15 Lessons as a Product manager


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To my fellow products managers and aspiring products managers, I dedicate this presentation.

!5 Lessons learned as a products manager and in no particular order.

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15 Lessons as a Product manager

  1. 1. 15 Lessons Learned as a Product Manager05/03/2013Suresh Krishna Madhuvarsu> www.sureshkrishna.com> www.linkedin.com/in/sureshmadhuvarsu
  2. 2.  Remind your self about this fundamentalbuilding block everyday Strive towards increasing the revenues;reducing the costs and increasing the profits.
  3. 3.  Today’s cost has to yield >2x revenues orindirect positive effect. If not, something iswrong with today’s cost. Sunk costs are important; don’t get stuck topast mistakes. Know a dead horse; don’t feed it;
  4. 4.  Everyone has a perspective on what shouldbe done Customers may not always be right; Also,they may not always be wrong. Understand the user and buyer relationship Understand the engineering, sales limitations
  5. 5.  Collect quantitative and qualitative dataabout the market and customers Gather the expert intelligence from theprevious experiences Balance between the data and intuition
  6. 6.  …not tomorrow; not yesterday Set realistic expectations to customers Don’t push quarterly targets too hard on tosales If you sell future, you always need to catchup
  7. 7.  The cost of fixing a problem tomorrow ismuch more expensive than today Don’t be lazy
  8. 8.  Everyone is watching you Your market, customer and industryknowledge brings in energy to other teams Be positive
  9. 9.  Human relation is much better than Emailand Phone conversation Take time to know everyone who isconnected to the product Networking is part of the job; it is aninvestment
  10. 10.  You are smart; but customer is ALSO smart Your story has more effect than your feature Keep the story consistent
  11. 11.  Test the hypothesis as early as possible; Failearly If you plan for a feature make sure someoneout there is ready to use it If there is a feature that’s not profitable, don’tbe afraid to prune
  12. 12.  You are the owner of the product Every thing starts at you and ends at you Don’t pass the buck 
  13. 13.  …but should not drive your product Spend enough time to understand the movesof the competition YOUR vision should drive your product withan ultimate goal of building products thatcustomers love.
  14. 14.  … with "no biases“ The glue to the cross functional teams Conduit of the information and data flow
  15. 15.  Everyday is different at work Don’t get deep into the tactical work Don’t stop with Strategic work Do enough to balance the important andurgent tasks
  16. 16.  …and smart people There are lots of things going on and beinghappy helps Being funny or humorous helps 