need of oral medication (in type 2 diabetes) and also dose of insulin whenever patient has a mixed cause i.e type 1 & 2.
  7. 7.  Control Diabetes.  Helps in Stimulating Liver for Proper     Secretions of Bile Juices. Helps in Easier Digestion of Food as it Promotes Secretion of Digestive Enzymes. Purification of Blood. Reduces Acne and Cures Skin Diseases Improves Metabolism
  8. 8. Key Ingredients: Karela juice, Jamun, Amla, Harda, Baheda, Ne em, Bel, Gudmar, Chiraita, Haldi, Giloy a, Methi, Kalaunji, Ashwagandha.
  9. 9. Aloe Vera Plus Benefits  Rejuvenate Aged Tissues & Promote Healthy Skin  Reduces Acne  Helps Maintain Tone of Blood Vessels & Promotes Good Circulation which Supports our Body in Times of Stress & Controls Blood Pressure.  One of the Finest Body Cleansers, Cleaning the Morbid Matter from Stomach, Liver, Kidneys, Spleen. Bladder & is Considered the Finest known Colon Cleanser.
  10. 10. Aloe Vera Plus A herbal nutritional supplement Key Ingredients: Aloe Barbadensis Juice, Triphala, GarciniaCambogia , Orange Peel Extract & Green tea
  11. 11. Amla Honey Fusion Immunity Booster & Anti Obesity
  12. 12. Amla Honey Fusion Benefits  Antioxidant with the Richest Source of Vitamin C  Immunity Booster  Relieves all Diseased Conditions of Eyes  Benefits in Problems Related to Ageing & Improves the Hb Content of the Blood, Erases Age Spots on the Skin, Reduces Blood Sugar, clears & give the Glowing Skin.  Regularly gives Energy Boost & a Very Healthy Feeling.
  13. 13. Amla Honey Fusion Immunity Booster & Anti Obesity Key Ingredients: Amla & Honey
  14. 14. Quality Assurance  All our products are derived from 100% natural herbal ingredients according to international quality systems. The entire manufacturing & quality assurance process is integrated according to Good Manufacturing Procedures quality systems, ensuring the finest quality & result oriented products reaches our esteemed customers.  Our products are certified by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries(India).We perform laboratory as well as Organoleptic tests for our product range.
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