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Solar tree power point presentation

Hi everyone my name is suraj patil. I upload solar tree ppt to this slideshare webpage and main points of topic are included in the slide .But their description are not inserted because from the tittle we can speak about that topic.You can reccieve all about information with the help of internet.Hence for seminar you must be study about this topic.And finally starts the presentation........thank you..!!!

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Solar tree power point presentation

  1. 1. NAME:- Suraj N. Patil CLASS:- SY BCS ROLL NO:- 134005
  2. 2. INDEX  Introduction.  Choice of the topic.  History.  What is SOLAR TREE?.  Block Diagram.  Application.  Advantages.  Disadvantages.  References.  Solar tree video.
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION  solar energy is the best option.  Solar tree sounds like the perfect solution for our future energy needs.  A solar tree is an artificial tree with photo-voltaic cells arranged in Fibonacciseries manner.  Uses multiple no of solar panels which forms the shape of a tree.
  4. 4. CHOICE OF THE TOPIC :-  It’s free.  It’s clean.  It’s infinitely renewable.  It can also increase your home’s value.
  5. 5. HISTORY 1. In 1800 solar energy plants developed . 2. In 1839 Alexandre Edmond discovered the photo voltalic effect. 3. In 1941 Russell ohl invented solar cell . 4. Solar Tree Foundation which began in 2008 by Rein Triefeldt 5. In 2012 Ross Lovegrove designed the solar tree.
  8. 8. APPLICATION  Street light  House supply  Industrial power supply
  9. 9. ADVANTAGES  No air pollution  We wouldn’t have to worry as much about future energy sources  People in poor country would have access to electricity  People can save money  Land requirement is very less
  10. 10. DISADVANTAGES  Cost is high  May cause hazards to the birds and insects  Hazards to eyesight from solar reflectors
  11. 11. REFERENCES  tree   energy  &  