Your Vision Our Precision


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Hyspec Engineering Corproate Brochure designed by me

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Your Vision Our Precision

  1. 1. Precision Precision for Hyspec is not just about accuracy. It’s also about attention, care, carefulness, correctness, definiteness, definitiveness, definitude, exactitude, exactness, fidelity, heed, meticulousness, nicety, particularity, preciseness, rigor, sureness. Precision for us is the trust we build with our clients by continually harnessing the relationship.
  2. 2. Back Plate for Impeller Unit created by Hyspec for a Global Engineering Client Dimensions - Dia. 750mm x 175mm
  3. 3. Service Offerings Precision machining parts, kits and assemblies Hyspec Engineering has been satisfying the Hyspec stands for versatility, sophistication precision machining and engineering and above all precision. We understand how needs of clients for over three decades. Our critical our services are to your business and highly skilled workforce and sophisticated are always sensitive to your requirements. machine tools make us the one-stop-shop Managing client relationships for 10 to 20 for all your precision machining needs. years is a testimony to Hyspec’s role in helping clients achieve their vision. Our workshop hosts some of the finest machine tools which allow us to deliver parts Your Vision ranging from 10mm to 2.5 metres in Our Precision diameter, and 5 metres in length. While we are renowned for our ability to deliver complex parts, we are equally adept at the regular, low complexity batch production. From our state of the art Scottish headquarters covering over 40,000 square feet, Hyspec is well placed to serve engineering clients across the globe.
  4. 4. Dia. 10mm Dia. 2.5metre Size Batch Regular Volume Precision Complexity Machining Parts, Kits & Assemblies Industries Single Highly Complex Specialised Oil & Gas Defence Aerospace Nuclear Renewables
  5. 5. Workshop 2 - 1998
  6. 6. Workshop 3 - 2005
  7. 7. Value Proposition Able, flexible, transparent, responsive and reliable With Hyspec as a service provider, quality As an organisation, Hyspec follows the and on-time delivery is a given. We help ideology of transparency at all levels both our clients achieve their goals by being able, internally and externally. Every employee of flexible, transparent, responsive and Hyspec is aware of the business plan along reliable. with the objectives and targets. Hyspec shares the same kind of transparency with its Our operating procedures are designed to clients with dedicated account managers meet the unique demands of each client. Our sharing real time status of open orders. clients trust us to accommodate all their requirements as well as to provide prompt response to all queries. We achieve this by combining an expert work force with world class infrastructure, intelligent planning systems and seamless communication. Well established, effective quality management systems that are certificated to international standards ensure reliability across the value chain.
  8. 8. Reliability Innovation & Continual Communication Improvement Co-operation Risk and Flexibility Management Responsiveness Knowledge and Expertise
  9. 9. Reliability Reliability across the value chain Gaining trust of clients is an overriding aim Operational Quality Delivery Quality for Hyspec. We work at all stages of the value Operational quality is ensured through Quality is assured at every stage of chain to ensure that your trust is established adherence to international standards such production from receipt of material to delivery and reinforced through constant as AS9100C and BS EN ISO 9001:2008. by verifying each process transition and communication. Quality standards and data are keeping the client informed at every stage. communicated internally to ensure that the Through the continual pursuit of quality, we Supplier Quality entire organisation not only aligns to the continue to exceed client expectations on At Hyspec, quality and on-time delivery system, but also contributes to its all key measurement criteria. assurance starts at source. We ensure that improvement through setting and achieving our suppliers are able to meet both your and our quality objectives. Hyspec’s standards. We achieve this by adopting industry best practices for supply chain management. SUPPLIER QUALITY OPERATIONAL QUALITY DELIVERY QUALITY Reliability across the value chain
  10. 10. Communication Building trust through continual communication Internal Co-ordination External Synchronism Hyspec understands your need for continual Hyspec’s internal communication framework communication at all levels to build trust. generates client oriented reports that are Hyspec ensures excellent client communicated to your corresponding communication through co-ordinated representatives. internal communication driving information towards you. Internal communication is The simultaneous communication at different organised in a framework that ensures levels acts as a checks and balances transparency and alignment across the mechanism to ensure synchronism between organisation. you and Hyspec at all levels of operations.
  11. 11. Strategic Director Planner External Product Synchronism Dedicated Product Certification Client Account Certification Manager Manager Manager Internal Co-ordination Operations Manager Quality Quality & HSE Manager Manager External Synchronism Building trust through continual communication
  12. 12. Risk Management Proactive and planned risk management for every project Hyspec adopts a proactive approach to risk proprietary risk database as well as customised and replicated across projects management. We ensure that risks are experience of the personnel working on the to bring out synergies between different foreseen, planned for and mitigated. This project. These risks along with mitigation projects. Our risk database enriches with helps us to lower costs and improve our on plans and process owners are captured in a every executed project, allowing us to avoid time delivery performance. “risk assessment document”. more and more risks in every subsequent project. Risk Planning Risk Avoidance Every project at Hyspec undergoes a risk Risk assessment documentation accompanies management review prior to production. the project throughout the project’s lifecycle During the risk management review, all ensuring that appropriate steps are taken by significant risks are identified using the process owners. Risk management plans are Contract Review Production Contract Review Production Production Team Engineer Team Engineer Team Lead Contract Review & Detailed Production Assign Production Carry out Risk Assessment Risk Assessment Actionee Documentation Production Plan Proactive and planned risk management for every project
  13. 13. Responsiveness Action oriented and decisive response to client requests Special Requirements Issues and Non-Conformities and Fast Track Orders Our proactive risk management policy allows Hypsec’s way of responding to your us to reduce the likelihood of an internal requirements is action oriented and product non-conformity thus minimising decisive. Whether it’s a fast track order or a disruptions and rework. In the unlikely event special requirement, we are well equipped of you receiving a non-conforming product, we with the necessary buffer capacity and do take ownership to resolve the issue. Non- contingency plans to accommodate the conformities are prevented by incorporating additional work load. lessons learnt from our 5 why analysis into improving our processes and knowledge management system.
  14. 14. Co-operation & Flexibility Aim to be the best not the biggest Co-operation Flexibility Hyspec’s client relationship ideology is more Our wide range of state of the art machinery long term than transactional. Our Client allows jobs to be manufactured via various Relationship Management strategy of having routes thus increasing flexibility. This is a compact customer base allows us to treat combined with our capacity planning every client as our only client. Our approach systems that allow for a 20% buffer at all is exemplified by dedicated account times. These factors allow us to be management teams; focus on relationship cooperative, flexible and responsive to Dedicated account building and the ability to accommodate your needs at all times. management teams special requirements. Focus on relationship building Ability to accommodate special requirements Treating every client as Aim to be the ‘the only client’ BEST not the Biggest
  15. 15. Tubing Hanger Running Body being created by Hyspec
  16. 16. Innovation & Continual Improvement Free flow of ideas from the shop floor to the boardroom Innovation Continual Improvement Hyspec’s quest to become the best and not We continue to develop our people, necessarily the biggest allows innovations processes as well as infrastructure to ensure to be driven through the organisation at a holistic approach to continual rapid speed. Our communication framework improvement. Hyspec has been continually facilitates a free flow of ideas from the shop upgrading its facilities and expertise to floor to the boardroom. Transparency in ensure alignment with client needs. Every terms of performance, goals and objectives improvement is implemented in a structured helps the ideas to be aligned to the way and monitored by pre-defined KPIs. organisation’s and more importantly client’s Each improvement and learning experience goals. is integrated into the knowledge management system that provides the framework for Continual improvement award presented Hyspec’s continual improvement process. to Hyspec by Cameron Subsea Systems January 2010
  17. 17. Knowledge & Expertise Building a learning organisation Internal Expertise External Alliances Knowledge Management Our workforce comprises some of the most Hyspec liaises with Scottish academia and All the knowledge acquired by Hyspec is experienced personnel in the industry. Most global consulting organisations to adopt managed using our knowledge management of them have been with Hyspec for more than state of the art technologies as well as system which provides the foundation for a decade. This has allowed us to build management concepts. This enables us to building a learning organisation. Our journey comprehensive understanding of the client cater to your needs in a continually improved from a small family business to a SME processes and requirements. Detailed manner. As a client oriented organisation, we providing services to global conglomerates understanding of your needs allows us to have adopted best practices from our is a testimonial to the knowledge and add value to you beyond quality and on time clients in conjunction with experience gained learning capabilities that Hyspec delivery. through previous projects. possesses.
  18. 18. Customers Internal Expertise Expertise built over 30 years of existence Continual Measurement and Improvement Knowledge Management Systems and Processes Academia Industry
  19. 19. Value Enablers People, Processes, Infrastructure People Processes Infrastructure Implementing the Investor in People In line with BS EN ISO 9001:2008 and Along with our valued employees and framework ensures that our people are AS9100C, we have adopted a process processes, we operate one of the best continually developing their skills while approach when developing, implementing precision manufacturing facilities within working towards the organisational and improving the effectiveness of our the UK. Our state of the art machines with objectives. Our workforce undergoes regular management system. We utilise the multi-purpose capability allow us to extend skill development programs especially on application of knowledge, skills, tools, flexibility and co-operation to you. Hyspec new management ideologies and techniques and systems to manage and has and will continue to accommodate techniques. With a regular influx of fresh improve our processes with the goal of dedicated facilities and equipments for talent through modern apprenticeships, exceeding your expectations. clients with special requirements. we are able to maintain a good balance of youth and experience in our workshops. Your Vision Our Precision
  20. 20. Corporate Social Responsibility Working towards our goal of being more environmentally aware At Hyspec Engineering, we attach the same decisions are passed down through the Certifications importance to corporate social responsibility company and safety remains paramount at • ISO 14001* as we do to every other element of our all times. Hyspec continuously assesses • OHSAS 18001* business. Hyspec’s commitment to health and safety risks and implements AS9100C** corporate responsibility can be seen in controls and systems to reduce the risk of • BS EN ISO 9001:2008 everything from our environmental illness or injury at its Stewarton headquarters. concerns through to our social and ethical Hyspec is currently working towards attitudes. achieving OHSAS 18001. In tandem with the Associations and Partnerships other certifications, we have achieved to date • William Tracey Group - UK’s leading Hyspec Engineering ensures that every (BS EN ISO 9001:2008 in particular), our recycling and resource Management member of the company’s management pursuit of ISO 14001 underlines our Company team has been either NEBOSH or IOSH commitment to working responsibly. • Ayrshire Occupational Health and Safety trained. As a consequence, informed Group - Network of health and safety professionals * In progress ** Due October 2010
  21. 21. Client Testimonials Treating every client as ʻthe onlyʼ client “I would like to take this opportunity to “The 36” and 18 3/4” Landing Bowls have “Pass on our thanks to all those involved with personally thank you for the performance, been a great success and I wanted to pass this order. Part is now on Tree and we are quality and service we have received from on my personal thanks and that of BP for the able to ship ON TIME. HYSPEC Engineering over the past twelve support and effort Hyspec gave in making months. It is worthy to note that the this happen. A job well done by HYSPEC Engineering and approach, order management, client praised by FMC. HYSPEC have shown to communication, quality and delivery Please can you pass this on to anyone I have “ respond effectively to urgent requests by performance on the 7” expansion tooling you missed as I would suspect there are a few FMC. Keep up the good work. have manufactured for us is amongst the “ more people who helped to make this a best that we have seen within the sector. success. Again, thank you. Davy Crowe Compounded by the fact that these tools are Buyer very difficult to machine, makes this “ Nicola John-Baptiste FMC Technologies performance level all the more remarkable. Wells Manager BP Angola Gary Fines Manufacturing Support Manager What our customers Weatherford International have said...
  22. 22. Infrastructure Overview Yamazaki Mazak Mill / Turn C.N.C. Milling Capacity C.N.C. Turning Capacity 2006 2-off Yamazaki Mazak 1998 Haas VF-10 120” x 32” x 30” 2001 Colchester Combi. 6000, 800mm Mill/Turn Integrex e -500H Swing x 3000mm B/C max. turn diameter 1998 Haas VF-8 64” x 40” x 30” 820mm x 3000mm bed length 2001 Colchester Combi 4000, max turn 1998 Haas VF-7 84” x 32” x 30” dia. 500mm x 2m B/C 2006 2-off Yamazaki Mazak Mill/Turn Integrex e -1060V8 1998 Haas VF-6 64” x 32” x 30” 2001 Colchester Combi. 6000, 800mm max. turn diameter Swing x 4000mm B/C 1800mm x 1345mm long 1998 Haas VF-5 50” x 26” x 25” 1999 Colchester Combi. 4000, max turn Daewoo Puma Mill / Turn 1998 Haas VF-3 40” x 20” x 25” dia. 500mm x 2m B/C 2007 2-off Puma 400LMB Mill/Turn centre 1998 Haas VF-3 40” x 20” x 25” 1998 Colchester CNC 4000L, max turn max. turn dia. dia. 500mm x 2m B/C 560mm x 2028mm B.C. 1998 Haas VF-3 40” x 20” x 25” 1998 Colchester CNC 4000L, max turn 2006 1-off Puma 700LMB Mill/Turn centre 1994 Bridgeport VMC 1000 dia. 500mm x 2m B/C max. turn dia. 900mm x 3200mm B.C. 1990 Beaver Toolmaker VMC 1992 D.S. & G. Monarch CNC4432P 44” Swing x 5 Metre B/C 2006 2-off Puma MX2000/2500 Mill/Turn 1989 Beaver Toolmaker VMC centre max. turn dia. 1989 Strands SMG. S-3, max turn dia. 550mm x 1020mm B.C. 1986 Ajax Bed Type 120” x 40” x 40” 350mm x 750mm B/C 2006 1-off Puma 2000SY Mill/Turn centre with bar feed max.turn dia. 330mm x 510mm B.C. 2005 2-off Puma 400LMB Mill/Turn centre max. turn dia. 560mm x 2028mm B.C. 2005 1-off Puma MX2000/2500 Mill/Turn centre max. turn dia. 550mm x 1020mm B.C. 2005 1-off Puma 700LMB Mill/Turn centre max. turn dia. 900mm x 3200mm B.C.
  23. 23. Wire Eroding Capacity Fabrication & Welding Grinding Section 1994 Sodick A320D EX2 with A.W.T. Morgan Guillotine 1500mm x 6mm Capacity 1994 Selson Surface Grinder (500 x 1500mm) 1994 Sodick A320D EX2 with A.W.T. Morgan Rushworth Fold Press 2 - 5mm Capacity 1998 Lumsden Surface Grinder Vertical Spindle (36” Dia) 1990 Sodick Epoc 500 with A.W.T. Morgan Bending Roll (x2) 1977 Jones & Shipman 540 A.P Surface . 1990 Sodick Epoc 500 with A.W.T. Layton Bending Roll (x2) Grinder with Diaform 1989 Sodick Epoc 600 with A.W.T. Lorica V50 Tig Weld Plant 1976 Jones & Shipman 1300 Universal Grinder Spark Eroding Capacity N.B.C. Mig Weld Plant 1976 Jones & Shipman 1400 A.P . 1994 Mecrode Maxim Auto-Weld 245 Mig Weld Plant Surface Grinder with Opti-Dress Plus CNC Spark Eroder Tecna 1 Spot Weld Unit 1972 Jones & Shipman 1307 1993 Agie Elox Mondo E.I.U. II Universal Grinder 30 CNC Spark Eroder 2-off Mascot 600 Centre Lathe 1990 Sodick K1CAH Saw Section High Speed Hole Driving Machine Marvel series 8 mark II vertical band saw max. Inspection & Testing cut thickness 510mm Brinella/Rockwell hardness testers Prosaw BS-330 HAS, max. cut dia 330mm MEP shark 250 Mitutoyo Coordinate measuring machines Danobat prosaw, max. cut dia. 450mm
  24. 24. Contact us Speak to us about your precision machining parts, kits and assemblies For us precision translates into our ability of partnering our clients in achieving their vision. We have been helping our clients in their journey towards their business goals for over 33 years. To know more about how we can help you achieve your vision through our holistic precision offerings contact us at: t. +44 (0) 1560 483512 Give us a f. +44 (0) 1560 485160 call.... e. w. Hyspec Engineering Ltd. Rigg Street, Stewarton, Ayrshire KA3 5AJ, Scotland
  25. 25. Your Vision Our Precision
  26. 26. Established 1977 t. +44 (0) 1560 483512 f. +44 (0) 1560 485160 e. w. Hyspec Engineering Ltd. Rigg Street, Stewarton, Ayrshire KA3 5AJ, Scotland