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รายงานเรื่อง Window


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Published in: Technology, Design
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รายงานเรื่อง Window

  1. 1. window in Dreamweaver .5 1 16 .5 1 29 2554 2
  2. 2. Windowinsert Ctrl+F2Properties Ctrl+F8CSS styles Shift+f11 CSSAP Elements F2 APBusiness Catalyst Ctrl+shift+B CatalystDatabases Ctrl+Shift+F10Binchings Ctrl+F10Server Behaviors Ctrl+F9Components Ctrl+F7Files F6AssetsSnippets Shift+F9Tag Inspector F9Behaviors Shift+F4History Shift+F10Frames Shift+F2Code Inspector F10Results-Search F7-Reference-Valldation-Browser Compatibility-Link Checker-Site Reports-FTP Log FTP-ServerDebugExtensions-( Extensions available)Workspace Layout-App Developer app-Classic-Coder-Coder Plus coder
  3. 3. -Pesigner-Designer compact-Dual Screen-Reset Designer-New Workspace…-Manage Workspace…Hide Panels F4Application BarCascadeTile HorizontallyTile verticallyUntitled-1 -
  4. 4.