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Gsoc 2013-sliit


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Gsoc 2013-sliit

  1. 1. GSOC 2013Plan, Execute, succeedSuranga Nath Kasthurirathne
  2. 2. What we’ll cover Why GSOC ? Selecting a suitable project How to integrate yourself into the community Being a competitive applicant Wrapping it up with style
  3. 3. Why GSOC ? Motivation  Money (…well, yes)  But more importantly ! Opportunity Expertise Recommendations
  4. 4. Pre-PlanningSome people don’t understand theimportance of starting early.My advice to them is…
  5. 5. Remember… Select a Project to suit your needs Know your weaknesses / strengths Go for the best fit Dont limit yourself to ‘popular’ projects
  6. 6. Pre-applicationprocess Community bonding Mailing lists and IRC Developer contributions – baby steps
  7. 7. How to brand yourself Creating a good impression is everything ! Be polite Be helpful Be mature Ask for help, but in the right way
  8. 8. Building ties Be a team player Be nice Practice constructive criticism Understand that everyone is important IRC / email / Skype Nicks
  9. 9. Writing a good proposal  Spellchecking tools – use them  Discuss your proposal with potential mentors  A good proposal is important, but that’s not all what it takes  Be open, even with your proposal  Cheating in any form wont help
  10. 10. Be an ideal candidateWhat skills do I consider as essential ?  Coding skills are important, but that’s not all  Attitude  Communication  (coherent/ rapid and meaningful)
  11. 11. Hi everyone,I was trying out the access Logging module ( )Unfortunately, it seems that the module has not been updated toOMRS 1.8.X.I tried installing it, but ended up with the same error as mentionedby Dimithri here - Id wanted to create a ticket for this (and hopefully, also fix it), but Icant seem to find the Access Logging module on the OMRS jiraproject list.Is there a particular reason this is missing from JIRA, or am I lookingin the wrong place ?-- Thanks and Best Regards,XYZ
  12. 12. Life During GSOC Getting selected is only the start of the battle Be prompt, be truthful Don’t limit your scope to your project Work as hard as you can, because GSOC is one job that really pays off
  13. 13. Don’t… Make incoherent excuses Vanish without any explanation Be slow in responding to emails Be unprofessional Be lazy
  14. 14. But mostimportantly, a wordof advice from myold mentor…
  15. 15. Life after GSOCThe end of the GSOC program is thebeginning of great opportunity… …If you played your cards right !JobsRecommendationsExperience working with foreign clientsA positive online presence
  16. 16. Resources gsoc2012 mer+Of+Code+2012 summer-of-code/wiki/AdviceforStudents
  17. 17. Thank you ! surangakas@gmail/suranga