Product Management and Cooking similarities


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Over the years of the experience as a Product Manager and a hobby cook, I have realized several similarities. I tried to bringout similarities and drive the point that Chef's do a fantastic job of product managing their products (food).

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Product Management and Cooking similarities

  1. 1. Product Management and Cooking  08/30/2013 Photo Credits : Google Image Search Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu > >
  2. 2.  Yes, there are lots of similarities between product management and cooking   Cooking has Product Strategy, Product Design and Product Development aspects that every chef takes care of (consciously or unconsciously)!  A product manager deals with product strategy, product design and product development to accomplish his product vision.
  3. 3. Product StrategyProduct Strategy
  4. 4.  Who am I making this food for? How many?  What kind of food do my guests like?  Do I have enough time to prepare?  Can I (or my team) do it?  Am I paid (financially / emotionally) enough to take on this job?  What should I make?  What is the opportunity? Market size?  Should we get into this market?  What are user needs?  Can we do it?  Make/buy decision  Can we compete?  Who are the users? CookingCooking Product ManagementProduct Management
  5. 5. Product DesignProduct Design
  6. 6.  How should I make?  What do my guests like and don’t like?  What food looks good, tastes good and is healthy?  How to present the food?  What are the functional use cases?  How to provide the best user experience?  Are there any industry standards to comply?  Is the product CookingCooking Product ManagementProduct Management
  7. 7. Product DevelopmentProduct Development
  8. 8.  What are the ingredients?  What utensils should I use?  How should I split the work with my sue chef?  Do I have infrastructure to cook?  How much time do I have?  What technology should we use?  Can we provide all the requested functionality?  What is the development methodology?  What is the timeline for the product release?  Effort and resources? CookingCooking Product ManagementProduct Management
  9. 9.  While product managers produce MRDs, BRDs, PRDs and FRDs to represent their understanding of the problem space, top chefs usually keep strategy and design in their minds.  The fundamental questions that a chef and a product manager asks are same.  What, Why, Who and How  At the end, both chef and product manager are happy to see their products providing value.