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My impressions about germany


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German exchange programe

Published in: Travel
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My impressions about germany

  1. 1.  I am so happy to share some of my unforgettable memories with you all.  First one was the green atmosphere everywhere around me.  The cool weather even though
  2. 2.  I want to share some of the pictures of Harz National Park which we went on trekking for about 4 km.  The trekking was an awesome experience with friends, partners and teachers.  I saw the aerial view of the forest through the cable car.  As our topic was bio-diversity the
  3. 3.  There we saw a lynx ,a wild cat.
  4. 4. We visited a caste called Bückeburg castle. It was so beautiful to see. We visited some of the important rooms of the castle. We really astonished about some of their paintings, hunting dress, chandeliers and Vases etc.
  5. 5.  We went around the Harbor by Ship. We almost saw the whole city while going through.  The way the harbor builted was around the city was so nice. There was so much of canals and causeways.