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Maemo 5 KOffice @ on 4 December2009


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Here is my presentation made at @ Bangalore recently. Again I did this presentation using KOffice on my N900 device. This application should be available end of January 2010. The source code should be available from KOffice, it is currently under review board.

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Maemo 5 KOffice @ on 4 December2009

  1. 1. Mobile Office Open Source Project based on KOffice Suresh Chande Nokia Maemo Devices Applications R&D Finland
  2. 2. About me #1. Technical Product Owner- Mobile Office Nokia Maemo Application R&D #2. Nokia India University Relations Representative Past: Over 11 years @ Nokia research center Contact: suresh chande :
  3. 3. Outline - Mobile Office - KOffice Open Source Project - FreOffice on Maemo N900 – Live Demo - Open Mobile Office Platform for Innovation
  4. 4. Mobile Office Key Office Applications - Document, Spreadsheets & Presentation (Forms, Workflows) Office moves into areas beyond enterprise use - Schools and Education field - Government Environment Standards: Open Document Formats and OOXML Desktop office alone in 2007 was worth 12b$.
  5. 5. Mobile End User Needs - Mobile View these documents and sparingly Edit existing documents - Users would like to take notes using multi- media - Encounter Office applications are received via Email or access using Browser - Users may like to make Minor Edits or Comments to the documents on the move. - Users want office applications Free of Cost
  6. 6. KOffice Open Source Project Approximately 70 contributor released KOffice 2.0 June 2009
  7. 7. Free Software = Free Office = Open Source = KOffice - KOffice is part of KDE set of applications - A Qt based Office application suite for desktop environment. Established in 2001 - KOffice has a suite of 12 office applications including: KWord, KPresenter, Kspread - KOffice renders ODF & MS Formats - KOffice releases, 2.0 - Jun'09, 2.1- Nov'09 - KOffice 2.2 to be end user ready in May 2010
  8. 8. KOffice Suite of applications KOffice Workspace: , also named KEXI is considered as a long awaited KOShell, consists of a friendly Open Source competitor for Microsoft workspace to allow you to work on Access, Filemaker and Oracle Forms. several KOffice applications at the same Karbon is the scalable vector drawing time. application in KDE. KWord: is a frame-based word- Krita is a painting and image editing processing and desktop publishing application for KOffice. application. KPlato is a project management KSpread: is a scriptable spreadsheet application. program which provides both table- KChart is the KOffice chart drawing oriented sheets and support for complex application. mathematical formulas and statistics. KFormula is a formula editor for KPresenter: is a presentation application. KOffice. KIVIO: is a diagram and flowchart Kugar is a KDE tool for generating application integrated to other KOffice business quality reports which can be applications. viewed and printed.
  9. 9. KPresenter - Presentation Application supports: * Open Document Format - ODP * MS Presentation 2000 2003 2007(OOXML)
  10. 10. KWord - Presentation Application supports: * Open Document Format - ODT * MS Word 2000 2003 2007 (OOXML)
  11. 11. KSpread - Presentation Application supports: * Open Document Format - ODS * MS Excel 2000 2003 2007 (OOXML)
  12. 12. FreOffice on Maemo N900
  13. 13. KOffice for Mobile Usage - The user interface is not suitable for mobile interaction - KOffice does not have touch based user interface - KOffice for Education
  14. 14. Worked with KOffice community members to make FreOffice - Ported 3 key KOffice applications: KWord & KPresenter to Maemo 5 Environment - Developed Maemo 5 specific UI Wrappers on top of KOffice core engine - Contributed towards maturing existing Microsoft Office format filters and developed Office 2007 Filters - Created a large document test set & identified key issues to be fixed before making it end user ready.
  15. 15. KOffice Viewers on Maemo 5
  16. 16. KOffice Viewers on Maemo 5
  17. 17. Live Demo
  18. 18. Whats next ? - FreOffice project to be published to KOffice trunk - FreOffice to be available via Maemo Extra in December 2009 - Open innovation to develop mobile office FreOffice - Make Office viewers on Maemo 5 end user ready by fixing and closing all bugs by March 2010
  19. 19. Open Mobile Office Platform for Innovation - KOffice community thinks of being the next web kit specializing in Office domain. - Next key areas of interest in the community are: – Collaborative Editing – End user readiness - FreOffice Mobile Usecases – Text 2 Speech integration – OCR –
  20. 20. Got an Idea or Interested in this project ? - You are welcome to join the project and contrib- ute to make a free office software. Access to the sources @ - Be our early end user for the freoffice by down- loading alpha release version from Maemo Extras (coming soon..)