Social media for investment banking


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Social media for investment banking

  1. 1. “Investment Banking”Social media can be a powerful way to strengthen relationships with clients
  2. 2. • Get found by people who are searching for Awareness of related services your specialty • Build a direct & long-term relationship with your customers • Connect and engage with current and potential Your customers reputation • A powerful two-way dialogue with clients. • People like working with those who they Admire and Trust Trust factor • Tremendous word of mouth No longer Social Media channel is for simply chat, post videos or share photosIt is a powerful marketing channel through which businesses and brands canconnect with end user on a relational level and help build a community ofrelationships.
  3. 3. Affluence Classes C level ExecutiveCorporate Investors
  4. 4. Increase Brand awareness about Violet ArchCreate Awareness about Service offeringBuilding Credibility among prospectMark presence on Digital Space
  5. 5.!/hrblock
  6. 6. Professional Network • LinkedIN Social • Facebook Network • Twitter • Wikipedia Blogs • Corporate Blog • Random blogs
  7. 7. A highly-matured user with internet usage starting more than 4 years back Over 40% of professionals are influence business decisions Over 20% of professionals read online reviews of products & services 71% Follow company on LinkedIn to know more about the organization
  8. 8. A Facebook Business Page is a public profile that enables you to share your business and products with Facebook users. Fastest growing demographic is those 35 years and olderIncrease Deepens Army of brand Loyalty Understanding ambassadors
  9. 9. Twitter receives over 40 million monthly visits - your target market is there Look at twitter as a way to• Build relationship• Update your clients• Speak to your audience directly• Share information• Drive traffic to your website
  10. 10. The simplest way to start sharing information for your target audience is to start bloggingShare tips and information Good content, valuable and original information Educate, build advocacy and monitor for issues
  11. 11. Wikipedia is the centre of the online encyclopedia universeNot to mention being a top search result in GoogleAttracting nearly 78 million visitors monthly as of January 2010.
  12. 12. The five pillars – All of Wikipedias official policies and guidelines are based on five pillars that define Wikipedias character: • Wikipedia is an encyclopedia. • Wikipedia has a neutral point of view. • Wikipedia is free content. • Wikipedia has a code of conduct. • Wikipedia does not have firm rules.
  13. 13. Participate Collaborate Publish
  14. 14. Expert Advice & Q&A & Tips DiscussionsForums &Groups
  15. 15. WikiLinkedIN Inter Blogs Linking Facebook & Twitter
  16. 16. WikiCompany LinkedIN CEO Public Profile Facebook Co-founder Blogs
  17. 17. Thank You…