Google TV - Customer's Dilemma


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Every year $70 billion is spent on the ads alone in US and 4 billion users world wide. Google TV integrates the traditional TV and Internet for a seamless user experience. With ever increasing user generated video content on the internet, Google TV would like to capture the ad $ by marrying the TV an Internet. In October 2010 Google inters the market via hardware vendors Logitech and Sony. Soon enough, customers are thrilled about the capabilities and at the same time they are confused thinking where does the Google TV fit into their current home entertainment.
In this market research and presentation, we will focus on the various aspects where Google, Logitech and Sony would have done better to segment and position the Google TV.

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Google TV - Customer's Dilemma

  1. A customer’s Dilemma!<br />SukhanyaRajan<br />Sasi Chandra<br />Suresh Krishna<br />
  2. Next 20 minutes…<br />
  3. TV just works<br />
  4. TV or Web?<br />
  5. 5 Hours of TV/day<br />$70 Billion on TV Ads<br />4 bi TVs worldwide<br />1 bi PCs worldwide<br />2 bi Mobiles worldwide<br />50 million HDTVs in USA<br />* Source : Google I/O 2010<br />
  6. Why Google?<br />
  7. Sony and Logitech Offering…<br />
  8. Sony Blu-ray Player<br />Sony HDTV<br />Logitech Revue<br />
  9. Home Screen<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  10. Netflix…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  11. Pandora…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  12. Picasa…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  13. TV Categories…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  14. Podcasts…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  15. Content…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  16. Content…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  17. Content…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  18. Content…<br />* 46” Samsung TV with Logitech Revue<br />
  19. Dual view…<br />
  20. Go-to-market Strategy…<br />In house Technology…<br />
  21. Market Need – integrate “Web and TV”<br />Market Size – 50 million HDTV users in USA<br />Core Competency – Web, Search and Chrome<br />Go-to-market– Core Tech, Partners<br />Sustainability – Content, Ads<br />
  22. [May 2010] Google TV Unveiled at Google I/O<br />[Jun 2010] Logitech Harmony for Google TV<br />[Aug 2010] Hollywood afraid of Google TV’s potential<br />[Aug 2010] Google Having Trouble Convincing Broadcasters<br />[Sep 2010] Logitech Expecting To Ship 500k Google TV Revue Boxes By End Of 2010<br />[Oct 2010] Wow, Sony’s Google TV Remote Looks Like A Ten Thousand Button Nightmare<br />[Oct 2010] Logitech’s Revue Product Page Goes Live, Preorder One Now For $299<br />[Oct 2010] Dish Network Subscribers Get Logitech Revue For Only $180<br />[Oct 2010] Sony Outs The First HDTV Powered By Google TV<br />[Oct 2010] ABC, CBS And NBC Shut Out Google TV: Fox And MTV Still Available<br />[Nov 2010] Now Even Is Blocked On Google TV<br />[Nov 2010] Viacom Cuts Off Google TV, A Rally To Restore Sanity Is Clearly Needed<br />[Nov 2010] Google TV Already In Trouble? Sony Offering 25% Off Blu-ray Google TV Units<br />[Dec 2010] First Major Google TV Update Rolls Out: Updated Netflix App, Customizable Dual View, And Voice Searches<br />Confused Customers<br />Collaborators backed out<br />Buggy Software<br />Google asks Logitech, Sony to postpone next release<br />
  23. Customer Surveys<br />(Quantitative)<br />Customer Reviews<br />(Qualitative)<br />Recommendations<br />(How to succeed in Market)<br />
  24. User Surveys…(Quantitative Analysis)<br />
  25. Awareness…<br />
  26. Awareness Source…<br />
  27. Devices in Living Room…<br />
  28. Compatibility…<br />
  29. Acceptance…<br />
  30. Ready for Tech?<br />
  31. Google TV?<br />
  32. Willingness To Pay…<br />
  33. Promotion…<br />
  34. Summary of Survey Findings…<br />93% of the respondents are aware of “Google TV”<br />90% know that Google TV integrates “TV and Internet”<br />Awareness Medium<br />60% from Internet<br />13% from TV<br />5% from Paper Ad<br />Other devices…<br />47% has Wii<br />26% has PS3<br />19% has Xbox<br />48% do not know how Google TV fit in<br />51% are ready to accept another remote control<br />62% like to browse while watching TV<br />60% of people never heard of “Sony Internet TV” or “Logitech Revue”<br />54% of people perceive the price to be under $100<br />66% of people would like to try FREE Google TV for 2 months<br />
  35. Customer Reviews…(Qualitative Analysis)<br />
  36. Data Analysis (sample size = 20 each)<br />Amazon<br />BestBuy<br />Sony<br />Logitech<br />Analyze 1 STAR and 5 STAR ratings<br />Likes<br />Dislikes<br />
  37. What customers liked the most…<br />Integration of Web and TV<br />Easy Setup<br />Remote integrates TV, A/V System, Cable<br />Amazon, Netflix, Pandora, YouTube and other App integration<br />Browse during commercials<br />Photo viewing on HD Screen<br />Enhanced Picture Quality<br />Excited about future potential<br />Amazing Kids Content<br />Remote Control App available on Android and iOSphones<br />
  38. What customers disliked the most…<br />Limited/Blocked Content<br />Limited Applications<br />Limited content due to non-availability of <br />Quick Player<br />Windows Media<br />Silverlight<br />High Price<br />Flash/Shockwave plugins crash very often<br />Chrome Browser Freezes<br />No Skype Access / Can’t use my current webcam<br />System Reboots frequently<br />Beta Quality Product<br />
  39. User Surveys<br />Market Validation<br />Awareness<br />Awareness Source<br />Market Readiness<br />Device Compatibility<br />Value Perception<br />Estimate WTP<br />Customer Reviews<br />Market Perception<br />What did they like<br />What is absolutely needed<br />
  40. How to succeed in market place…<br />
  41. Customer Surveys<br />(Quantitative)<br />Customer Reviews<br />(Qualitative)<br />Recommendations<br />(How to succeed in Market)<br />
  42. #1<br />Increase Product Awareness<br />Create the Synergy<br />TV<br />Print Media<br />Differentiate Google TV and Product Offerings<br />Logitech Revue<br />Sony Internet TV<br />Co-operative Marketing <br />Logitech Revue<br />Sony Internet TV<br />Intel<br />Google<br />Adobe<br />BestBuy<br />DishTV<br />
  43. Google TV<br />High Tech.<br />Low Tech.<br />High Impact<br />Low Impact<br />Google TV : High Tech. & Low Impact<br />
  44. #2<br />Create Value<br />Gap in Product Pricing and Customer WTP<br />Increase the perceived value<br />Advertisements<br />Features<br />Channel Promotions <br />e.g. BestBuy sets up the Box for free<br />e.g. BestBuy integrates Google TV product with existing devices<br />TV Optimized Applications<br />More Content<br />
  45. Apple TV, Boxee, Vudu, Roku, Xbox, PS3, Wii…<br />$99.00<br />$229.00<br />$299.00<br />Wii-$199.00, Xbox-$299, PS3-$299<br />$99.00<br />
  46. #3<br />Right Positioning<br />Is it a Web Enabled TV?<br />Is it a Web Enabled Blu-Ray Player?<br />Is it a Streaming Device?<br />How does it compare to <br />Apple TV<br />Boxee<br />Roku<br />Vudu<br />Wii<br />PS3<br />XBox<br />
  47. #4<br />Switching/Migration Strategy<br />What if a customer already has Web Enabled TV<br />What if a customer already has a Web Enabled Blu-Ray Player<br />
  48. #5<br />Google = Beta Products<br />Remove the software product perception<br />Technology Improvements<br />Extensive Testing<br />Content is the KING<br />
  49. Meet Expectations!<br />In Summary<br />Increase Product Awareness<br />Create Value<br />Strong Positioning<br />Develop a Migration Strategy<br />Fight the company Legacy<br />
  50. Thank You!<br />Sukhanya Rajan<br />Sasi Chandra<br />Suresh Krishna<br />