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Liferay Practice By Surekha Technologies


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Liferay Portal is today's leading open source enterprise portal platform. With a flexible and robust foundation, and over 60 built-in portlets that help you realize immediate value, Liferay Portal is a great choice for many organizations.

Surekha Technologies offers offshore and onsite Liferay development with innovative and cost-effective solutions based on Liferay portal platform including versions 5.2, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2.

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Liferay Practice By Surekha Technologies

  1. 1. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies LIFERAY PRACTICE
  2. 2. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies Introduction Surekha technologies is a leading offshore development consulting company from India We use a development process which supports both offshore and onsite development models Our core expertise is Liferay offshore and onsite Development and Support, ERP solutions, Mobile Application Development, Performance Tuning for Portals, Java Applications and Proof Of Concept(POC) We are a team of certified professionals with 50+ years of combined experience and advanced technical knowledge We focus on strong customer relationship by constantly engaging ourselves to achieve more than expected results for our customers Successfully completed 100+ projects across the globe and serving 50+ clients
  3. 3. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies About Liferay ● Liferay Portal is today's leading open source enterprise portal platform ● Liferay is a web platform with features commonly required for the development of websites and portals ● Liferay is a flexible and robust foundation, and over 60 built-in portlets that help you realize immediate value, Liferay Portal is a great choice for many organizations ● Liferay portal comes with the built-in web content management system ● Although Liferay offers a classy programming interface for developers, no programming skills are required for basic website installation and administration ● It is distributed in two different editions : ● Liferay Portal CE - A version with the latest features and support through the active community ● Liferay Portal EE - A commercial offering that includes services including updates and full support
  4. 4. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies Liferay Portal Solutions ● Surekha technologies have been offering complete solution of customization, implementation and integration of Liferay portal from several years ● We offers offshore and onsite Liferay development with innovative and cost- effective solutions based on Liferay portal platform including versions 5.*, 6.0, 6.1 and 6.2+ for CE and EE editions ● We have a team of expert Liferay developers ● Our well trained Liferay developers having enormous experience to deliver best results and great understanding of client's need ● We have successfully completed many Liferay projects almost in all verticals and delivered results beyond the client expectation
  5. 5. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies ● Configuration of Liferay Portal with security mechanisms including LDAP or Active Directory, and/or Single Sign-On (SSO) solutions including CAS ● Customization of core Liferay functionalities and its out-of-the-box portlets to fit user needs ● Implementation of Liferay clustering to configure Liferay for clustered environment ● Liferay Portlet development and customization using frameworks like Liferay MVC, Spring MVC, Vaadin, Struts-bridge etc ● We offer unit testing, integration testing and I. Liferay Customization & Development : ● Content and Document Management solutions ● Liferay migration and upgradation ● Collaboration and Web Portal solutions with custom workflows ● Liferay theme development with color schemes, page layouts and template development by converting from static HTML and/or PSD design files Surekha Technologies Offers
  6. 6. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies II. Liferay Training : ● Liferay Training is the quickest way to learn best practices for developing Liferay plugins, successful deployment, administration, or tuning of Liferay Portal ● We provide Liferay training across India and the world. Become involved in our Liferay training programme to find out the true potential of Liferay ● We provide training on Liferay fundamentals, such as portlet development, managing users with Organizations, managing content with Sites, restricting access to content using Roles and Permissions and creating new pages and content using Liferay's Content Management System ● We have divide training in two parts : ○ Liferay Developer Training ○ Liferay Administration Training
  7. 7. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies III. Liferay Portal SEO : ● Search engine optimization is a technique that helps search engines find and rank your site higher in response to a search query ● Liferay is often used to build public websites, and for this reason it provides a wide range of features to help make such sites SEO friendly and show up at the top of the search results ● We provide Search Engine Optimization for Liferay portal so users can easily and quickly find you by querying search engines ● We help to increase the rank of site in search results and consequently increasing visitors to portal ● Our SEO services : ○ Understanding client requirement for SEO and suggesting more competitive Keywords ○ Modifying page content to cover defined Keywords ○ Rewriting Page Title and other relevant Meta tags for better SEO ○ Following best practices of Liferay Portal SEO to
  8. 8. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies IV. Liferay Performance Tuning : ● Liferay Performance Tuning is aimed at delivering prompt and reliable user experience of liferay portal with the help of performance enhancing tweaks, tips and techniques. It also helps your liferay portal to cope with more traffic without adding additional hardware ● We identify optimization areas and provide performance tuning tips for Liferay as well as for the Web, Application and Database layer ● We offer following services for performance tuning : ○ Performance engineering ○ Code optimization ○ Load balancing ○ Caching strategy ○ Distributed computing ○ Self-tuning
  9. 9. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies V. Liferay Proof-Of-Concept (POC) : ● The method of providing a small demonstrable example of an actual concept is called Proof of Concept (PoC) ● The purpose of PoC is to show a feasible approach to an actual requirement which may or may not be complete ● We can help you in creating a PoC for your system using Liferay in order to identify whether Liferay will allow you to achieve your goals ● Our Liferay PoC can also help in minimizing risk for your business while productivity is increased ● Our Liferay POC services: ○ We discuss your requirements to understand your PoC needs ○ We help you to identify the Liferay functionalities that can fit your specifications ○ We help you to validate some of the assumptions of the solution before committing to a complete implementation
  10. 10. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies Our Apps on Liferay Marketplace ● Document Media Display Multiple File Download ○ Document and Media Display Portlet is developed by using Alloy UI with the goal of making it easier for users to download multiple files with single click ● Calendar Fix Hook ○ Calendar hook is developed using Alloy UI with the goal of fixing critical issues in OOTB Calendar portlet● Performance Booster Hook ○ Performance booster hook plugin is developed using Ehcache which accelerates enterprise portal experience to the next level ● Multi Domain CAS Login Filter ○ Multi domain CAS login filter hook plugin is developed to enable multi domain SSO functionality
  11. 11. www.surekhatech.comCopyright © Surekha Technologies : : +91 79 40050848 : +1 4089142737 : 302, Landmark, Nr. Titanium City Center, Prahladnagar Road, Ahmedabad, India - 380015. : Contact Details