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The quality & richness of E-Education


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SRS project documentation

Published in: Education, Technology
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The quality & richness of E-Education

  1. 1. University of Pune A Project Report On “The Quality & Richness of E-Education” Submitted by: Guide: Department of Computer Engineering KJEI’s Trinity College of Engineering& Research 2013 - 2014
  3. 3. INTRODUCTION This Software Requirements Specification specifies the requirements of the E-Education tool using which people can generate multimedia presentations combining video, HTML, images and slides and publish it as a web page that is viewable on evey client desktop those who have valid authentication. Purpose: This Software Requirement Specification (SRS) specifies the requirements of the E- Education System which will be used by the students and teachers. This document will be useful for the users and system designers of this project for future modifications. Intended Audience: This SRS would be used by the following people Developers: The developers would use this document to implement the functionalities and to ensure traceability of the software. Testers: The testers would use this document to know the interfaces and to test the software accordingly. Users: The users would use this document to verify if the requirements specified satisfy their needs. Scope of the project: The E-Education will be one single module which is used to fulll all the real world classroom requirements. It will bridge the physical gap between lecturers and students and create a virtual environment which is more convenient to its users .All the activities such as downloading, viewing and recording will be transmitted within this virtual environment on real time basis. It can be identied as a complete distance learning website with complete features. The E-Education will have following functionalities. ˆ ● Real time lecture conducting/viewing ● ˆ Downloading lecture materials ● ˆ Recording and storing lecture videos ● ˆ Viewing the lecturer ● ˆ Lecturer and student interaction
  4. 4. ˆ This project has a lot of scope for future development. Features like ability to capture videos for making presentation, templates for presentation, video transition effects and many more such functionalities can be implemented in the later versions of the software. Overview: Technology is always about building Bridges, Bridges that could take us where we never reached before. It has all ways improved the pattern of our life, the extent of doing things whilst adding more value in forms of convenience and a touch innovation. The concept of the E-Education, was the end result of a deep search and an analysis of various methods that could shift the level of Educational Systems and its qualities to a higher level than the prevailing. In modern days even locally we nd most students (especially IT related) are provided or do possess sucient privileges like PCs, Laptops, web cams and most importantly the Internet facility. Having this assumption we seek in to methods to compile these facilities and privileges, knowing there characteristics in depth. E-Education could be dened as a compilation of existing concepts like virtual classroom, e-learning, educational networking. Internet based learning systems and educational systems are no strangers to the current community and has been utmost successful in complying and adopting to elevate the learning cultures. The unique attempt that we are focused is to provide a solution that includes all these features in a more advance manner, inspiring users the convenience of learning without facing any hazard involved in Time wastage and costs that do exist to date. The first section of the document gave a brief description about the need of E- Learning tool and what it should establish. In the following sections we will describe the requirements, assumptions, dependencies, constraints and other such concepts about the software. How it works A Web based application which enables a privileged user to log in to the designed site will provide the services available within. There is main feature which a user must go through. Distributed lecturing system.
  5. 5. Distributed Lecturing system: A live video stream of the lecture will be broadcasted to students (users) on a real time basis & all users who allocated duly by the lecturer can watch the lecture as well as view/share any lecture material as lecture presentations, documents etc..During a given lecture session both the participant & the lecturer could view & monitor the other participants in the classroom. By this feature it allows a user to attend video conferencing among the other users who are currently logged. The system also satises urge for questions on both ends & students may discuss among them self too. Another unique feature of system is its own whiteboard system which enables the lecturer to use his terminal as writing surface. All students may view the content & the writings will be broadcasted to the users on real time basis as well. These features will strengthen the virtual experience of all users and make it a convenient one.
  6. 6. Overall description E-Learning tool should enable the users to develop a rich multimedia presentation combining presentation slide, video and images. This software can be used for developing e-learning courses that can later be released on the Internet or delivered in some other electronic medium. USE CASES: USE CASE Dig.: Use case diagram of basic functions Table 1: User account handle
  7. 7. Usecase Name User account handle Summary Handle user account administration by the administrator Actor Administrator Precondition Login as Admin Description 1. Select the user 1. Select user disable/enable 2. Reset password 3. View user statistics Post condition User account altered Table 2: Overall Administration Usecase Name Overall Administration Summary Handle the system administration along with the database Actor Administrator Precondition Login as Admin Description 1. Select the section of administration 1. Block/unblock group 2. Block/unblock thread 3. Block/unblock blog 4. Block/unblock class Post condition System altered Table 3: Login Usecase Name Login
  8. 8. Summary User authentication Actor User Precondition Load the login screen Description 1. Enter username 1. Enter password 2. Click login 3. System login and display success Alternatives 4. display login error Postcondition User logged in Table 4: Register Usecase Name Register Summary New user registration Actor User Precondition User should not be logged in Description 1. Enter user details 2. Validate data 3. User register message Alternatives 2.1 display register validation error 3.1 display register error Post condition User Registered Use case diagram of Handle Lectures
  9. 9. Table 5: Handle Smart Board Usecase Name Handle Smart Board Summary The lecturer can make the software whiteboard to enable and show to the students. Lecturer can select whether to enable privileges for the students to write on the white board. Actor Lecturer Precondition Login as user and plays the role of lecturer Description 1. Go to the class lecturing 2. Select the white board application 3. Set the privileges
  10. 10. 4. Enable it. Post condition Transmit the smart board content. Table 6: Attend class Usecase Name Attend class Summary The student who is enrolled to a class can attend the class. Actor Student Precondition Login as user and plays the role of Student. User should have a class enrolled Description 1. Search for the class enrolled. 2. Select the class. 3. Go to the class enrolled Post condition Student attend the class. User characteristics: There will be a wide variety of users for this software. Educational Institutions: Institutions that conduct virtual classes would use this software for generating their e-learning courses. Large Organizations: Organizations training their employees digitally would use this software for generating their training classes. Open Source Community: As our product is going to be an Open Source product the Open Source community will use this software and implement additional functionalities to the product. Being an Open Source product this software and its code could be reused either partially or fully by other developers.
  11. 11. FUNCTIONAL REQUIREMENTS Functional Requirements 1. Registration: ● Administrator must be able to add or delete users to the system. ● Only registered users should be able to access the resources in the system. ● He must be able to add or delete new topics to the system. 2. Resources: ● Teachers must be able to upload documents, pdfs, ppts and media files to the system. ● Students must be able to view and download the resources. ● It should allow students to view ppts and videos 3. Communication ● Students must be able to communicate with the teachers to clear their doubts. Import and Organize media elements: This software should be able to import video files, image files, HTML files and presentation slides specified by the user. Then the user should be able to organize these imported files over the time line and associate them with time and create cue points. It should then convert these media elements into compatible format. Synchronize the media elements: These converted files should then be synchronized. The various files are synchronized with one another and also with the time line for generating a single output. Preview:
  12. 12. This software should allow the user to preview the presentation at any point when the presentation is being developed. It should have a preview tab selecting which would open the preview screen. The user can preview the presentation in this screen. Publish: The E-Learning tool should generate a HTML page which would host the multi media presentation. It should make the HTML page and all the associated contents into a single compressed folder. The generated HTML page must be viewable in all web browsers. This E- Learning tool should have the following functionalities.
  13. 13. Non Functional Requirements User Training: We assume that the users already have some previous experience in working with similar software’s. So the users will not need any specific training for using this software. Reliability Our system is reliable since it is a web based application. The only time the system will not be available for users is the time that we backup data which will happen once a week. Further we are able to schedule the backup process in a manner which would have a minimum impact and interruption to our users. Security Requirements: The security system features from having a login for all the users to access the software. The login details will be used in the system also. So the chances of the software getting intruded are very less. Performance Requirements: This software should perform the same way irrespective to its Operating System environments. Time taken for importing files and publishing the multimedia presentation should be minimum.The accountability is a vital feature and this could only be assured if the system is working in full capability Maintainability This system can be further developed easily to increase the functionality by easily adding classes due to its object oriented design. Quality requirements: Quality has a number of attributes some of the important attributes for this software are Portability: As this software is to work on multiple platforms portability is an essential attribute and we ensure this by using .NET as our programming language. Safety Requirements: This requirement does not apply for our software as this is can’t pose a threat in no way. Security Requirements: As all the operations are to be done within a single system security is
  14. 14. not an issue for this software. Reliable Internet is the backbone of the software so for the live broadcasting of the video needs sufficient and uninterrupted internet connection. Power is a significant feature and the power supply should be always taken care of. An uninterrupted power supply is always recommended. Testability: As a basic characteristic the software needs to be testable to ensure correctness. Other Requirements: Legal Requirements: Illegal duplication of the reports will be strictly dealt with. This is not an open source software hence source code of the product won’t be open. Further modifications and improvements rights will be with the developer team. Business Lifecycle: Globalization:Globalisation improves communication and collaboration among students and teachers. We must investigate the content, technology, and instructional methods of the most academically successful nations. Additionally, we must develop in students a sense of global awareness and citizenship. Digitization: Digitization improves critical thinking and problem solving. Today's students are digital natives, and the world around them requires the technological skills they're developing outside of school through video games, chat clients, virtual worlds, and various social media.
  15. 15. Environmental Requirements Hardware Requirements: A webcam on the teacher’s computer captures live video which then is broadcasted to the students’ computer. This feature of capturing and playing media files is done by Java Media Framework (JMF). In addition to this RTP is also used for live streaming. The students may access to the database for viewing the study materials available. This access to the database is read only for the student. E-learning tool will procedure a rich multimedia presentation and so a microphone or a speaker is needed on the hardware side for listening to the audio output. Screen resolution of at least 800*600 or above will be preferable for viewing the multimedia presentation. 1. computer headset (combination of headphones and a microphone) 2. webcam (optional) 3. minimum 256Kbps of bandwidth internet connection. Processor : Dual Core 1.2 Ghz Operating system : Windows RAM : 512 MB Hard Disk : 40 GB-160GB Drive : DVD-ROM Software Requirements: It should be possible for E-learning tool to be implemented in both Windows and Linux Operating System environments. The GUI and other parts of the E- learning tool software are to be done in .NET & Networking commands. It should also embed a player within itself for presentation. The output of this software will need a web browser for viewing it. Tools : Visual Studio Front End : J2EE Language : .NET Back End : My SQL Internet Standard : HTTP Operating System : Windows
  16. 16. Application Program Interfaces Login Screen: This is a security feature inbuilt in the software for the verification of authenticated user over intruders. Teacher Account: This enables the user to perform the teacher’s level activities like conducting class, giving assignments and solve student’s queries. Student Account: This enables the user to view the activities conducted by the teacher. Besides this he/she can post queries related to the subject matter.