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Beneovland ecosystempresentation 2


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A pretty comprehensive representation of the nexus of concepts that represent what .commUNITY is working on. We now refer to it as an 'Ekosystem'

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Beneovland ecosystempresentation 2

  1. 1. Benevoland Ecosystem
  2. 2. Who am I?  B. Sc. Physics  7 years as an investment advisor… built $30 million asset base… studied lots of finance  5 years operating my own investment banking and strategic advisory group  BIG LIFE TRANSITION  3 year studying philosophy  Occupy… climate activism  Explored and written about a number of cutting edge social change models; technology architecture, social finance innovation…  Involved in a number of different alternative culture communities  Focusing on creating physical spaces… most recently a part of the Ruby Lake collective
  3. 3. What is the Essence? “For peace to reign on Earth, humans must evolve into new beings who have learned to see the whole first.”  ― Immanuel Kant
  4. 4. The Good Country Index “Do (countries) exist purely to serve the interests of their own politicians, businesses and citizens, or are they actively working for all of humanity and the whole planet? The debate is a critical one, because if the first answer is the correct one, we’re all in deep trouble.”
  5. 5. What organizational structure might support this shift in perspective?
  6. 6. Energetic Vortex
  7. 7. Google
  8. 8. 22 Squared
  9. 9. BGT Partners
  10. 10. Dreamhost
  11. 11. Google
  12. 12. What is the function of social finance… impact investing… charitable giving?
  13. 13. Hypotheses Function of social finance… charitable giving… is to make the world a better place… more specifically to proliferate social good… The fundamental bottleneck to this is the absence of very early stage risk capital (resources) for projects that are social mission focused
  14. 14. What Is Our Opportunity?  Develop a prototype for a solution that will solve a systemic problem!... To totally change the game… to make a difference at a global level…  Provide capital for very early stage socially focused projects  Provide context for later stage projects (mission driven and otherwise) to support change activity, develop partnerships… develop their projects  Ramp up capacity for the movement for change in our local area
  15. 15. What are Projects … Ecosystem? PROJECT: A group of people working towards the same goal… with a shared mission… vision… story ECOSYSTEM: A group of Projects working towards the same goal… with a shared mission… vision… story They might share the same people, infrastructure, partners, clients etc.
  16. 16. An Ecosystem of Projects TIME TIME The UNIFICATION… COVERGENCE of Mission… Vision… Story… Goals… Intent
  17. 17. What is an Ecosystem? “An ecosystem is a  community of living  organisms…” “…ecosystems are defined by the network of interactions among organisms, and between organisms and their environment…” The whole is greater than the sum of its parts!
  18. 18. Project Ecosystems In Same Physical Space Unification… Convergence served by being in same physical location The Water cooler effect! Extended Ecosystem
  19. 19. Balancing Autonomy and Synergy Shared Vision… Mission… Story
  20. 20. Spaces We ‘Live’ in are Compartmentalized Life is integrated!
  21. 21. Build a Technology Layer Across the Ecosystem of Projects Social Change Ecosystem SGEI So what kind of spaces should we create?
  22. 22. Engaging with Ecosystems Community… Culture… Context! We Generate LIFE.. Boundaries are Permeable Ecosystem Best Practices Open Sourced Dialogue with the World
  23. 23. Internal Resource Flows Anchor Tenant Projects provide whatever resources they can… it might NOT be money
  24. 24. The Power of Stories: connect to world through stories  In media and social media driven world Stories are disproportionately more important at any other time in history  Viral dynamics  Emotive So… what mix of projects is in alignment with this reality?
  25. 25. Ecosystem Intentional Mix
  26. 26. Shared Space Comparison: physical space and resources CATEGORY HOT DESK INCUBATOR ECOSYSTEM Open Concept Yes Yes Yes Private Office Yes Yes Yes Short Term Desk Rental Yes Yes/No No Shared Infrastructure Yes Yes Yes Restaurant… gym… No No Yes Investment Fund No Yes Yes Tech Platform No No Yes
  27. 27. CATEGORY HOT DESK INCUBATOR ECOSYSTEM Shared Vision… Story No No Yes Vertical Focus No Yes No Funding Strategy No No Yes Structure Agnostic Yes No Yes Group Process Yes Yes Yes Gatherings and Events Yes Yes Yes (more) Internal Resource Flow No No Yes Shared Space Comparison: system level
  28. 28. Cheil
  29. 29. JWT
  30. 30. Pensar
  31. 31. Skype
  32. 32. Skype
  33. 33. Rethinking Resource Allocation
  34. 34. The Paradigm Shift Systemic of View of Projects… from one project at a time to groups of projects Systemic View of Resource Allocation… from funding one project at a time to funding one ecosystem at a time! Flow capital directly from financially motivated investors to socially motivated projects
  35. 35. What is a Social Venture? There are many definitions. I am offering the following… ‘Projects, the objective of which is to bring about positive social change’ Note that, there is no reference to said projects necessarily having to make money in this definition
  36. 36. The Funding Cycle Projects are fluid… people have good intentions… plans are forming
  37. 37. What is the Problem Being Solved?  Lack of resources (cash and in- kind) for germination stage and pre-proof of concept social innovators… which is a systemic problem … why is this a systemic problem?
  38. 38. The Systemic Problem  Seed stage social innovation projects (as defined) carry very high risk and very little financial return potential (by definition)  This is to be contrasted with financially motivated projects which behaves like…
  39. 39. ‘Financial Driven’ Angel Investments… return distributions Socially motivated investments don’t have this return potential Seed stage Social investments have high risk and moderate return potential All seed stage projects are risky but some that are profit motivated do really well!... This compensates for all those that do poorly…
  40. 40. Guess where the funding bottleneck is? Germination and Pre Proof of Concept Proof of Concept Mid Stage Late Stage No $ Small $ Volume of Ventures Some $ Huge $!
  41. 41. Traditional Funding Mindset… Single Project Scalability Principle Scalability: support the one project that has the highest probability of doing extraordinarily well. Problem…  Ignores 9/10 projects  Reinforces survival of the fittest Underlying Perspective  Competition versus cooperation
  42. 42. Social Change and Cultural Change… proliferating social entrepreneurship The Problem with the One Project Scalability model… Is it better to fund 1 * $200,000 into a great project that will scale… or 10 * $20,000 into smaller unproven projects? Not clear from a financial perspective A definite NO from a cultural change perspective
  43. 43. The Cultural Mix Is it better to have?... Highly Scalable Projects Moderately Scalable Projects From the perspective of the system... The world!... How do we scale the entire system?
  44. 44. Distribution of Lease Payments (costs)… sufficient in aggregate Organization Type Lease Payment Capacity For Profit Service Profit Service Providers Strong cash flow… and ability to cover lease payments Established Social Business Service Providers Reasonable cash flow… and ability to cover lease payments Early Stage (post proof of concept) Service providers Some cash flow… can manage reduced lease payments Pre Proof of Concept Service Providers No cash flow… no ability to cover lease payments
  45. 45. Hypothetical Project Mix SERVICE TYPE For Profit Social Venture Not-for- Profit Technology Technology infrastructure/web development Strategy Business/strategic planning Media Film, video, content development Social Change Crowdfunding Anti Pipeline Activists
  46. 46. Financing Ecosystems
  47. 47. Manager Company Company Company Company Company Financial Capital Pool Investor Investor Investor Investor Traditional Pooled Capital Distribution Models
  48. 48. Ecosystem Pooled Fund Capital Distribution Models Corp Not for Profit Charity Charity Corp. Ecosystem Pooled Fund Investor Investor Investor Investor Cooperative Crowdfunded Creative Structures Targeted at Financing Ecosystem Social Good Ecosystem Incubator
  49. 49. Finance: the current paradigm Two Problems… 1.Quantification of Social return 2.Mission drift
  50. 50. Beyond Social Finance
  51. 51. Zero Coupon Principle Guaranteed Social Good Bond… an example  Raise $1,000,000 via Social Good Bond  Invest $930,700 in a 5 year zero coupon bond guaranteeing investors their principle back  Invest $69,300 in ….. A project… a pool that can invest in other projects…