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about wirless electricity

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  1. 1. --The Wireless Electricity. ByKaran Bir Singh E073026
  2. 2. What is witricity?Witricity is nothing but wireless electricity.Transmission of electrical energy from one object to another without the use of wires is called as Witricity.Because of Witricity some of the devices wont require batteries to operate.
  3. 3. The story started late one night a few years ago. It was probably the sixth time that month that. MIT Professor Marin Soljacic was awakened by his mobile phone beeping battery low. At that time it occurred to him that there is electricity wired all through his house, office- everywhere. He think about- how it is possible to use electricity without using wires…
  4. 4. Electromagnetism Resonant magnetic coupling RESONANCE
  5. 5. Electromagnetic induction is theproduction of voltage across aconductor moving through amagnetic field.Electromagnetism is one of the fourfundamental interactions of nature,along with strong interaction, weakinteraction and gravitation. It is theforce that causes the interactionbetween electrically chargedparticles; the areas in which thishappens are called electromagneticfieldsEnergy/Power Coupling: Energycoupling occurs when an energysource has a means of transferringenergy to another object
  6. 6. Resonance :is the tendency of asystem to oscillate with largeramplitude at some frequencies thanat others. These are known as thesystems resonant frequencies (orresonance frequencies). At thesefrequencies, even small periodicdriving forces can produce largeamplitude oscillationsResonant Magnetic Coupling:Magnetic coupling occurs whentwo objects exchange energythrough their varying or oscillatingmagnetic fields. Resonant couplingoccurs when the naturalfrequencies of the two objects areapproximately the same.
  7. 7. The Transfer of Electricity from one place to another withoutwires is known as “Witricity”.There is witricity power sources(transmitter) and capturedevices(receiver).Power source provides power to the devices where as capturedevice captured it to work.Power source and capture devices are specially designedmagnetic resonators.Magnetic resonators efficiently transfer power over mid-rangedistance via the magnetic near-field.
  8. 8. Near field Near field is a wireless transmission technique over distances comparable to or a few times the diameter of devices. Near field is usually magnetic. Near field energy is non radiative .but some radiative and resistive losses will occur.
  9. 9. Coupled resonators Two resonant objects of the same resonant frequency tend to exchange energy. It exchange energy strongly ,while interacting weakly with living beings and other environmental objects. Coupled resonators are said to be operate in strongly coupled regime to avoid material absorption and radiative loss.
  10. 10. MIT teams behind witricity technologyThe first experiment of witricity, the concept of wirelesselectricity, was conducted in the year 2006, by researchersfrom Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The AssistantProfessor of this team of researchers was Marin Soljacic.2007: A physicsresearch group, led byProf. Marin Soljacic,at MIT,wirelessly power a 60Wlight bulb with 40%efficiency at a 2 meters(6.6 ft) distance using two60 cm-diameter coils
  11. 11. Schematic Diagram
  12. 12. Diagram of power source and capture device Power source is connected to ac power. Bulb is connected to capture device. Blue lines represent the magnetic near field induced by the power source. Yellow lines represent the flow of energy from the source to the capture coil. This powers light bulb. The magnetic field can wrap around the obstacle between power source and capture coil.
  13. 13. Range & Rate of Coupling: Using Coupled Mode Theory (CMT), we can give some frame workto the system. The field system of the two resonant objects 1, 2 is F(r,t)=a1(t)F1(r)+a2(t)F2(r)Where F1,2(r) are the resonating modes of 1 and 2 alone, and then the fieldamplitudes a1(t) and a2(t).The lower order representation of the system isgiven by :Where ω1, 2 are the individual frequencies, Γ1, 2 are the Resonance widths(Decay rates) due to the objects’ intrinsic (absorption, radiation etc.) losses,and ‘κ’ is the coupling coefficient .
  14. 14. The solution of the equation show that at exact resonance at ω1=ω2 and Γ1=Γ2the normal modes of the combined system are split by 2κ.Ratio {κ /sqrt (Γ1, 2)} shows that, it will set as figure-of-merit for any system under consideration for wireless energy-transfer, along with the distance over which this ratio can beachieved. The desired optimal regime {κ/sqrt (Γ1,2)>>1} is called“Strong-Coupling” regime. There is No change in Energy,unless κ/Γ>>1 is true.
  15. 15. Simulation model Using COMSOL:Simulation Performance: By the basic parameters, calculated results and performancegiven with and Without the External object in between the coils.
  16. 16. Comparison of Results:Results without Extraneous objects:Two loops D/r Qrad Q=ω/2Γ ω/2κ κ/ ΓR=30cm,a=2mm, 3 30729 4216 63.7 68.7ε=10, 5 29577 4194 248 17.8d=4mm,Qabs=4886.Results with Extraneous objects:Two loops D/r Qrad Q=ω/2Γ ω/2κ κ/ ΓR=30cm,a=2mm, 3 30729 4136 62.6 67.4ε=49+16i, 5 29577 4106 235 17.6d=4mm,Qabs=4886.
  17. 17. Witricity technology is more than… Traditional magnetic induction.Radiative power transfer.Tesla’s vision of a wireless world.
  18. 18. Used in power transformers. conductive coils transmit power to each other wirelessly, over very short distance. An electric tooth brush uses traditional magnetic induction to recharge its batteries
  19. 19. Radio frequency energy is used for wireless power transfer.Radiated power is wasted into free spaceNeed line of sight.Harmful. Microwave oven utilizes radiation to cook foods
  20. 20. Nikola Tesla the most well known scientisthad a vision of wireless world.In which wireless electric power andcommunication would reach around the world,delivering information and power. WardenclyffeTower Dec 1914 US Patent No. :1,119,732
  21. 21. Features and benefitsWitricity’s Technology Technology BenefitHighly resonant strong coupling High efficiency over distanceEnergy transfer via magnetic near Can penetrate and wrap aroundfield obstaclesNon radiative energy transfer Safe for living beings and other environmental objectsScalable design From Mw to kWFlexible geometry Device that can fit into OEM (original equipment manufactures)products
  22. 22. Applications
  23. 23. WITRICITY APPLICATIONSAutomatic wireless charging ofmobile electronics in home, car,office,...while devices are in useand mobile.Direct wireless powering ofstationary devices…eliminatingexpensive custom wiring,unsightly cables and “wall-wart”power supplies.
  24. 24. Robots, packagemachinery, assemblymachinery, machinetools.Direct wireless powerand communicationinterconnections atpoints of use in harshenvironments.Direct wireless power forwireless sensors andactuators, eliminatingthe need for expensivepower wiring or batteryreplacement anddisposal.
  25. 25.  Automatic wireless charging for existing electric vehicle classes: golf carts, industrial vehicles. Automatic wireless charging for future hybrid and all-electric passenger and commercial vehicles, at home, in parking garages, at fleet depots, and at remote kiosks.
  26. 26. Other Applications Direct wireless power interconnections and automatic wireless charging for implantable medical devices . Automatic wireless charging and for high tech military systems. Direct wireless powering and automatic wireless charging of smartcards. Direct wireless powering and automatic wireless charging ofconsumer Appliance, mobile robots, etc.
  27. 27. ADVANTAGES No need of line of sight. No need of power cables and batteries. Does not interfere with radio waves. Wastage of power is small . Negative health implications. Highly efficient than electromagnetic induction Less costly.
  28. 28. Limitations:☼ The resonance condition should be satisfied andif any error exists, there is no possibility of powertransfer.☼ If there is any possibility of very strongferromagnetic material presence causes low powertransfer due to radiation.
  29. 29. References• Wireless Power Transfer via Strongly Coupled Magnetic Resonances André Kurs,Aristeidis Karalis,Robert Moffatt,1 J. D. Joannopoulos,Peter Fisher, Marin Soljacˇic´ .• Efficient wireless non-radiative mid-range energy transfer Aristeidis Karalis*, J.D. Joannopoulos, and Marin Soljačić Center for Materials Science and Engineering and Research Laboratory of Electronics Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139, USA .• Magnetic Resonant Coupling As a Potential Means for Wireless Power Transfer to Multiple Small Receivers.