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Paul Baker, CommVault UK Director talking at the SureSkills Simpana 10 Event (October 2013)

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  • Capture Data Once, Understand It, Use in Many WaysCommVaultSimpana helps you work smarter instead of harder.  With a single software platform that seamlessly integrates protection, management and access, CommVault has revolutionized how enterprise data management is done – driving unprecedented efficiency and cost reduction.And in the process, this has completely changed the game for our customers by delivering a software-based platform as the foundation for a modern information infrastructure or ‘info-structure’ to transform your data into an asset.
  • View Simpana-managed data across applications, devices, operating systems and locations. All users can effortlessly find and access for Recovery, Reporting, eDiscovery, Compliance and Data Mining.Reps to add in specific use cases for each function. “Customer X analyzed his data and found Y” etc.  
  • Introducing Simpana 10 – an exponential leap forward We have categorized our enhancements three main areas: Protect, Manage & AccessSimpana 10 Protection: - Expanding our lead in the market to now covering 95% array integration refers to IntelliSnap HW coverage - OnePass enhancements drive 2x faster for backup and archive (refers to Exchange integration w/ OnePass)Manage:- 2x performance & scale (Parallel Dedupe)50% less time managing data (not confirmed yet, this is automated workflows)Access:25% increase productivity (self-service access)With over 300 new enhancements, the Simpana single-platform software architecture extends CommVault’s Solving Forward vision to modernize information infrastructure and reduce costs by 50%Simpana IntelliSnap snapshot management, OnePass and virtualization integration deliver 2x faster e-mail and archive protectionAdvanced automation, security and reporting ease deployment of large-scale operations and secure shared services, offering 2x performance and scaleSimpana 10 enhancements with ContentStore boost productivity by up to 50% and simplify information access for BYOD, e-mail archiving and compliance requirementsBacked by new consulting and professional servicesBacked by new consulting and professional services(Note naming change in IntelliSnap from SnapProtect, designed to help differentiate our NetApp OEM program)
  • Extending Broadest Array and Application Coverage Deeper NetApp integrationProvides 2x faster e-mail and archive protectionNew self-service access to archived E-mail VMware and Hyper-V integrationsWorkflows, efficient data movement and DR testing First, we will start off highlighting enhancements to Protection which overall allow you to slash the time, risk and cost to protect & archive dataWe will cover new integration with IntelliSnap that extend our compatibility leadership status and touch on deeper NetApp integrationExtending OnePass integration from files to Exchange now doubles email protection & archive and leverages a new Outlook plug in for self service accessNew VM enhancements for data protection & recovery help scale large enterprise and cloud datacenters to achieve ‘cloud scale’And finally, enhancements to DASH and VirtualizeMe simplify disaster recovery operations
  • <This is an optional slide to provide background on the problem IntelliSnap solves>Today, datacenters are trying to increase recovery SLAs for critical applications. But, with disparate array tool sets, limited application integration and scripting to needed to retain for backup, operations are very complex and hard to scale as data grows.IntelliSnap solves this problem: It combines snapshot and backup into a seamless operation across all leading arrays and applicationsIt normalizes operations. From a single console across the entire environments, users define policies that automate snapshots and backup. No need to drill down into each array type for each application. IntelliSnap takes care of all of that ‘under the covers’ so you have the same look and feel for all snap and backup operations giving you the ability to scale as your data grows.
  • Simpana 10 IntelliSnap has extended its integration leadership with new application coverage (Hyper-V) and enhanced integration with enterprise apps (below)Simpana 10 is also expanding the IntelliSnap use case into snapshot cloning which automates the creation of a ‘writeable snapshot’ for application dev and test. This means IntelliSnap continues to extend beyond snap and backup into new use cases that help eliminate the need to use disparate management tools. One Simpana console does it all.More detail:Lotus Notes on Windows supportDB2 on Windows: support DB2 DPF Support: DB2 DPF support on Linux/UNIX Oracle Windows support SAP/Oracle Windows support Oracle Log Truncation: Execute log truncation immediately after the snapshot is executed vs. current separate job
  • Snack-Ive is coming – For Filesystems
  • Context/Background: The game has changed from “Server Virtualization” to “Shared Services (aka Cloud)Infrastructures”:2012 saw an inflection point in the adoption of server virtualization. For the first time, the number of applications and workloads running on VM exceeded those running on physical boxes. Most customers have moved well beyond the “nuts and bolts” of virtualizing servers and support for even advanced API sets is now considered table stakes for data management solutions.In the Enterprise, this means customers are now deploying large scale virtual infrastructures (aka private cloud) in order to deliver the maximum efficiency and scale benefits back to the business.In the SMB, this means customers are looking even more to MSP and Cloud Service Providers as a means to gain similar efficiencies and scale benefits as the Enterprise without having to invest in the infrastructure themselves.And in the Mid-market, this means a hybrid set of internal private cloud services for core strategic services and public cloud services for perhipherals.Cloud Scale With this new inflection point in mind, CommVault Simpana 10 helps deliver to “Cloud Scale” across all segments of the market:Customized discovery & filtering features at the data store level automate what you want to discover/protect. This provides flexibility to help optimize protection for environments that mix VM datastores with other application data like Exchange or Files. Or if a VM that is very large, say 1TB we can discover datastore and exclude it to help streamline operations. Simpana 10 also delivers automated/accelerated recoveries that provision, recover, and power-on VMs to improve recovery times. New resiliency features like load balancing & failover of virtual server backup agents (VSA) help deliver continuous operations. These feature can work in concert with IntelliSnap which is a key differentiator to delivering large scale protection and recovery for VMware and now Hyper-V environments.Simpana 10 now delivers deeper integration with VMware vCloud Director to deliver granular recoveries in a multi-tenant environment to speed recovery times. Other competitive products are not VDC aware.Finally, self service restore capabilities using a Simpana vCenter plugin help reduce helpdesk calls from VM admins that can perform their own recoveries
  • Market Context: Implementing and improving DR preparedness is a “Top 5” spend priority for most IT orgs in 2013 (ESG and Gartner)Cost of a poor or non-existent DR solution has never been higher. We live in a world of 24x7 operations that is more dependent than ever on IT service availability at all times.At the same time, the risk of loss from disaster, corruption or intrusion is rising as well.But traditional DR solutions have not evolved to keep pace with these new dynamics and requirementsCommVault Simpana 10Enhancements to DASH copy make it more efficient to replicate deduplicated, backup copies to any disk target or location for disaster recovery.VirtualizeMe automates the recovery of a backup copy into a VM for DR easy testing and operations. Simpana 10 extends this support from VMware to Hyper-V to help you leverage your virtual infrastructure.Finally, New workflow automation which we will cover shortly can orchestrate processes to augment DR to reduce management complexity.
  • Transitioning to Management, Simpana 10 delivers some cutting edge enhancements to help enterprises manage large scale operations and shared services efficiently. Simpana 10 jumps ahead of the competition with new workflow automation, revamp’d, web based reporting that ties in with trending and health checks and finally, our fourth generation deduplication that extends source and target dedupe to a parallel model for 2x performance and scale.
  • Market context/background: The shift to Shared Services Infrastructures demands advanced SW capabilities for automation and orchestration.As customers and MSPs deploy cloud-based infrastructure at scale, the need to become operationally efficient in IT delivery is critical and can mean the difference between profitability and bankruptcyThink Rackspace example: they have 10,000 different backup jobs running every day. No admin or even group of admins can manage all those jobs. At that scale, orchestration tools that coordinate the activities of both underlying hardware (storage, networking, etc) and software (snapshot engines, archives, backup, indexing, etc) and take proactive steps when conditions in the infrastructure change.CommVault Simpana 10New workflow automation enables datacenters to build a data-engine to free up resources. Many IT organizations have ‘run books’ that describe detailed processes for operations. Workflows help eliminate those run books with a graphical interface that allows operators to automate repetitive tasks in order to reduce human error and management.An example of workflows is ‘new client registration’. When a new employee receives a system that is protected by Simpana 10, they download an install package which automatically notifies the Simpana CommCell of the new user, and they are automatically assigned to a backup policy without administrator involvement.Another example would be automatically verifying a SQL backup copy is good after a backup job has completed.
  • Context/Background:Changing the game on reporting to deliver intuitive tools that let customers optimize the environmentReporting tools from most vendors have suffered from a combination of: 1) cumbersome, high foot print deployments – they took up a lot of resources to run and 2) difficult to use interfaces. Most tools were designed to be flexible and powerful (in other words they captured a ton of useful data). But they did a poor job of presenting this information in a simple readable format – they dump it all into and XLS file to let you figure it out. And in many cases, you had to pay for this privilege! So adoption was poor.CommVault Simpana 10Simpana 10 takes reporting to a new level with new, customizable web based reporting. ‘out of the box’ graphical reports can now be leveraged for easy insights into operations. Similar to customizing tiles on your page, administrators can customize what operations they want to see in a web page.Administrators can proactively manage by drilling down into specific operations by searching for specific items.Simpana 10 also helps admins on the go with ‘CommVault Monitor’ a new table app for iOS or Android that shows operational reporting and allows for management as well.These tools are all delivered in a light weight package that is extremely efficient, so that impact on production systems is minimized or eliminated.And with the CLA program, reporting is included.The dashboards and instrumentation level views are maintained on customer site for short term reporting and status.
  • Simpana 10 extends the value of this reporting to a whole new level to help enterprises gain insights into their operations to help achieve operational excellence.For longer term trend and historical analysis, CommVault Simpana 10 now leverages a cloud-based approach for comprehensive operational reporting.Reporting data is sent to a “Cloud”. This can be either a private cloud on customer site or a hosted “CommVault Cloud” managed by CommVault (for those customers that opt in)The purpose of the model is to continue to capture detailed history and trends while maintaining a minimal footprint on the production environment while delivering advanced reporting capabilities with no added cost to the customerWhat’s in here?Longer term trend analysis – ID changes in the operating environment and compared with historical trendsHealth check analysis – uses Red/Yellow/Green dashboards with detailed click throughs to let users ID areas that are falling out of spec and need attentionBest Practices analysis – compare a customer operating conditions to known CV best practices in order to tune the environment for optimum performance.
  • Extending our success with source and target side deduplication, Simpana 10 delivers its 4th generation of deduplication with a parallel model that achieves 2x performance and scale from Simpana 9.Ideal for larger backup needs, Parallel deduplication uses a ‘grid’ of backup nodes to spread the load and work together for increased resiliency, scale and performance. These nodes can also failover to each other to help achieve continuous operations.Initially, Simpana 10 will support two grid backup nodes for a total of 240TB (backend) capacity (each node supports 120TB). Deduplication can then scale linearly to handle petabytes of production data.Simpana 10 can also leverage SSD to accelerate performance of dedupe operations
  • The payoff with Simpana 10 comes from the access enhancements which enable customers to leverage information they already have 25% for more productivity, reduced management and anytime anywhere access for faster decision making.New Search enhancements scale with the business and transform data into an information assetA new Search interface for DICOM/PACS helps healthcare professionals accelerate finding images they need
  • Here we see examples of how Simpana 10 users can access their information for self service needs.From end users leveraging mobile devices, a web browser or a Windows Explorer or Outlook plug-in to see their files and emails, to the compliance users that need to quickly Search for information for eDiscovery needs, the ContentStore delivers.
  • Simpana 10 delivers powerful, new scale out Search to extend the value of backup and archive data in the ContentStore while also reducing risks that come from data silos.By adding virtual search nodes as data grows over time, Simpana 10 helps organizations scale their content indexing needs as their Search needs grow.With a multitude of self-service, role-based Search capabilities, users can Search and preview their information to quickly determine what they want to see and restore
  • Simpana Edge is a solution that increases workforce productivity by providing self-service access to backup data from their desktops & laptops. New enhancements to Simpana 10 can scale to easily mange thousands of laptop/desktop backups efficientlyAccess can now come through a web interface or from mobile devices like iOS, Android or Microsoft Surface devices. Rather than choosing what files are placed into a cloud storage service, IT can deliver mobile access to ALL user data already in the ContentStore.By adding Search, legal and compliance users can discover information to reduce risk to the organization
  • Simpana 10 provides a new, intuitive search engine that was purpose-built for legal and compliance teams. With the ability to fulfill their own content-based searches across all data using the ContentStore, legal and compliance teams no longer burden IT with potentially sensitive discovery requests, saving time when the clock is ticking. Legal & Compliance teams can execute legal holds, review, refine and share result sets in-house, before exporting to expensive third-parties to review duplicate or non-responsive data. This reduces overall costs and risks associated with eDiscovery and compliance.
  • New Search integration with Simpana 10 allows medical professionals to rapidly search and retrieve Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACs) images and electronic healthcare records housed in the ContentStore, even if they originated from multiple PACs platforms, without requiring third-party applications. By providing a centralized, vendor-neutral archive that supports both DICOM and non-DICOM data, Simpana 10 dramatically improves efficiency and controls data management costs for healthcare providers.Background:Every clinical or care delivery organization owns 1 or more imaging systems with proprietary viewer and storage backendImaging applications are becoming slower and less responsive due to data growthCVLT OnePass moves older or unused images into ContentStore, (cheaper storage) reducing IT costsProvides low cost, centralized content repository across PACS vendorsDirect access via CVLT search UI to images based on critical metadata
  • The bullets on the right hand side are the four areas we focus on.We are ‘announcing’ three new offerings at launch:Consulting ServicesProfessional ServicesNew tier of enterprise supportSpecifically, here are the new offerings:Architecture Design & ImplementationDisaster Recovery Readiness Design & ImplementationData Classification & Archive Design & ImplementationCloud Infrastructure Design & ImplementationMore background:We have a suite of services to help you address modernizing Data & Info Management EnvironmentBegin with Consulting which is executive level of advice and guidance. Then you need design & implementation. Professional Services detail design, deployment, install, remote monitoring of SimpanaRobust Support – 94% satisfaction ratingEducation to help you get the most out of it.ConsultingExecutive level advice and guidance, 10,000’ viewMore of a business angle to itTend to be vendor agnosticAny hardware, configurationProfessional servicesThis is next step down. Detailed design and implementation activitiesSimpana orientedIT organizations are strapped, and can use help. Installation, upgrade for example. We augment.Also launching a new level of proactive supportEnterprise Support – we try to predict when issues will happen (this costs more) it is between standard/premium support
  • SureSkills - Introducing Simpana 10 Features

    1. 1. INTRODUCING SIMPANA 10 Paul Baker October 17, 2013
    2. 2. The Legacy Approach Singular Information Management Point Level Products Add Cost, Risk And Complexity Lower Costs And Risk, Improve Performance, And Scale Infinitely Backup/Recovery Analyze Search Archiving eDiscovery Replication Edge Protection s
    3. 3. A Single Platform To Protect, Manage And Access Enterprise Data Integrated software drives increased efficiency and reduced management complexity Enterprise Intelligence about the data means you can automate content-based retention and find it when you need it A virtual repository transforms data into assets and keeps data secure, deduplicated and tiered for optimized costs Self-Service Access boosts workforce productivity & redeploys IT resources to more strategic initiatives
    4. 4. Managed Data Is Now An Asset Users can find and access for Recovery, Reporti ng, eDiscovery, C ompliance and Data Mining. Secure,proactive legal andkeep, improve efficiencies and Accelerate the value of to data by retaining devices, Search what you need your from anywhere and from Transform application-aware recovery discovery workflows Enable self-service data across applications, only what has Analyzeall managed accesscompliance and eliminate any Mobilesingle collection or evidentiary valueglass management scripting with improves productivity file shares compliance and single pane ofinto recovery and Business, and locations with a device the industry's broadest backup, data decision making with unparalleled insight replication integration with array based snapshots
    5. 5. Up to 2X Faster Backup & Archive Up to 50% Less Time Managing Operations Up to 50% Increased Productivity
    6. 6. • Extend Value of Existing Investments and Speed Recovery with IntelliSnap • Speed Protection, Access and Efficiency for Exchange with OnePass Slash time, risk and cost to protect & archive data • New VM Integration Helps Achieve Cloud Scale • Enhanced Replication and Automation Lower Cost and Complexity for DR
    7. 7. Modernize Protection & Recovery With Intellisnap Reduce Complexity And Cost Traditional Approach Snapshot Management Singular Approach Backup Management Snapshot - Apps - File Systems - VMs Snap copies 8AM 4AM Backup • Separate tools/consoles • Limited App Awareness • Complex Scripting 12AM 8AM
    8. 8. Broadest Array And Application Extended With New Intellisnap Integration Leading mission critical databases, applications and hypervisors 19 of top 20 HW array models • Speed recovery & normalize operations from a single console • Reduce complexity with seamless Snapshot & backup Orchestration • Automate snapshot cloning for faster test/dev operations
    9. 9. Move Away from Inefficient Retention Schedules Grandfather – Father - Son • Snap, Replicate, Snap all for DR • OnePass and Reference Copy for Retention • Open Potential Budget Through New ROI Content Aware Retention
    10. 10. One pass converges Backup, Archive & Reporting Benefits 8AM 2PM Live Volume • Recovery Performance and Retention Combined in a Single Pass • Synthetic Fulls on Snapshot Initiated Backups – File System • One Pass Licensing Provides All Capabilities • Expands Tiered Storage Control from Production Spindles to Deep Reference Copy • Seamless Restore or Recovery – High Speed Needs initiate from Array, Retention Recalls from Tiered Storage 8PM Recovery Solution Reporting Solution Backup Solution Archive Solution Scan Scan Scan Scan Snap Analyze Protect Archive Deduplicate Copy/Retain Stub/Retain Reference Copy Deduplication Solution
    11. 11. VM Integration Optimizes Data Management To Achieve Cloud Scale vSphere vCloud Director Scalable Protection New resiliency features like load balancing, failover Hyper-V IntelliSnap Massive Scale Rapid Recovery • Flexible, automated discovery, protection and recovery based on business value • Achieve backup scale with Hyper-V or VMware using IntelliSnap integration • Enable multi-tenant deployments with granular VMware vCloud Director integration • Self-service access reduces helpdesk involvement
    12. 12. VM resource management workflow Manage virtual machines based on defined policy 1. VM is powered-down once conditions in policy are met 2. Powered-down VM is moved to a lower cost storage tier once conditions are met 3. Powered-down VM is archived once conditions in policy are met 4. VM is recovered on demand to production environment OR eventually aged from archive environment Archive to Long Term Storage Production VM Datastores Restore From Archive
    13. 13. Lower Cost And Complexity Of Disaster Recovery Copy 1 Copy 2 REPLICATE Copy 3 REPLICATE Retain 5 days Retain 30 days Retain 365 days Remote Office Datacenter Cloud / Recovery Site Virtual Machine VirtualizeMe • Efficiently replicate deduplicated backup copies to any disk or location for reduced costs • Leverage VM or cloud infrastructure for faster DR operations Backup Copy Restore VM’s Start Discovered? YES Restore data • New workflow automation combines tasks to speed and simplify DR operations
    14. 14. • New workflow automation enables efficient large-scale and cloud datacenters Manage large-scale operations and shared services efficiently • Customized, “web 2.0” reporting with health checks and trending reduce admin time and cost • New, 4th generation parallel deduplication leverages any hardware and delivers 2x increased backup performance & scale
    15. 15. New Workflow Automation Enables Enterprise And Cloud Datacenters • Automate repetitive tasks to eliminate runbooks, reduce management & errors • Single job flow controls a sequence of actions that spans methods, sites and users • All part of Simpana – no extra costs Use Case Examples: • New client registration • Verify database backup • Disaster Recovery
    16. 16. Web Based Reporting Provides Insight Into Global Operations • Customized reporting & dashboards provide easier insight into trends and operations • Manage proactively based on usage and performance • Mobile App eases management & reporting for mobile admins
    17. 17. Reporting, Trending And Analytics Historic Reporting • Analyze Trends • Cloud oriented • Survey • Health check • Diagnostics • Ops Best Practices
    18. 18. 2X Performance and Scale with Parallel Deduplication Individual Nodes – Source/Target Dedupe Achieve continuous backup operations with built-in node failover 120TB Store 120TB Store Leverage SSD for dedupe database to maximize capacity and performance OR 2x Grid Based – Scale Linearly Global Dedupe Store – 240 Terabytes Increased Dedupe Backup Performance & Scale Introduced with 2 Node Grid at Launch
    19. 19. • Anytime, anywhere access to protected data boosts productivity up to 50% • Increased scale for CommVault Edge laptop/desktop protection and new selfservice access from mobile devices Transform the way users discover, access and analyze information • New scale-out Search cuts search time from hours to seconds, transforming data into information assets • New Search integration with Picture Archiving and Communications Systems (PACS) improves efficiency and controls for Healthcare providers
    20. 20. Simpana ContentStore Virtual Repository For Protected Data Operational Efficiency • Policy Management • Automated Tiering • Deduplicated, any hardware Meta Data Security and Control Anywhere Access • Encrypted Data • AD Authentication • Role-based Access • Self-service, web, mobile, plug-in • Optional Content Indexing
    21. 21. Retrieve Information Faster With Anywhere, Anytime Search And Access Smart Phone App Web Browser Tablet App Compliance Search Outlook Plug-in
    22. 22. Transform Data into Information Assets with Content Indexing for Search • Deep indexing of data extends powerful role based Search capabilities for increased productivity • Integrates across broadest content type for backup & archive to eliminate silos & reduce risk • Scale out architecture grows along with the business to optimize costs • „Preview‟ files and emails with HTML views to complement mobility initiatives Search Cloud Virtual Search Nodes Physical Search Nodes SCALE OUT
    23. 23. CommVault Edge Protecting And Enabling A Mobile Workforce Edge Data • Easily scale to protect and manage thousands of laptop/desktop backups protect • Anytime, anywhere self-service access to increase productivity • Reduce risk with integrated eDiscovery & Search access Up to 50% Increased Productivity Edge Web console Edge Mobile Compliance Search & Hold
    24. 24. CommVault Edge Screen Shots Multiple Systems Browse Files Preview of Indexed File
    25. 25. Enhanced Search Engine for Legal & Compliance • Empower legal and compliance users to search, review and perform legal holds • Refine, share and export result sets Search • Reduce eDiscovery & Compliance costs and risks Reduce discovery time from hours to seconds
    26. 26. Introducing Healthcare Data Management MRI X-Ray CT Search Simpana OnePass PACS A PACS B PACS C
    27. 27. CommVault Services Complementing Market Leading Capabilities Of Simpana Software Consulting Services Professional Services • • • • Modern Data Protection Archive & Compliance Disaster Recovery Operations Optimization Simpana® Software Support Services Education Services • Simpana® Software
    28. 28. Summary Simpana 10 is an exponential leap forward in protecting, managing and accessing data • • • • CommVault continues to grow market share by building on our singular software architecture and Solving Forward vision to modernize information infrastructure Simpana 10‟s OnePass, IntelliSnap snapshot and virtualization features slash time, risk and cost to protect & archive data New automation and web-based reporting efficiently manage largescale operations and scalable, secure shared services New Simpana ContentStore, Edge, search and reporting enhancements boost productivity and simplify information access
    29. 29. THANK YOU!