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VCPL Presentation


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VCPL Presentation

  1. 1. 28Commodity Presentation
  2. 2. “Commodities are the raw materials humans use to create a livable world. Humans have been exploiting the Earth’s natural resources since the beginning of time.” They use agricultural products to feed themselves, metals to build weapons and tools, and energy to sustain themselves. These — energy, metals, and agricultural products — are the three classes of commodities, and they are the essential building blocks of the global economy. What are Commodities??
  3. 3. “Agreement for buying or selling a commodity for a predetermined delivery price at a specific future time.” • Standardized contracts that are traded on organized futures exchanges. • The major function of futures markets is to transfer price risk from hedgers to speculators. • In US, Commodity Market is 5 times bigger than equity market. Commodity Futures
  4. 4. • Suppose a farmer is expecting his crop of Sugar to be ready in two months time, but is worried that the price of Sugar may decline in this period. • In order to minimize his risk and lock his price, he can enter into a Exchange traded futures contract to sell his crop in two months· time at a price determined now. • This way he is able to hedge his risk arising from a possible adverse change in the price of his commodity. Example
  5. 5. Online Trading Platform xNEUTRINO
  6. 6. Download xNEUTRINO
  7. 7. Download Files
  8. 8. xNeutrino : Login Page
  9. 9. Broadcasting and Interactive Server
  10. 10. ONE TIME TRANSACTION PASSWORD Transaction Password
  11. 11. ADD COMMODITIES How to Add Commodities??
  12. 12. F1 or '+' key Buy Window
  13. 13. F2 or '-' key Sell Window
  14. 14. For Stoploss Order How to put Stop Loss Order??
  15. 15. F3 for Pending Orders Pending Order
  16. 16. F8 for Trade Orders Trade Orders
  17. 17. F6 for Market Depth Market Depth
  18. 18. Margin Report
  19. 19. Margin Report
  20. 20. Alt + F6 Net position Net Position
  21. 21. Shortcut Keys Shortcut Keys
  22. 22. Right Click for Changing Font Size Various Font & Column Setting
  23. 23. Exchange/System & Confirmation Messages
  24. 24. Advanced Features
  25. 25. 34 Neutrino Unique Features  Multiple Charts  Market Alerts  At a Glance  Margin Report  Event Tracker  Live calls  MCX/NCDEX Margin File  Market Activity reports  Mobile Market
  26. 26. Multiple Market Watch User can create multiple Market watch
  27. 27. Multiple Charts User can add studies and create Multiple Commodity Chart
  28. 28. At a Glance User can view Net Position, Trades & Pending at a glance
  29. 29. Live Research Calls User can view Live Research Calls
  30. 30. Event Tracker User can choose the event, once the event is trigerred it will flash message
  31. 31. Market Alerts User can create his own market alerts as per his trading preference
  32. 32. Margin Statement User can view Margin availability details and trade accordingly
  33. 33. MTM Meter User can view his % of MTM loss against his total balance
  34. 34. Mobile Market - http ://
  35. 35. COMMODITIES ANNUAL ACCESS PLANS ACCESS PLAN TYPE – VCPL DIRECT CLIENTS Refundable Access PLANS (Rs.) Brokerage Indicative Turnover (Approx.) 2500 0.0250% (Rs.2500 per Crore) 1.00 Crore 4000 0.0200% (Rs.2000 per Crore) 2.00 Crore 5000 0.0150% (Rs.1500 per Crore) 3.00 Crore 10000 0.0100% (Rs.1000 per Crore) 10.00 Crore 25000 0.0070% (Rs. 700 per Crore) 35.00 Crore 50000 0.0050% (Rs. 500 per Crore) 100.00 Crore 75000 0.0040% (Rs. 400 per Crore) 185.00 Crore 100000 0.0030% (Rs. 300 per Crore) 350.00 Crore
  36. 36. 45 Terms & Conditions  Account Opening Charges (KYC) would be Rs. 150.  All clients would be under RMS, Square Off Mode.  Free Online Client Terminal (NEUTRINO), Research Reports, and SMS. Trading Calls would be provided.  The brokerage charges as above would be on each transaction (INTRADAY BOTH SIDES). Hence no concept of intraday-Single side.  Other Statutory Levies like transaction charges, service tax, stamp duty or any other levy as per actual.  PLAN amounts are refundable – If partially achieved (At end of year); If fully achieved (At end of the quarter). Refunds are based on the brokerage generated or the plan amount whichever is lesser.  The above is applicable only for VCPL Direct Clients. The above plans are not applicable for remisier/ subbroker or franchisee.  VCPL has the discretion to discontinue the above PLAN TYPES at any time in future.  Digital Contract Notes will be provided under this scheme (No Physical Contract Notes).
  37. 37. Value Added Services
  38. 38. Research Desk Email Service  Daily Commodity Newswire Pointer  Daily Metal Insight  Daily Agri Insight  Daily Bullion Insight  Special Reports  Weekly Pointer(Segemented in to groups of commodities) Magazine  Monthly Review Magazine  Quarterly Report (Agri Commodity)  Yearly Outlook
  39. 39.  Multiple Charts with advance Studies (11 Advance Studies)  Intraday and Historical Charts  Live Research Calls  Market Alerts  Event Trackers  MTM Meter (% Profit/Loss)  Market Activity Reports SMS Alerts: Trading calls, trade confirmation, open position, rates updates, LME Inventory, Major events Dedicated dealing support from branch Neurtino Trading Software
  40. 40. Web Services Commodity Blog: Client can view latest commodity update, reports and technical view on Commodity Blog. Web Login Facility for Clients:  Client can view his ledger, bills and P&L Statement under Web Login.  Online Fund Transfer : Client can transfer fund from more than 21 nationalize bank to Ventura.  Intra Fund Transfer : Client can also transfer fund from Equity to Commodity and Commodity to Equity through Web Login.
  41. 41. Upcomings We are Shortly coming with Web Based Neutrino Mobile Trading: We have got the approval from exchange and very soon we are coming up with mobile trading. Client can view Live Rates, Order Book, Trade Books, Net position and Market Depth on his mobile. (Mobile Trading would start shortly. We have received Exchange Approval)
  42. 42. Thank You