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Occupied vancouversun jan16


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Occupied vancouversun jan16

  1. 1. PHOTO BY I. VALLEY Occupy camp at Vancouver Art how to get involved Gallery ends, but General Assembly Spokes Council Join a Committee the movement Wednesday’s at 7pm Tuesday’s at 7pm Find meeting times Satuday’s at 1pm Sunday’s at 1pm and descriptions @ continues to gain @ W2 Media Cafe @ W2 Media Cafe momentum >>4 what’s next? the future of the occupy vancouver movement up ied occ MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 | OCCUPYVANCOUVER.COMWHERE HAVE ALL THEOCCUPIERS GONE?BY STEVE COLLISD on’t worry — we haven’t gone far. If 2011 was the “year of revolutions”, 2012 will be theyear of our thoughtful and creativeevolution. We’re behind the scenes now,organizing, planning, and building thestory that will carry all of us forward. Every social movement needs aninitial burst of emotion and indignationto get it going. We had that this pastfall. To keep going, we need ideas, weneed a story, and we need relationships.This part takes a bit of time. At Occupy Vancouver, since being PHOTO BY IAN MACKENZIEevicted on November 21, we have beenresting up and assessing what we have Occupy Vancouver re-groups in preparation for a new year and a new beginningaccomplished — really, the beginningwe have made. We’ve been talking, What lies ahead for Occupy Vancou- exploitation and self-destruction. Now,reading, writing, filming, and planning ver? There will undoubtedly be — most we the 99% must take matters into ourfor the future. We have re-structured likely by the spring, when the whole own hands and fashion a world we canour governance model by reducing world moves into its phase of renewal all share and prosper in — an economi-general assemblies to a more manage- — a return to the public sphere in a cally and environmentally sustainableable schedule of twice a week and very noticeable way. The claim for an world shaped by love and mutual aid.adding a “spokescouncil” which will “agora” — an open space of public But we need your help. Come lendfree up more time for discussion of debate at the heart of our cities and a hand. Come change the world withbig ideas at the GAs. We are working our lives — is why this movement has us. We can only do it one committedhard within our committees and on our been called an “occupation.” Really, it is person at a time. We can only do it byrelationships with each other and with a reclaiming of our social agency, long putting our collective shoulders to theother organizations. We are gearing ceded to the wealthy and influential. We wheel. But we can do it — that’s whatup for the work ahead — the work of can all see where the world is headed we’ve learned so far. Another world issocial transformation that a time of now. We see that those in positions possible, and it’s lying right ahead of useconomic, ecological, and political crisis of power and influence are unable in 2012.demands. and unwilling to change the course of || THE OCCUPIED VANCOUVER SUN ||
  2. 2. 2 || UPDATES MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 | OCCUPYVANCOUVER.COMOccupy Vancouver at WorkCommittees and working groups continue to collaborate for change general assembly Now that OV has approved the creation of a Spokes Council which will handle much of the day-to-day business that was previously handled by the General Assembly, there will be a need to rede- fine the role of the GA. The General Assembly Committee (GAC), in taking this on, will address the following ques- tions: 1. What is the function of the General Assembly? 2. What processes should be modified and/or developed in order to sup- port the newly defined function of the GA? 3. How should the structure of the GA be modified to support the newly defined function of the GA? The GAC will submit a proposal (or PHOTO BY JONATHAN DY proposals) to the GA suggesting modi- fications as a result of answers to the“Break out groups” allow for small group discussion during large assemblies above questions. info booth media/communicaions inter-cityThe Info Booth committee is now Two Media Committee members (work- To date, the Inter-City Committee hasbereft of our booth, but we still provide ing on the project, “Occupy Victory created the map of the 50+ Canadianfactual, friendly, neutral information Media Tour”) have been livestream- Occupy cities, several contact databasesabout the Occupation. We monitor ing from #OWS (that’s right, in NYC) for all of Canada, set up a Google groupthe chatter on Livestream, Facebook, all week, covering the re-taking (and for updates and discussion of how toGoogle Groups, Twitter and Atrium re-eviction) of Zuccotti Park as well facilitate communication between cities,in order to keep the events calendar as #OWS GAs and committee meet- given updates to the OV assembly ofpruned and accurate. But we don’t do ings. The Communications team scored news from Occupies across Canada,a very good job of it, so we encourage a victory in late December when our and participated in conference calls. Weyou to contact us with any events or response to (and rebuttal of) the City are struggling with setting up a nationalmeetings we should know about, or to of Vancouver’s cost assessment for the website, but confident in setting up anvolunteer to help us do a better job. occupation was picked up in newspa- email-based B.C. newsletter with basic pers (and on-line) all across the country, Occupy updates from each city. Current-We also answer with The Huffington Post calling our ly looking for people to parse updatesquestions. Got one? response “brilliant” and a model for the coming from south of the border. As Occupy Movement as a whole. well, we are planning a trip to KamloopsEmail us: info.occupyvan- to offer workshops to Occupiers || THE OCCUPIED VANCOUVER SUN ||
  3. 3. OCCUPYVANCOUVER.COM | MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 OPINIONS || 3WHAT DOES OCCUPY of masculine and feminine forces. If in “I haven’t really heard much about the first place people come here to fightMEAN TO YOU? it, all I know is it has to do with… against something, [that] intention willWhat the 99% really thinks money…working, jobs, stuff like eventually create wars. If we want toabout this controversial that. Absolutely, it’s also affected me, see a change in the world, we have to like, with schooling and stuff, jobs. It’s change ourselves first.”global movement hard to live here by yourself, you know? —YANN, 28, Light Worker There’s a lot of issues [but] if we’reBY ANJA NOVKOVIC here to just talk about our issues and “I think that anytime we take time to nothing really is getting resolved, then reflect on how we live, how our societyT he Occupy Vancouver movement it’s kind of pointless ‘cause we’re doing –and the Occupy movement in that everyday, you know? We should general –has gotten a lot of smack definitely get more people with authorityfrom its critics (those of strong opinion involved [with the movement] so [that]and those not) but it has also gotten much we have more power to actually take ac- is structured, what we do with our wealth and what we at the same time do with the need that exists within our society, I think it’s a worthwhile thing. Exactly how to go about that, I’m notpraise from some of the most unlikely tion. Everyone has things going on, and sure. Some of my pastoral colleaguesplaces. Many who are involved already all we need is to just help each other, have expressed interest in circulatingwith Occupy Vancouver have spent the really, to get together and help.” among the occupy people and expressingpast two weeks defending, explaining, —SONYA, Age 20, Server affirmation and support. I guess that’sand asserting the movement to individu- about the closest I’ve come to it myself.als who often are not directly opposed “I see here people are creating a lov- I’ve read various journalists [who] haveto the movement, but rather cannot find ing space, [but] people from different expressed frustration over exactly whatthemselves in it. In an attempt to unearth cultures have trouble getting here with the occupy movement is after; I haven’tthe human stories and experiences within us because the way that we speak is the read closely enough or followed it closelythe movement and draw vital connections way that we’ve seen the people speak in enough myself to form my own judge-between it and those unsure of it, we have the Western hemisphere -which is from ments on it.”gone to the source: the 99% itself –on the head. This is a discussion for schol- —CLIFF, Lutheran Pastorsite and on the streets. Within their brief ars. But we’re here to be here as humanwords there lay passion, conviction, uncer- beings. It would be good to create a waytainty, fear, and hope: all of the makings that we communicate together in a lovingof a real, inclusive revolution. way and respecting the natural balances occupy education people’s library strategic planningOccupy Education is creating an open The People’s Library of Vancouver is After its first meeting in December, thespace for members of the community doing some exciting work this winter. Strategic Planning Working Group is into discuss issues surrounding education In addition to setting up a small branch the process of formulating a statementas well as to plan direct meetings. At at The Dharma Lab, and drop-off bins of purpose. Essentially, its mandate willthe first meeting, we saw representation at Spartacus Books, Little Sisters and be to consult as widely as possible, viafrom five schools: SFU, UBC, Cap- The People’s Co-op, we’ve also taken a public listening campaigns and meet-ilano College, Emily Carr and Douglas small collection on tour, from Seattle to ings with existing activist and socialCollege, of which members have been Los Angeles and even Las Vegas! Spring movement organizations, with an aim tomeeting on a weekly basis. Occupy promises to be even more exciting as we develop short, medium, and long-termEducation is looking into having regular build a mobile bookshelf system that campaign themes and strategies aroundmeetings to discuss and coordinate will make us more mobile and resilient which to focus Occupy Vancouver’sdirect action both on a local level as well than ever. We’re always looking for in solidarity with future national and volunteers, so please feel free to dropinternational days of action. For more into our weekly meeting every Sunday Contact information forinformation go to OccupyEducation on at 11:30am at the Central Library Food committees & workingFacebook. Court. Look for us at ovpeopleslibrary. and contact us at groups can be found at || THE OCCUPIED VANCOUVER SUN ||
  4. 4. 4 || LEGAL MONDAY, JANUARY 16, 2012 | OCCUPYVANCOUVER.COMTHE INJUNCTION OF and others in an attempt to find ways of sharing the space.OCCUPY VANCOUVER: In the end, Justice Mackenzie tookMOVING FORWARD no more than five minutes to make her decision. She stressed that constitutional arguments had no part in her decision asBY KALEEN MCNAMARA & these would have to be heard in a trial.MATHEW KAGIS According to her order, all structures had to be removed by Nov. 21 includingO n Nov. 18, Justice Anne Mack- the stage and information tents. When enzie ordered the 37-day-old encampment off the Vancou-ver Art Gallery grounds by Nov. 21and gave the city the power to remove Monday arrived the occupiers moved to the grounds of the Provincial Court and the province sought an immediate ex-parte injunction, eliminating the needoccupiers’ property. During the hearing for a hearing, which was granted by theleading up to that decision, the city’s argued that the occupiers had This brings us up to date, so what’s thebroken city bylaws and should therefore next step? Quite simply, Occupy Van-be forced to leave. Any arguments about couver, the ball is in our court. The citythe whether the bylaw infringes the right and the province both have their injunc-to protest were outside the scope of the tions. It is not in their interest to have ahearing, the city argued, and should be trial. It is in the interest of Occupy.left for a separate trial. We now have to put our legal house in Occupy Vancouver’s lawyers argued order. This means gathering affidavits,that the constitutional question ought to witnesses, statements, and considered and that there is conflict- Then, challenge the constitutionalitying evidence in the affidavit materials of the city’s bylaws in court. Currently,of those involved with OV and those lawyers Kathryn Campbell and Mikesubmitted by the city. The first-hand ac- McCubbin have agreed to work on this PHOTO BY I. VALLEYcounts from Occupy participants chal- for free. Sadly, free help combined withlenge the city’s claim that OV had not the speed of the courts, means this pro- Last day at the Vancouver Art Galleryattempted to comply with fire orders; cess will move slowly. What can you dothat the protesters did not seek a protest to help this process move forward? Tellpermit; and that the occupation was your story in writing and tell it in chron- vancouver eventsblocking other groups from using the ological order, focus on your activities CORRUPTION INgrounds. Evidence included e-mail con- with OV and how the shutting down DEMOCRACYversations showing they had attempted of the camp impacted those activities. When: Sat, Jan 21to comply with the city from the begin- These may be used as affidavits in court. @ 15:30 - 16:30ning, but realized current permitting Start telling your tale, be factual and Where: Vancouver Public Library precise and send it to legal-committe@ (atrium area)excludes events such as this and that What: Discussion topics - electionthe city did not supply any alternatives, finance, conflict of interest & moreand communication with groups such A trial may just be our chance to getas the Grey Cup, the Santa Claus Parade our story out to the 99%. ECO ARTS SALON When: Wed, Jan 25 @ 19:00 – 21:00 COMIC BY EZRA FULFORD Where: Roundhouse Community Centre What: Environmental artists present their work and hold discussions DISMANTLING EMPIRE When: Thu, Jan 26 @ 18:30 – 22:00 Where: W2 Media Cafe What: Skype Q & A with Derrick Jen- sen, author of Endgame, Deep Green Resistance, & Lives Less Valuable || THE OCCUPIED VANCOUVER SUN ||