Treatment for psoriasis of the scalp


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Psoriasis is not transferable. It is a genetic disorder causing embossed red lesions on the skin covered by shiny white scales.

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Treatment for psoriasis of the scalp

  1. 1. Treatment for psoriasis of the scalpbrought tp you by www.TreatmentForPsoriasisOfTheScalp.comPsoriasis is not transferable. It is a genetic disorder causing embossed red lesions on the skincovered by shiny white scales. It can affect a person’s scalp and body mildly, moderately orseverely. Psoriasis of scalp is the most common type of psoriasis that affects many people. It is amatter of urgency to find the right treatment of psoriasis of the scalp because this condition canbe very distressing.Psoriasis of scalp extends to the forehead, to the skin around the ears and to the back of the neck.Most people with psoriasis have it on the scalp where the red lesions grow more rapidly. It results to anawful look when lesions extend outside your hairline and crawl to the face, back of the neck and behindthe ears where they are extremely unsightly. You might be very uncomfortable with the symptomsassociated including itch and pain that interfere with sleep and personal care. Treating Psoriasis of ScalpYou don’t need a big deal of medical attention at the early stages of treating scalp psoriasis.Treatment and control can be done at home. All you need is proper conditioning of the scalpthrough regular shampooing, avoiding stress by relaxation, and eating the right kinds of food.When your case is bothersome, you can try to find many options that can help in treating thesymptoms.Psoriasis may clear on its own or stay on the scalp longer than you can imagine. It is vital to findthe most effective way of treating scalp psoriasis that will work for you. It would involve cost,your available time and your consistency in doing the treatment. Psoriasis can cause somepersonal and social problems because of increased and uncontrolled temper.When your case is extremely worse, it is best to see a dermatologist as soon as possible. Take atour on this site for help in treating worse cases of psoriasis of scalp.Click Here to Treat Scalp Psoriasis Permanently in Just 3
  2. 2. Potential Triggers of Psoriasis on ScalpThough the main trigger of psoriasis of the scalp remains a mystery in the medical society,specialists believe that it could be caused by a few factors. Studies have compiled severalpotential factors that have been found to have triggered psoriasis not only on scalp but in otherparts of the body. The best part of it is that you can get treatment of psoriasis of the scalp andkeep it from coming back.Scalp Psoriasis Can Be Triggered by the Following:  Genes: Scientists have found out that psoriasis is a chronic condition that puts you on a high risk of having it if your family has a history of this disease.  Immune System Disorder: According to scientific studies, a defective immune system is one of the psoriasis scalp causes. The disorder accelerates the growth of skin cells up to 10 times faster than normal. This abnormal growth causes formation of crusty plaques with flakes on the surface of the scalp. When not treated properly, the plaques cause itch that makes you scratch that might cause soreness and bleeding on the spots.  Potential Triggers: You might have this skin disease but without any trigger you might never develop the symptoms associated with it. Some of the potential triggers are injury on the skin, stress, and medications.Can You Avoid a Scalp Psoriasis Outbreak?Avoid stress. It is a concrete trigger for many diseases and can actually cause an outbreak ofpsoriasis on the scalp. When stressed, the immune system is weak to safeguard the body againstdiseases, therefore an outbreak can occur. Protect your scalp from getting injured as this canaggravate psoriasis. Some patients’ psoriasis on scalp is triggered by blood pressure medicationslike beta blockers. You have to talk to your doctor if it happens to you.There are no ways to escape from having psoriasis as it is caused by genetic factors, immunedisorder and some outside triggers. You are special if you don’t have history of psoriasis in yourfamily and if your immune system functions well. Although it runs in your family, it may skipyour generation and set you free from being a sufferer. That means your father had it, you don’thave it, but your son got it.Triggers are only triggers. They are not the root causes. You must take care to avoid getting incontact with the triggers. Psoriasis of the scalp can be controlled therefore; there is no need to bedesperate about it. Having psoriasis of scalp can really make you appear untidy, but any intensityof outbreak is harmless. With the right treatment, psoriasis will clear your scalp in a few months.If you have scalp psoriasis, you may want to focus on accepting your condition and knowinghow to find treatment of psoriasis of the scalp instead of being sorry for yourself. Now, here isthe good news! Anyone can get rid of this shameful disease with a methods of treatingpsoriasis on scalp quickly; and you’ll never have it
  3. 3. How to Fight Itching of Scalp PsoriasisEven the mildest scalp psoriasis can be itchy and red, but you can go with it without beingnoticed that you have it on your scalp. The worst can be extremely painful, sore and itchy attimes. The red plaques with scales are disturbing too and spoil your appearance. One of the mostdebilitating symptoms of psoriasis in scalp is itching and you really need a treatment ofpsoriasis of the scalp to avoid it.Psoriasis Itchy ScalpItching is normal to people suffering from skin diseases like psoriasis in scalp. When you feelitchy, the common reaction is to scratch. With psoriasis in your scalp, the itch may take you to alevel that the more you scratch the more it becomes itchy. The more it becomes itchy, the moreyou’d want to scratch. There must be something to stop this vicious cycle of your psoriasis itchyscalp.How to Fight ItchingHere are some common scalp psoriasis treatments to fight itching on the scalp. You may wantover-the-counter (OTC) medications, prescription drugs, or homemade remedies. Brand namesmay be mentioned to make it easy for you to find them. Be sure to follow directions for use andconsult your doctor if you experience unusual reactions from any form of treatment.  Antihistamine: This a type of medication that goes to the nerves related to itching. Antihistamine can cause drowsiness but it will help you sleep and rest from itching. There are non-drowsy versions of antihistamine if you don’t want to feel sleepy when doing your daily routine.  Topical Corticosteroid: Prescription strength or OTC, steroids are well known effective in treating different kinds of itching. It must be noted that steroids can cause skin thinning if used in a long-term
  4. 4. How to Fight Itching  Topical anesthetic: This is a nerve-deadening product effective in getting rid of itch for several hours. Prescription drugs like benzocaine and lidocaine, and OTC products like Bengay and Sarna Lotion are good anesthetics.  Oxipor VHC Psoriasis Lotion: Your researcher here found this product at It is an easy-to-apply lotion indicated to relieve and help stop recurrence of psoriasis itchy scalp. It also helps treat soreness, flaking, irritation and scaling associated with scalp psoriasis. It has coal tar as active ingredient.  Plastic head wrap: Moisturize your scalp with a product recommended by your dermatologist that will work best for your scalp psoriasis. Dry scalp tends to be itchier. Use a plastic shower cap to keep the medication airtight and allow the itch-fighting power to take effect. This will reduce itching and stop you from scratching.Drugs should be prescribed by your doctor based on diagnosis of your scalp psoriasis. Somedrugs leave some side effects that might trigger an outbreak. Psoriasis of the scalp really itchesbut modern medicine has yet to come up with a cure for it. Meanwhile you can forget aboutitching and control scratching with scalp psoriasis treatments that offer relief on a daily basis.The right treatment to get rid of itchy scalp psoriasis is
  5. 5. How to Remove Flakes from Scalp PsoriasisHaving ugly psoriasis on scalp is frustrating for the sufferer. People seeing someone with thisskin condition must realize that it is not contagious. And, it is not due to poor hygiene andimproper hair care. The flakes that fall on clothes are so disgusting because you cannot brushthem off without anybody noticing you have a problem on your scalp. Don’t despair;medications and many kinds of natural treatment of psoriasis of the scalp are within reach.Severe Flakes on Psoriasis of the ScalpAnyone can have psoriasis on scalp especially if it runs in the family. Be thankful if you don’t,because once you have it on your scalp, hands, elbows, knees, feet or any part of your body,more likely you’ll have it forever. You may be able to get rid of psoriasis for a while; however; itmay come back with thicker plaques than before. There are many unpleasant symptoms of scalppsoriasis, but we’ll talk on how to remove flakes from psoriasis-affected areas.When Removing Flakes or Scales from the ScalpTo make scalp psoriasis treatment effective, you must first loosen and remove the thick, shinyand dried flakes on the patches. You may want to seek advice from your dermatologist or doctorto do this for the first time. Flakes are hardly attached and removing them by force without theproper procedure may be harmful to your scalp especially if a large area of your scalp is coveredwith psoriasis.  To avoid causing further damage to your scalp, try to soften the scales first before removing them.  Wet the affected scalp with warm medicated water for about 30 minutes to soften the flakes.  Warm medicated oils are also effective in softening flakes of psoriasis on scalp. Warm oil can also provide relief from itchy scalp
  6. 6.  When the flakes are already soft, you can remove them by combing gently into the scalp to sweep the loose flakes away from the scalp and hair.  It will be better if someone is willing to remove the soft flakes for you as that person can see if your scalp is completely free from flakes.  After the flakes have been removed, you can apply medications according to your doctor’s advice. Your doctor may advice the use of topical solutions or creams to be applied directly on the patches of scalp psoriasis.  Apply the topical treatment on the psoriasis patches using cotton balls and allow medication to be absorbed by your scalp.  Cover your head with plastic hair cover to protect your beddings from being stained when you apply medication at night before bedtime.For Scalp ProtectionSalicylic acid is a well known over-the-counter remedy to protect the scalp from flakes. You canbuy medications, shampoos and hair conditioners with salicylic acid. In addition to treatment ofpsoriasis of the scalp, lots of water, multivitamins and good nutrition can help reduce flakes ofscalp psoriasis. They help increase the general health of the body to prevent and fight any diseaseincluding psoriasis of the
  7. 7. 5 Natural Remedies To A Safe and EffectiveTreatment of Psoriasis of the ScalpHaving scalp psoriasis can be tough. When it is on the scalp, you feel it’s very embarrassing,unsightly and uncomfortable. Treatment of psoriasis of the scalp can be achieved, so you don’thave to put up with these negative feelings all the time if you are suffering from this skincondition. You can manage the ugly symptoms with a lot of natural remedies available now-a-days. Some of them have worked for others; try and find out what will work for you.  Have a healthy diet with fresh fruits, green and leafy vegetables and whole grains. Include foods rich in essential fatty acids like olive oil, flaxseed oil, almonds, walnuts, lean meats and eggs.  Avoid foods with animal fats as much as possible. This kind of fat is stored in the liver and produces more toxins that could affect the condition of your skin.  Have foods rich in fiber to help remove toxins from the digestive system. Fruits, potatoes and root vegetables have plenty of fibers. It is also good to drink lemon juice regularly to help flush toxins out of the blood stream.  Apply oregano essential oils to your scalp psoriasis. Oregano has antiviral, antifungal and antibiotic powers. Rub the scalp with a few drops of oregano oil everyday until the red lesions disappear. This scalp psoriasis treatment is also good for other parts of the body affected with psoriasis.  Coconut oil is another natural scalp psoriasis remedy. Coconut oil is rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids. Rub a little amount on your scalp to soften the lesions and loosen the flakes, and then wash off with coconut oil shampoo. To support your healthy diet, use coconut oil in cooking.Findout more,click here for the most comprehensive treatment of Psoriasisof the