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squarekonnect android app!!!

Published in: Technology, Economy & Finance
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  1. 1. PROJECT BY:Mr. Suraj Sakhardande Miss. Yuga Varde Mr. Narayan Malik
  2. 2. Project Carried out under: Mr. Prajyot MainkarSPM Softwares and Designers
  3. 3. • Squarekonnect enables user to connect to their Foursquare account and update their location by doing “check-in” at places near their current location.• It allows user to view and share information about nearby places.• It provides user with automatic birthday greeter.• It provides user with Direct calling facility.• It allows user to take an opinion poll on a topic of interest.• It also provides user with VAS (Voice Assisted Service) which assists user.
  4. 4. • Open Authorisation/Authentication 2.0.• It is security protocol that enables a 3rd party application to obtain authorization to shared resources without sharing credentials on that application.• eg. Online payment through internet banking.
  5. 5. Fig 1:-Sequence Diagram for Squarekonnect
  6. 6. Color_array [ { color: "red",color value value: "#f00" red #foo },green #ofo {blue #oof color: "green", value: "#0f0" }, { color: "blue", value: "#00f" }, ] Database entries Corresponding JSON output
  7. 7. Fig 3:-Android Php Connection
  8. 8. Construct a partial implementation of a total system. The incremental model prioritizes requirements of the system and then implements them in groups. Each subsequent release of the system adds function to the previous release, until all designed functionality has been implemented.Fig 2:- Incremental Model
  9. 9. • It will allow people to stay connected. Check-in concept can be further upgraded to a automated attendance system in companies.• Information viewing and sharing will make exploring places much simpler for people specially tourist.• Direct calling facility acts as a virtual contact book.• User can now ask any questions and get a quick response from his friends thus helping him in making a decision.
  10. 10. Check-in timing of friends can be provide to user to know exactly at what time the check-in was done.Feature of multi-person chat can be added to the application.An option to save all or a specific number(s) of friends can be provided to the user.Google maps can be integrated with the application in order to enhanced user experience.