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Innovation 7: Goonj
Team Trojans: Supriya, Sana, Chirag, Nitin

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Road2 ideas goonj_team trojans

  1. 1. Team Trojans<br />Supriya<br />Sana<br />Nitin<br />Chirag<br />Innovator- 7Goonj –’ Cloth for Work’<br />
  2. 2. Underprivileged need support<br />India has around 35% of its billion population living below the poverty line, with the majority of the poor living in the villages<br />Due to limited resources most schools only have a black board in the name of infrastructure, regular supply of stationery and other basic material is certainly a distant dream.<br />In the peak of winter days, the children did not have a single piece of cloth covering their bodies - warm clothing was a distant dream. This is a 35-lakh strong community spread across Bihar, where people are forced to eat rats in dire circumstances of poverty & survival. Clothing is the last priority in their lives.<br />
  3. 3. Goonj<br />Goonj, an NGO (nongovernmental organization) with offices in seven cities, a network that spans 21 states, and partnerships with 150 groups, including other NGOs and the Indian army:<br />Deals with:<br /> 1. Ready to use material 2. School material 3. Washable - repairable 4. New/Export Surplus 5. Waste material<br />Unique Business Model: Goonjhas grounded a crucial principle: <br />Self help as the starting point. Always uphold and protect <br />a person’s dignity. Seek to empower rather than <br />breed dependency. <br />
  4. 4. Initiatives<br />Schools have been built, wells have been dug up, and bridges have been built by people under its Cloth for Work initiative<br />Essential school material reaches children in the far-flung village schools under School to School programme<br />Rural women are getting the most basic need of a sanitary napkin under Clean cloth sanitary napkin initiative <br />Not just a piece of cloth<br />
  5. 5. USP “People get this material not as charity or Daan, they work on their community issues and get the material as motivation”<br /> You can drop off your unused clothes at any of the Whirlpool-GOONJ drop boxes in your city<br />There are three ways in which you can make a contribution to Ek Jodi Kapda:<br />Make a pledge for contribution on this site<br />SMS <EJK> to 58558<br />Call us on these toll-free nos.: 1860-180-8558 / 6000 8558<br />You can contribute any piece of wearable clothing: it could be pair of jeans, maybe that Superman tee you wore as a kid. You can also give school material; school bags, shoes, stationary, school uniforms, water bottles, toys, games, books, newspapers & one side used paper.<br />
  6. 6. Ek Jodi Kapda<br />Ek Jodi Kapdais an initiative unlike any other. It's not just about giving away clothes to the poor-Cloth is being re-positioned beyond charity; by adding dignity to it and turning it into a big resource for development in village India. GOONJ motivates people in the villages to identify their own community issues. People work collectively on the issue and get the material as motivation for their work. So a sincere effort is being made not only to spread happiness amongst the poor, their dignity is also kept intact.<br />
  7. 7. School to School (S2S)<br />SCHOOL TO SCHOOL (S2S) helps establish a long-term relationship between an urban and rural schools. An urban school with an average strength of about 1,500-2000 students can support 4 to 5 rural/slum schools with 100-200 kids<br />Normally students don't even have a pencil or copy to write on, a bag, school uniform, shoes, table and chair are a distant dream. The focus is on sensitizing the urban school children and their parents to the needs of their counterparts on the streets and villages.<br />
  8. 8. Not Just a piece of Cloth<br /> Not Just a piece of cloth is an attempt in providing an affordable, easy to use clean cloth napkin made out of waste cloth for women in villages & slums by involving urban masses primarily women and building awareness on this taboo but critical health issue. <br />This forms a strong connect with the prevalence of RTI and other pelvic diseases in India. The shame & silence associated with the issue makes it the most taboo subject even among women, as a vast majority face great hardships & indignity, besides health risks due to this problem.<br />Sanitary Napkins made by Goonj from cloth<br />
  9. 9. Goonj – The workplace<br />
  10. 10. Achievements - Goonj<br />‘Cloth for Work’ wins international Lien i3 Challenge Award<br />CNN IBN’s ‘Real Heros’ award in women welfare segment.<br />India NGO of the year' award<br />‘Not just a piece of cloth’ wins World Bank’s Global <br />Development Market Place Award<br />First initiative “VASTRA-SAMMAN” recognized as one of ‘The Good Practices’ in Dubai International Awards.<br />Wins Changemaker’s Innovation Award, the second time, for our disaster relief initiative ‘RAHAT’.<br />Prestigious Ashoka Fellowship to Anshu Gupta, for his innovative idea & its mass social impact.<br />Changemaker’sInnovation Award for its “SCHOOL to SCHOOL” initiative, ‘Not Just a piece of Cloth’<br />
  11. 11. Cost Structure<br />Acost-effective outlet for huge quantities of material discarded by urban schools every year and the same material has a big motivating effect on children in rural & slum schools. GOONJ.. as a central coordinating agency, ensures long term implementation and reduced logistical responsibility on partner urban schools.  <br />As a result a student's needs will be taken care for a span of atleast 7-8 years bringing uniformity and close linkage.<br />GOONJ.. has a strong network of 300 Volunteers, works with corporate houses, schools, transporters, resident welfare associations, neighborhood communities and local grassroots organizations working in rural areas.<br />Beginning with 67 items of clothing from his own closet to initiate Vastradaan,GOONJ..has been sending 3,000-5,000 kg of material in a month regularly. <br />
  12. 12. SWOT<br />
  13. 13. Stage I :- Table Analysis Rating the innovation on a scale of 0 to 5 (5 being the highest score) on each of the parameters outlined in the sandbox, the self assessment scores are:<br />
  14. 14. C.K. Prahlad’s Sandbox<br />High<br />High<br />High<br />High<br /> High<br />High<br />
  15. 15. Capacity to Scale Up<br /><ul><li>Whirlpool is keen to scale the existing campaign and introduce new initiative by spreading awareness in the online space. Selected Ignite Digital Solutions as our online media agency
  16. 16. Scaling in other states and territories</li></ul>Creating New Performance Levels<br /><ul><li>Not encouraging begging
  17. 17. Encouraging Self Help phenomenon
  18. 18. Performance level improvement attempt comtinuously</li></li></ul><li>Road Ahead – Recycle and Reuse<br />Effective distribution channel for disposing off reusable resources lying in urban, well-off households.<br /> Shifting surplus urban resources to some of the poverty-stricken rural areas<br />Distribution of recycled clothes as an entry point into the movement.<br /> Bridge the gap between the supply that exists due to the urban phenomena like space constraints and rising consumerism on one hand and demands for basic commodities that exists with millions in the country.<br />
  19. 19. Future...<br />Collaborate with Corporates<br />Get bulk deals of supplying the clothes and other materials<br />Do bulk deals with government to supply school material<br />Collaborate with similar NGOs to include scale<br />Employ more persons<br />Make this as a part of Corporate Social Responsibilty of various companies- Indian and MNC<br />Reach to the grass root level by involving even the last set of villages i.e. Below poverty line<br />Cost structure can be further minimised by decentralization of the offices<br />Opening of offices in more places<br />Inculcating habits of saving, reusing in citizens<br />
  20. 20. Please come and contribute…<br />A request by Goonj…<br />Team Trojans<br />Supriya<br />Sana<br />Nitin<br />Chirag<br />