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Go clean


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Go clean

  1. 1. Go Clean Quality Divine…..
  2. 2. Go Clean Presenting to you a totally newformulation which works both on your and scalp from the very first wash, washing away all the dandruff you are worried about so that u don’t have to hesitate, every time u go out…
  3. 3. Marketing Strategy Brand Name: Safron Quality: A very effective hair-strengthening and moisturizing shampoo, with refreshing herbal extracts, specially formulated to prevent hair loss and fight Dandruff. Hypoallergenic. No harmful chemicals
  4. 4. Key Ingredients: Fenugreek (for hair-strengthening and nourishing) and Neem(for killing germs) Extracts with Shikakai Granules(anti- Dandruff properties and mint(for Freshness).Safety: Completely Non- harmful. Safe to use on artificially colored or permed hair. Safe for daily use. Suitable for any person above 5 years of age.
  5. 5. Packing and Packaging:• Packed in 7ml sachet, 35 ml, 100 ml and 200 ml plastic bottles.• The 50 ml bottles will be the trial packs, which will be discontinued in the 3rd year of operation• Pictures of the key ingredients will be displayed on the pack.• Safety lock will be on the cap of the bottle to ensure the customer of non-adulteration.
  6. 6. Target Market: Targeted to the following:• Every person above 5 years of age.• High income, upper middle and middle class of rural areasPricing: Pricing Strategy: Penetrative and Competitive pricing – low price to attract more customers in comparison to the competitors.
  7. 7. Suggested Retail price:Quantity (in ml) Price (in Rs.) 7 2.5 35 17 100 68 200 120Price Flexibility: Prices are Flexible to the market conditions and to the cost of manufacturing and also to the prices of competitive products.
  8. 8. Promotion:Push and Pull StrategiesAIDA strategy[Attention Interest Desire Action]
  9. 9. Advertising: To create awareness about the product in the minds of the customers and to provoke their buying actions. Advertising will be done through the following mediums:i. T.V. spotsii. Magazinesiii. Billboardsiv. Product packaging and insertsv. Posters and Flyersvi. In – store displaysvii. Distribution of free samples
  10. 10. Public Relations and Publicity:i. Exclusivesii.Community involvementiii. Opinion piecesiv. Feature storiesv.Social responsibility ActivitiesPersonal Selling: Personal selling will be done only in Supermarkets and big stores, where a representative of the company will be made available to tell the customers and also help them about the benefits and the uses of the product and also what differentiates our product from others available products
  11. 11. Slogan It is more than a shampoo … …Rejuvenating hair
  12. 12. Thank you…