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Beef Jerky Movement ( with Observation and Simmons )


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Culture Movement+Market Observation+Simmons Storytelling

Published in: Marketing, Business, Technology
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Beef Jerky Movement ( with Observation and Simmons )

  2. 2. COMMERCIALS #FeedYourWildSide
  3. 3. BRAND TRUTH After eating JACK LINK’S: feel powerful and brave enough to do something you’ve never tried before
  4. 4. Try something hard when u got JACK LINK’S
  5. 5. Answer me a question pls:
  6. 6. A survey in CHINA: say I LOVE U to your parents I  LOVE  U  DAD/MUM • What  happened  to  you?!   • Are  you  drunk?   • I  know  you  have  no  money  again.   • Are  you  pregnant?   • I  think  you’ve  got  the  wrong  number.
  7. 7. Pick up your phone and say I LOVE U to the person you love Another Fact
  8. 8. How often do you say I LOVE U?
  9. 9. Implied
  10. 10. “ I can write or text it, but I never say it.”
  11. 11. You’ve changed after you got JACK LINK’S MOVEMENT
  12. 12. • Eat some courage and energy by JACK LINK’S • Pick up your phone and call the person you love • Say I LOVE YOU  
  13. 13. Dare to make a change and Let your family be full of love.
  14. 14. •  Location: Safeway, 1335 Webster St. •  Product: JACK LINK’S Beef Jerky •  Time: 5:25-7:25 PM •  Number of people: 10
  15. 15. Time Gender Age Quan.ty Behavior 5:25  pm Female Middle 1 Compared  with  other  brands  then  purchased 5:30  pm Female Youth 1 Compared  with  other  flavors  then  purchased 5:50  pm Male Youth 1 Purchased  directly 6:10  pm   Male Youth 1 Purchased  directly 6:15  pm Female Old 1 Compared  with  other  brands  then  purchased 6:35  pm Male Middle 2 Purchased  directly 6:50  pm Male Old 1 Compared  with  other  brands  then  purchased   6:55  pm Male Middle 1 Purchased  directly 7:10  pm Male Youth 3 Purchased  directly 7:  20  pm Male Youth 2 Compared  with  other  flavors  then  purchased
  16. 16. Conclusion 1 •  For women, purchased prudently, usually compared with other brands or flavors, easy to be affected by sales. Eg. A woman got the Oberto beef jerky, then saw the daily special sale of Jack Link’s, she putted Oberto back and picked Jack Link’s •  For men, most of them purchased directly, the motivation is clear
  17. 17. Conclusion 2 •  The primary target is men •  Most of them are young guys, who are between 15-30 yrs old •  Most of them knew this brand before, and they purchased directly. So Jack link’s has a good brand value. •  Old people would like to see the package a while