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  2. 2.  “SECURITY SYSTEM SOLUTION” “SHINE APEX INDIA” is a (JHARKHAND) Service based Industry, Established in the year 2015 to provide innovative security products & Internet solution to the costumers & Other Services. Since then, we have worked hard to offer quality products, services, and solutions to customers and become a complete end-to-end solutions provider company. We are now able to provide services under a single roof which includes Development, Security System and Internet access solutions, to our customers. With more than a decade of Industry experience and a team of qualified engineers & technicians, we are now providing well Services & Solutions of all the leading brands to our esteemed clients under one roof. We do all these not because it’s our bread & butter, but coz we are passionate about what we do! Products, Services & Solution that we can offer our customers –  Security System (CCTV, IP Camera, Fire etc.)  Time Attendance Machine  Video Door Phone.  Solar System We would be glad to have you as our esteemed customer. “SHINE APEX INDIA” engaged in the area of management of CCTV camera surveillance for needed clients and also into Solar System. We are the Traders, Distributors & supplier of a comprehensive range of CCTV cameras Peripherals, SOLAR System, Electronics Goods,Electricals Goods and Mechanical Composting Machine” Our organization is managed by Mr. G.Suresh Kumar and Mr. Atanu Sasmal who are committed towards the growth and development of our organization. We are progressing with all efforts, experience and expertise that we have rendered to our business. Our infrastructure is efficiently managed by our team of experience experts and technicians and engineers. We are client concentric and always consider that our clients get the best quality product and services. We also provide safe packaging of our products, so that the ordered product safely reaches our clients end. Our products and services are highly appreciated for the quality and service that we render to our clients. “Services (CCTV)”  Complete set up of CCTV camera for needed clients  Wiring facilities for CCTV camera  Annual maintenance contract (AMC) SHINE APEX INDIA
  3. 3. “Available brands” “CCTV benefits” Office CCTV Systems Reduce theft, improve training, eliminate HR problems, and protect your staff. View remotely on iPhone, laptop etc... Retail CCTV Systems Increased theft deterrent, improve detection rates, excellent staff training aid, reduce health and safety issues. View remotely on iPhone, laptop etc... School CCTV Systems Reduce theft & vandalism, reduce bullying, protect staff, improve training, and eliminate HR problems. AIS are specialists in the design and implementation school CCTV systems. Factory CCTV Systems Monitor machinery, reduce theft, train staff and improve health & safety. View remotely on iPhone, laptop etc... Home CCTV Installation Secure your home with a professional CCTV system. All work insured and guaranteed. View remotely on iPhone, laptop etc... Increased deterrent Safer working environment Reduced retail theft Increased detection CCTV Benefits Eliminate fraudulent insurance claims Remote monitoring Reduced fear of crime Receive warnings in advance Increased professionalism Increased professionalism Staff protection
  4. 4. SOLAR  SOLAR STREET LIGHT Solar street lights are raised light sources which are powered by photovoltaic panels generally mounted on the lighting structure or integrated in the pole itself. The photovoltaic panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. Features Most solar panels turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using a light source. Basically solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night. Many can stay lit for more than one night if the sun is not available for a couple of days. Older models included lamps that were not fluorescent or LED. Solar lights installed in windy regions are generally equipped with flat panels to better cope with the winds. Latest designs use wireless technology and fuzzy control theory for battery management. The street lights using this technology can operate as a network with each light having the capability of performing on or off the network. COMPONENTS Solar street lights consist of 5 main parts: Solar Panel The solar panel is one of the most important parts of solar street lights, as the solar panel will convert solar energy into electricity. Lighting Fixture LED is usually used as lighting source of modern solar street light, as the LED will provide much higher Lumens with lower energy consumption. The energy consumption of LED fixture is at least 50% lower than HPS fixture which is widely used as lighting source in Traditional street lights. LEDs lack of warm up time also allows for use of motion detectors for additional efficiency gains. Rechargeable Battery Battery will store the electricity from solar panel during the day and provide energy to the fixture during night. The life cycle of the battery is very important to the lifetime of the light and the capacity of the battery will affect the backup days of the lights. There are usually 2 types of batteries: Gel Cell Deep Cycle Battery and Lead Acid Battery and many more. Controller Controller is also very important for solar street light. A controller will usually decide to switch on /off charging and lighting. Some modern controllers are programmable so that user can decide the appropriate change of charging, lighting and dimming. Pole Strong Poles are necessary to all street lights, especially to solar street lights as there are often components mounted on the top of the pole: fixtures, panels and sometimes batteries. However, in some newer designs, the PV panels and all electronics are integrated in the pole itself. Wind resistance is also a factor.
  5. 5. Each street light can have its own photo voltaic panel, independent of other street lights. Alternately, a number of panels can be installed as a central power source on a separate location and supply power to a number of street lights. Advantages  Solar street lights are independent of the utility grid. Hence, the operation costs are minimized.  Solar street lights require much less maintenance compared to conventional street lights.  Since external wires are eliminated, risk of accidents is minimized.  This is a non polluting source of electricity.  Separate parts of solar system can be easily carried to the remote areas. “SOLAR STREET LIGHT” “SOLAR STREET LIGHT” Providing and Fixing Solar Street Light of following specification:- (a)Luminary of 12 watts LED (9LED) 2 No. (b)Solar Panel 75 Watts. (c)Battery 12 V 75 AH SMF DRY TYPE. (d)Pole for installation 5 Metre long. (e)Automatic Dusk to Down Controller. (F)Facility of having 50%intensity from 12.00 to 4.00 in night. (g)Guarantee 1 Year. (h) Back up 2 days Solar Street light at the Village
  6. 6.  Bio-Digesters / Bio Toilets/ FRP Swachh Bharat Abhiyan Toilet An Overview of Bio-Digesters / Bio Toilets/FRP Swatch Bharat Abhiyan Toilet Human Waste Disposal  Traditionally human waste is buried under the soil/ice using deep trenches. In non glacier regions the waste is collected and used as fertilizer in the field. Incineration and chemical treatment of human waste have also been attempted for minimizing the problem. However, all these methods are either unhygienic or not practically viable alternatives.  Biological treatment is an attractive approach for solving the problem, but decreased metabolic activities of the microorganisms, freezing of the substrate, non-availability of conventional energy sources and hilly terrains are some of the hurdles which need to be overcome to make the process practically possible. Problems of Human Waste  Human waste disposal, in high altitude and low temperature areas, is a major problem. The problem is further aggravated in glaciers where ambient temperature drops to – 40 deg C and lower.  The low temperature delays/stop the natural biodegradation of the waste leading to its preservation (accumulation) for long time. Local heating by direct sunlight exposes the waste buried in the ice causing aesthetic nuisance and foul smell. The melting ice takes the waste to rivers disturbing the aquatic eco-system.  More over human waste is also responsible for spreading of water borne diseases like Typhoid, Cholera, shigellosis, amebic, dysenteries, Diarrhea etc. TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPED BY DEFENCE RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT ESTABLISHMENT, MINISTRY OF DEFENCE  DRDE has developed an innovative technology for disposal of human waste in eco-friendly manner at locations where temperature drops to –40 deg C or lower. It is not only useful for glacier but to other
  7. 7. snow bound areas of any altitude prevailing in India. The process culminates in to treated effluent which is free from pathogens and is also environmentally acceptable.  During waste treatment color less, odor less, inflammable biogas (methane) is generated as a byproduct which can be used for various energy intensive activities like lighting, water and room heating. The Technology has Two Major Components  Low temperature active inoculums  Temperature controlled bio-digester  A consortium of anaerobic bacteria has been formulated and adopted to work at very low temperature. This is the component which acts as inoculums to the biodigester and converts the organic waste into methane and carbon dioxide. The anaerobic process inactivates the pathogens responsible for water born diseases.  Bio-digester serves as reaction vessel for bio-meth nation and provides the anaerobic conditions and required temperature for the bacteria. The optimum temperature is maintained by microbial heat, insulation of the reactor (required only in glacier installation) and solar heating. Salient Features  Suitable for subzero temperature of Himalayan region as well as glaciers.  No dependence on the limited and costly conventional energy sources.  Easy to transport and install in hilly terrains.  Maintenance free, continuous biological process.  Elimination of pathogens.  Generation of odorless and inflammable biogas.  Economically viable. BENEFITS:- Usage of Bio Toilets yields the following savings –