social media for employer brand - ragan conf.


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  • Not everyone can be like Google. There’s only one Google. There’s only one Zappos too. But we want to be like them. They have incredible employment brands. Employment branding’s ultimate goal? Being a great place to work. It makes candidates come to you, it requires you to do do less active recruiting. If you build it, they will come. Maybe. The Disclaimer? Yougotta have the goods to back it up. if you’re not a great place to work, twitter, FB, etc. won’t save you. Go back to basics, fix your shit and then come back and think about your employment brand.
  • I’m going to skip the stats. There’s no question that social media is important when I’m friends with my CEO on FB, when most of my family is on there, and when the POTUS had a successful campaign due in large part to social media. The White House uses social media, so should you.
  • how to start up a conversation in social media? how do you start up a conversation at a cocktail party. SAME DAMN THING. you don’t enter in and scream at the top of your lungs… HEY LOOK AT MY NEW PURSE. same goes for social media. don’t enter in screaming… HEY LOOK AT THIS JOB I HAVE TO FILL. it’s obnoxious.
  • authentic. show personality.
  • There isn’t a magic bullet from a tools perspective – and the tools are going to change, and the audiences that gravitate to certain tools will change.
  • Wanting to run and set up a twitter account, facebook Fan page, etc. seems like the first logical step, but it might be step 5 or 6. Coming up with a logical plan, building a business case and presenting to Senior leadership all have to take place first.
  • In this slide I’ll speak to building the relationships with IT and Marketing to ensure successful launch of social media HR strategy
  • social media for employer brand - ragan conf.

    1. 1. How to use socialmedia to build youremployment brand jessicalee
    2. 2. admit wantto be like or
    3. 3. why socialmedia foremploymentbranding?
    4. 4. Black hole.
    5. 5. • It’s cheap.• It’s relatively easy.• It will set you apart.• It will make YOU look cool.• It’s fun.
    6. 6. principles:1. you have to have the goods to back it up. you can’t create a brand or culture.2. it’s social – broadcasting alone doesn’t work.3. transparency goes a long way!4. authenticity rules.5. you’re not alone in your efforts – if you leverage your employees.6. you can’t own it – but you can influence it.
    7. 7. engaging candidates + havingconversations.
    8. 8. LURKjust read stuff first…
    9. 9. DECIDE begin as an organizationjump in as anindividual
    10. 10. it’s one bigcocktail party
    11. 11. can’t wait time for ourThursday pizza to launch our new what totalkand beer! (yes mentorship we do it ever program. week!) we love our week off between so proud that we won the about? did you know christmas + new that 1/3 of our years – and it’s paid! best place to new hires come excited work award! from employee referrals? about the just made new staff my CEO just wrote this some offers – can’t wait to starting on really great article about hear back! Monday! our culture…
    12. 12. you can’t talk to yourself though. how to make friends online.
    13. 13. but you’re gonna need somewingmen
    14. 14. leverageemployees as brandambassadors
    15. 15. tony got it right…zappos got it right with twitter.
    16. 16. monitor whatemployeesare saying then capitalize
    17. 17. somesocialmediatools
    18. 18. where do we go from here?
    19. 19. your action steps. content is the currency of social media - line upcontent providers and provide continuous training and supportfocus on ongoing support and resource commitment – implementation is only the beginningthink big, start small, scale up – implement in phases – tightly prioritize and continually reassess plan for continuous evolution – content, user interface, user preferences, platforms
    20. 20. jessica +