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Public speaking


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Published in: Education, Business
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Public speaking

  1. 1. Oratory skills The Powerful oratory skills of many leaders have won wars, averted mass panic and saved companies from financial disaster.
  3. 3. Oratory skills Shuffling from foot to foot Not knowing what to do with one's hands Stuttering and stumbling over words Speaking too fast Not looking at the audience while speaking Referring to written notes too many times Clearing one's throat repeatedly
  4. 4. Oratory skills Overcoming them is a matter of practice and rising confidence levels. There is no shortcut or easier, softer option.
  5. 5. Oratory skills It is very similar to learning cycle riding. QUITTERS ARE NOT WINNERS!!
  6. 6. Oratory skills Practice in front of friends, near and dear. Practice in front of a mirror.
  7. 7. Oratory skills Build a relationship with The audience Involve the audience by asking relevant questions
  8. 8. Oratory skills Use of humour Improves confidence level Audience involvement
  9. 9. Time Now That You are a confident orator… Come on to the stage