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setting yourself apart as a candidate + entering the PR world

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setting yourself apart as a candidate + entering the PR world

  1. 1. Setting Yourself Apart as a Candidate + Entering the World of PR Arlene Cook Elena Garcia Jessica Lee
  2. 2. first, get your foot in the door
  3. 3. full disclosure on our advice: everyone looks at resumes differently.
  4. 4. resume don’t • Use crazy fonts. • Worry about the length. • Write an objective. • List skills unless you’re actually skilled. • List, “references available upon request.” • Waste money on fancy paper.
  5. 5. resume do • Highlight your education at the top. • List relevant experience. • Share your GPA if it’s over 3.5. • Include relevant courses/projects from school.
  6. 6. more resume do’s • Tailor your resume for each individual job. • List the kinds of clients or industries you’ve had exposure to. • Have a professional email address.
  7. 7. interview don’t • Wear your dad or mom’s suit to an interview. • Forget to ask questions. Lots of them. • Go in blindly to interviews. Find out who you’re meeting, Google them.
  8. 8. interview don’t • Be too persistent or aggressive. • Have a limp handshake. Don’t have sweaty hands. • Speak in hypotheticals.
  9. 9. interview do • Have an opinion. • Be aware of your body language. • Highlight relevant coursework /school projects. • Have realistic expectations. • Think about perks + benefits, not just pay. • Bring a portfolio if you have one.
  10. 10. entering the PR world post graduation
  11. 11. OPTIONS. corporate agency
  12. 12. work for one, work for many? corporate agency • higher starting salaries, • fine tune skills quickly with variety of clients • maybe less growth • more minds, more teams • intimate exposure to the • greater growth + business/industry promotions • no timekeeping/billable • greater diversity of clients expectations and projects + more • account management media exposure skills aren’t taught
  13. 13. agency account levels APCO the others account coordinator project assistant JUNIOR assistant acct exec junior associate account executive associate senior account exec account manager manager MID acct supervisor senior associate account director vice president vice president SENIOR senior VP senior VP executive VP + executive VP +
  14. 14. what’s your worth? (agency) $62,360 $50,144 $42,000 $35,000 $32,000 Account Coordinator Account Level 1 Account Level 2 Account Level 3 Account Level 4
  15. 15. a day in the life… • position: – account executive – New York office of a global agency – technology practice group • clients: – large public technology organization – global provider of enterprise search software, – global managed security services provider (MSSP) *borrowed from PR QuickStart
  16. 16. • 08:30 Scan headlines online in major daily newspapers , including The Wall Street Journal, New York Times and CNET, read industry blogs and technology trade publications. Discuss any relevant articles or major news stories with colleagues. • 09:30 Participate in conference call with enterprise search client to discuss product launch activities and a messaging document. • 10:00 Receive details about new computer virus outbreak. Draft media pitch and begin outreach to targets. Send report of interview opportunities to MSSP client and secure spokesperson availability. Work with team members to develop briefing notes for spokesperson.
  17. 17. • 10:30 Field inbound media inquiry about virus outbreak. Answer reporter’s questions and report back to internal team. • 11:00 Participate in customer briefing for enterprise search client, during which a new user reference is interviewed about the installation and benefits. Take detailed notes to later draft a press release. • 11:30 Answer call from client at technology organization. Switch gears and run through status updates for upcoming campaign.
  18. 18. • 12:30 Return calls from reporters: CNET needs answers to questions via email regarding the computer virus; InformationWeek will take an interview if we can produce a user reference. • 01:00 Draft responses to CNET questions and send to MSSP client for review before finalizing content with the reporter. • 02:00 Incorporate manager’s feedback on launch targets and pitch media for enterprise search client. Research additional media targets.
  19. 19. • 03:00 Work with account coordinator to scan for resulting coverage of computer virus outbreak. • 04:00 Conference call with marketing team at technology organization regarding upcoming campaign. Provide PR updates on call and answer questions. Send detailed recap to client. • 05:00 Follow-up with MSSP client to ensure reporter’s questions are answered. Call back InformationWeek and let reporter know we don’t have a user reference. • 05:30 Review notes from customer briefing and begin outline of press release for enterprise search client.