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Soap case study diva


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Soap case study diva

  1. 1. The New Diva Relaunches…….. A product of ALTOINDIA PRN No. 12020541019 12020541020 12020541021 12020541022 12020541023 12020541024
  2. 2. The complete bathing experience…… Relaunch Missile Takes Of…….. cked Brand. ifling Advertising. r Tactical Effort. ssment of capabilities, intention
  3. 3. The complete bathing experience…… Fuelled by the propellants…… • Segmenting: Popular+ Economy(Geographic, Demographic, Behavioral) • Targeting:  Age Group: 15-30 years  Income Segment: Lower and Middle Class of the society  Price: Rs.14 / 75 gms.
  4. 4. The complete bathing experience…… • Positioning : (Straddle Positioning)  Neem Oil and Neem leaves: anti bacterial and anti acne.  Refreshing fragrance  Legacy and Brand Value: Market presence.  Value for Money.  Indian Pride: Ayurvedic Contents.  Vitamin E: Anti Aging  Fairness reinvented. A Legacy forwarded: Old to new….
  5. 5. The complete bathing experience…… Where….the trajectory decided…. • Retailers: Kirana Stores(Middle Class) • Stockists • Pan Shops Promotional strategy: • Get more than 10% off on pack of 4. • Go Green with Diva. • Organize the “Diva Marathon”. • Organize Eco friendly campaigns • Money Back Guarantee • Word of Mouth
  6. 6. Diva Soap And here unravels the new Avatar…the New Diva missile launched…
  7. 7. Diva Packaging DIV AThe complete bathing experience…… With neem leaves and neem tree extracts
  8. 8. THANK YOU