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REI - CRM Improvements (case study)


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REI is #8 best employer in USA by Forbes and is a privately help co-op. Its members love it.

In this CRM Project, we tried to look at publicly available data and see if REI's customer satisfaction can be improved and if there is a scope.

We looked at the Membership benefits, social media efforts, mobile applications and Google data to see how these sources can be combined.

Finally, we recommended on how they could understand the most valuable customers and most growable customers.

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REI - CRM Improvements (case study)

  1. 1. REISatisfied customers is not the end! Rob Loranger | Rohit Arora | Krishna Madhuvarsu
  2. 2. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  3. 3. Mission Statement “Our core purpose guides everything we do: we all work to inspire, educateand outfit for a lifetime of outdoor adventure and stewardship.” “Each year, REI donates millions of dollars to support conservation effortsnationwide and sends dedicated teams of volunteers to build trails, clean up beaches,restore local habitats and more.... Through responsible business practices across thecompany, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint.”
  4. 4. REI Overview“help outdoor enthusiasts acquire good quality climbing gear at reasonable prices”• Founded in 1938; Privately held; Co-op• selling outdoor recreation gear, sporting goods, and clothes• 125 retail stores in 31 states, catalogs, and the Internet• 11,000+ employees; 11.6 million members
  5. 5. REI Financial Performance• 2011 sales of $1.80 billion• Operating income was $116.2 million• Net income was $30.2 million• REI welcomed nearly 842,000 new members in 2011.• REI Visa card holders will receive $37.4 million in rebates from purchases made last year• $99.8 million in patronage refunds will be distributed to 4.7 million active members in March 2012 – $21 / customer / year
  6. 6. Best companies to work for: #8* * Source : Forbes 2012
  7. 7. REI Formative Decades • REI Co-Op • serious climbers, backpackers and mountaineering expeditions • Jim Whittaker, the first American to summit Mt Everest, was hired as the first full-1970s time employee of REI and served as CEO • family camping and branched out into kayaking, bicycling, and other outdoor sports • "sport casual" clothes1980s • REI has diversified its offerings into global adventure vacations though the REI Adventures branch
  8. 8. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  9. 9. REI store manager, Concord, CA“help people enjoy out door activities by providing education, a location to purchase the necessary gear, andstewardship opportunities“• Full price retailer• REIs goal – offer additional value to the customer by focusing on quality and service – ensure that employees have high product knowledge • customers to build a high level of trust with REI – Convenient/hassle free shopping experience• Regions are not necessarily treated differently – regions can choose how to use marketing dollars as they choose – sales, fliers, are decided at the corporate level• Create customer loyalty via REI membership
  10. 10. Customer Sampling*• Bay Area, California• Age group : 20-45 years• Exposed to high-technology• Total of 76 respondents* Not meant to represent entire REI customer segments, but provides a sample behavior of customers.
  11. 11. Frequency of visits to REI (per year) 35.10%5 or more times 4 times 13.00% 3 times 14.30% 2 times 20.80% 1 time 13.00% Never 3.90%
  12. 12. Do you feel rewarded by REI ? NA 13% No25% Yes 62%
  13. 13. REI’s Top 5 Competitors1. Sport Authority2. Sports Basement3. Amazon4. The North Face5. Other Online
  14. 14. Social Media relevance to REI 0% 3% 10% 3% 1% Youtube Facebook Twitter Flicker All83% Not Applicable
  15. 15. How customers access REI ? 9%27% Desktop/Laptop 64% Smartphone Tablet
  16. 16. Top 5 attributes of Happy Customer1. Quality Products2. Easy Returns3. Knowledgeable Staff4. Dividend5. Sale Deals / Discounts
  17. 17. Other results…• 72% of respondents never attended a volunteer work with REI• 76% if respondents never attended a outdoor or travel class by REI• 95% if respondents do not have a REI VISA card
  18. 18. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  19. 19. REI Membership• Benefits – Annual dividend • Earn a refund of ~10% on eligible purchases • Active REI members receive their refund in the form of an annual dividend notice. • Only active members receive annual dividend notices – Discounts – Members only sales – Used gear sales – Board of directors voting privileges – Online community
  20. 20. Data collection• Contact information• Demographic information• Interests• Transaction history• Browser info• IP Address• Pages viewed• Device information• Location info (when possible)
  21. 21. REI Members Only
  22. 22. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  23. 23. Social Media Efforts • Facebook – Guest Posts – Interact with Customers – Share Videos – Photos and Nature Connection – Expert advice videos – Sales and Promotions • Twitter – Cross posting from Facebook • Youtube – Member stories – Expert Advice – Travel and Adventures – Featured Products • Flickr – favorite photos of yourself or other REI members enjoying the outdoors
  24. 24. Facebook & Twitter Effectiveness• Twitter 1. Walmart (Retweet #3,953 | 99.92 %ile) 2. REI (Retweet #23,165 | 99.5 %ile) 3. Amazon (Retweet #24,237 | 99.48 %ile) 4. TheNorthFace (Retweet #37,771 | 99.19 %ile) 5. Sports Authority (Retweet #112,516 | 97.58 %ile)• Facebook 1. Walmart (25,662,763 likes) 2. Amazon (14,697,642 likes) 3. The North Face (3,015,635 likes) 4. Sports Authority (841,204 likes) 5. REI (473,557 likes)
  25. 25. Facebook & Mobile Facebook Engagement Facebook & Mobile EngagementSports Authority 6.15% 5.17%The North Face 1.02% 0.38%Walmart 2.77% 7.34%Amazon 2.70% NAREI 4.20% 14.6%
  26. 26. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  27. 27. Google Trends
  28. 28. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  29. 29. REI Mobile App (iOS)
  30. 30. Mobile App Comparison
  31. 31. Mobile App Comparison
  32. 32. REI• Overview• Survey• Membership• Social Media• Google Trends• Mobile• Recommendations
  33. 33. Connecting the dots… Mobile Internet Social Media Customer Value Membership VISA Card In-Store
  34. 34. Recommendations• Differentiation and customization• All members should not be treated the same – Differentiate nature lovers and recreational buyers. Target the products based on the preferences.• MVCs and MGCs should be identified• Create customer profiles from membership data • Customer example: my recent purchases Date Purchase Activity 10/14/12 Speedcross 3 Trail-running 7/15/12 Kingdom 6 tent camping 6/1/12 spork backpacking 2/12/12 Alpine Meadows lift tickets ski
  35. 35. Recommendations• REI personalized newsletters – Local classes and events based on customer profile• Create the awareness using the social media and target the customer using the mobile device• Educate in-store associates and managers on the mobile, social media and VISA programs
  36. 36. Recommendations• With a deep partnership, provide the VISA card as a membership card (instead of customers applying for the VISA separately)• Provide more point based sale links on the emails, Facebook and Twitter. Help customer to purchase immediately.• Provide web based catalog customization based on the customer’s purchase habits. One catalog does not fit all.
  37. 37. Thank You